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Side Charging Handle AR 15: Enhance Your Shooting Experience

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Side charging handle AR 15 is a term that has been gaining popularity among gun enthusiasts and military personnel alike. This feature refers to the placement of a charging handle on the side of an AR 15 rifle, which makes it easier to manipulate and operate compared to traditional rear-mounted charging handles.

Many firearm users prefer this configuration because it allows for faster and more efficient reloading, especially in high-stress situations where every second counts. The side charging handle also eliminates the need to break your sight picture when you need to charge your weapon, making it an ideal choice for tactical applications.

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about side charging handle AR 15 rifles – from their advantages over conventional designs, how they work mechanically, as well as some popular brands that manufacture them. So if you're interested in learning more about the benefits of using a side charging handle on your AR-15 rifle platform – keep reading!

Side Charging Handle AR 15 – A Guide to Better Shooting

If you are looking to improve your shooting experience with your AR-15, then consider upgrading to a side charging handle. This modification changes the way that you engage with your rifle and can have a significant impact on accuracy and overall performance.

What is a Side Charging Handle?

In standard AR-15 models, the charging handle is located on the rear of the gun. To charge or load ammunition into the firearm, users must pull back on this handle. However, many shooters find that this location makes it difficult to maintain proper sight alignment while charging.

A side charging handle aims to solve this problem by moving the mechanism for loading ammunition from its traditional position at the rear of an AR-15 receiver up along its left flank.

Advantages of Using a Side Charging Handle

There are several advantages when using a side-charging system:

Improved Ergonomics

One major advantage offered by side-chargers is ergonomic improvement since these handles can be much easier for right-handed shooters who want more control over their weapon’s functions without having their grip compromised even when firing prone or off-hand shots where visibility may be limited.

Faster Reloads

Another benefit provided by these rifles' customized features includes faster reloading times compared with those outfitted traditionally due solely due in part because they allow easier and quicker access without breaking down one's stance which could lead them vulnerable during combat situations such as hunting wild game if one isn't quick enough!

Enhanced Accuracy

Accuracy improvements come naturally for any shooter switching over from standard charge handles as less movement equates directly into improved target acquisition times & better transitioning between sights improving overall shot placement specifically helpful during stressful adrenaline-filled situations like competitive events or emergency scenarios such as self-defense against an intruder.

How Does A Side Charging System Work?

The primary difference between traditional handling mechanisms versus those equipped through customization lies not only in its location but also in how it works.

A side-charging system typically runs along the rifle's left flank, allowing for a much smoother charging motion while not interfering with other accessories like scopes or optics that are added on top of one's firearm to aid in accuracy when aiming at distant targets.

What to Consider When Choosing a Side Charging Handle

When selecting an AR-15 with a side charging handle, there are several factors you need to consider:

Material Quality

Materials used must be high-quality ensuring durability and resistance against wear & tear since these aspects can significantly affect shooting performance. These upgrades can mean differences as small as adding tactical advantages like serration grips, stippling for textured support or larger actuators for easier flips when using gloved hands!

Installation Requirements

Installation requirements vary depending on what model you choose; some may require different bolt carriers or upper receivers besides installing new handles themselves. So make sure your selection is compatible with your current build before making any modifications to avoid costly mistakes that could compromise overall functionality!

Price Point

Costing might seem like an obvious factor, but it shouldn't be overlooked! While price points do tend towards being higher compared with rifles sporting traditional charge handles due solely based upon their custom nature improving handling characteristics more efficiently among users requiring less effort exertion from them over extended periods holding firearms through long hunting trips etc., remember higher costs often deliver better quality products offering premium features unheard of within lower-budget options available elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

If you want improved ergonomics and faster reload times without compromising accuracy then investing in an AR-15 equipped with a side charging handle is definitely worth considering. Make sure that whatever customizations chosen fits well into your own needs by considering all relevant criteria such as material quality requirements alongside installation demands which will ultimately determine if upgrading parts makes sense financially speaking too — i.e., does this improve overall performance worthy of premiums paid out-of-pocket balances left at the end of each month.


What is a side charging handle AR-15?

A side charging handle AR-15 is an alternative design of the traditional direct impingement gas-operated semi-automatic rifle. This modified design features a non-reciprocating charging handle located on the left-hand side of the receiver, instead of the conventional rear-mounted T-handle. The side-charging system makes it easier and faster to charge or clear rounds from the chamber compared to traditional designs. It also eliminates movement on top of your rifle when working with optics since you can keep both hands in place while operating it.

The Side Charging Handle System's primary benefit over a standard ar 15 is simplicity and speed because you don't have to take your eye off target or adjust for body position since most people are right-handed, which means that they must break their firing grip or fire support hand's position by swinging around behind their weapon during reloads.

Are there any advantages to using a Side Charging Handle AR-15?

Yes! The primary advantage of using a Side Charging Handle AR-15 lies in its functionality. The location and operation method make it ideal for individuals who require fast reloading operations without losing sight picture alignment.

With this type of system, shooters can manipulate all controls while maintaining proper cheek weld positioning naturally – even without removing your firearm from shooting positions' comfort zones – as opposed to having awkward moments that come with typical back-end manipulation procedures.

Another upside associated with this model is adaptability – users can easily swap out upper receivers based on desired application needs (i.e. competition vs tactical use). Some models also feature user-adjustable gas systems allowing customization according to shooter preferences/settings needed per use-case scenarios such as long-range/short range defense/hunting applications etcetera!

Is switching between different types of upper receivers easy when using an AR-15 equipped with A Side Charging Handle?

Yes! Changing uppers equipped with A-side charging handles is an easy process. It only requires the user to remove a few pins and swap out the upper receiver for another one.

Different types of upper receivers can be easily installed, depending on your needs. For example, you could choose a longer barrel length for hunting or target shooting purposes or select different calibers such as .300 Blackout which are not available with standard AR-15s.

What should I consider when buying a Side Charging Handle AR-15?

When purchasing this type of firearm system, there are several factors to consider:

  • Quality: Look for high-end materials like aircraft-grade aluminum alloys that enhance structural rigidity and durability; they'll withstand wear-and-tear better than lower quality components
  • Upper compatibility: Check if your current or desired uppers will function with the side charging handle system since some won't work.
  • Price affordability: Do some research about pricing tiers in reference to what's most affordable versus value-added offerings so you can make informed decisions based on budgetary constraints.

Another important consideration is finding an experienced gunsmith who understands how these systems operate since they may require custom fitting depending upon specifications/ preferences sought after by users!

Can I add a Side Charging Handle System to my current AR-15?

Yes! You can upgrade your existing standard direct impingement gas-operated semi-automatic rifle into A-side charging handle model using aftermarket conversion kits. These Kits allow shooters access benefits associated with modern advancements in weapon design without replacing their entire firearms inventory entirely!

It's important first though that you verify whether any modifications made void warranty agreements before attempting them so as not to find yourself in legal trouble down-the-line should something go wrong! Additionally, installation must be done correctly by someone knowledgeable enough about these systems lest damage occurs during mods applied wrongly resulting from incorrect procedures followed while doing installations such as requiring special tools etcetera!

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