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Tactical AR 15 Sling: Your Ultimate Guide to Proper Usage and Functionality

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Tactical AR 15 sling – these are the three words that bring to mind a whole assortment of thoughts and ideas. It's no secret that the AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles on the market today, and for good reason. With its versatility, accuracy, and reliability, it has become a go-to weapon for many gun enthusiasts across different fields.

But what makes this rifle even more effective is when it's paired with a tactical sling that complements its features. A tactical AR 15 sling can make all the difference in terms of comfort and convenience during long hours at shooting ranges or out in field operations.

In this article, we'll dive deep into everything there is to know about choosing and using a tactical AR 15 sling. We'll cover types of slings available in today’s market along with their benefits over other types available as well as how they enhance your firearm use experience. So let's get started!

Tactical AR 15 Sling: Benefits, Types and How to Choose the Best One

As an avid gun enthusiast, owning an AR 15 rifle is a significant investment. But having a tactical sling to go along with it can make all the difference in terms of convenience and practicality. A quality tactical AR 15 sling allows you to easily carry your weapon while keeping it accessible at all times.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using a tactical AR 15 sling, different types available on the market today and how to choose one that best fits your needs.

Why You Need a Tactical AR 15 Sling

One of the primary advantages of using a tactical sling for your rifle is mobility. A good-quality sling makes it easy for you to carry your weapon around without worrying about its weight or balance.

Moreover, by keeping your firearm close at hand with its muzzle pointing down towards the ground, you reduce any potential safety risks associated with accidental discharges from unintended trigger pulls.

Another essential benefit that comes with owning one is quick access during emergencies. With just one swift motion across your chest or backside (depending on where you choose to wear it), you can have immediate access to your weapon without wasting time fumbling through pockets or bags looking for ammunition magazines.

Types of Tactical Slings Available

There are three main types readily available: Single point slings; Two-point slings; Three-point slings – each designed with specific purposes in mind:

  • Single Point Slings: This type attaches directly onto either side of the stock and consists only of one attachment point around which spins freely. It provides excellent maneuverability when used indoors or in tight spaces but isn't ideal for extended periods as they don't distribute weight evenly.

  • Two-point Slings: These are attached at two points (front & rear) allowing even distribution across both shoulders making them ideal if carrying over longer distances. These can be adjusted to different lengths and will usually have a quick release mechanism for rapid detachment.

  • Three-point Slings: One end attaches to the rear of the rifle, while two separate straps attach around your body in an H-shape configuration allowing greater support when aiming or shooting and distributing weight more evenly across your body.

How to Choose the Best Tactical AR 15 Sling

When selecting a tactical sling, there are several factors you should consider before making a purchase:

Attachment points
Consider what kind of attachment points are available on your weapon as well as which type of sling works best with that setup. A single point attachment may work better for indoor use while a two or three-point system is more suitable for outdoor activities such as hunting.

The length of the sling is also essential. A shorter one does not offer much maneuverability but provides faster access in tight spaces whereas longer ones provide even distribution over both shoulders and promote better posture when carrying rifles over extended periods.

The material used determines how durable it will be under different conditions like weather changes, sharp objects that might cut through its fibers among others.


In conclusion, owning an AR 15 rifle comes with great responsibility; investing in quality accessories like tactical slings ensures safety & convenience. With this guide on types available today along with tips on choosing one perfect for you – we hope we've provided some valuable insights into finding just what suits all individual needs!


What is a tactical AR 15 sling and why do I need one?

A tactical AR 15 sling is a piece of equipment used to carry a rifle in various ways. It can be worn over the shoulder, across the chest or back, or attached to a backpack or plate carrier. The main purpose of using this type of sling is to increase weapon stability while allowing for quick transition from carrying it to firing it.

In other words, using an AR 15 tactical sling helps you keep your hands free when moving around and provides easy access when needed. Whether you’re hiking through rough terrain, engaging in hunting activities or participating in military operations, having an appropriate slinging technique can make all the difference.

Moreover, depending on your needs and preferences there are different types of slings available such as single-point slings that offer maximum maneuverability but may not provide adequate retention; two-point slings that are more stable but less flexible; and three-point slings that combine some aspects from both previous options.

How do I choose the right tactical AR 15 sling for me?

Choosing the right tactical AR 15 sling depends on several factors including your personal preferences regarding comfort level and ease-of-use as well as what activity you will be engaging in with it.

For instance if you’re going into combat situations where speed matters most then selecting single point-sling will best fit this scenario because they’ll give quick release action along with lightweight feel while Two Point Sling might hinder speed due to its hard material which could weigh down considerably making it difficult for swift transitions between stances during live-fire training exercises

Additionally consider purchasing durable materials made from high-quality materials such as nylon webbing since they possess greater tensile strength compared with synthetic fabrics like cotton/polyester blend which comes apart easily after some time usage without proper maintenance causing discomfort especially during extended periods under stress like long-duration patrols etc.

What are the advantages of using a tactical AR 15 sling?

There are several advantages to using a tactical AR 15 sling. Firstly, it increases weapon stability which ultimately leads to greater accuracy while firing. Secondly, it allows for quick transition from carrying the rifle to firing it in high-pressure situations such as combat operations or hunting scenarios.

Additionally, having an appropriate slinging technique helps to keep your hands free when moving around and provides easy access when needed. A good sling can also help distribute weight more evenly across your body which reduces fatigue during extended periods of carry time.

Furthermore, using a quality-made tactical AR 15 sling enhances mobility and flexibility without compromising safety or security aspects providing confidence & readiness during crucial moments.

How do I properly attach my rifle to the tactical AR 15 Sling?

To properly attach your rifle onto the Tactical AR-15 Sling first consider its type depending on how you want it attached either single-point/two-point/three-point mode then follow these steps:

  1. Choose where you want to place the attachment point on your firearm (usually near stock).

  2. Attach one end of the sling onto this point by threading through opening loop at end tip.

  3. Once that’s done, secure other side with same method accordingly ensuring there is no excess slack present between them both which could lead into slipping off easily causing serious consequences if caught unaware under pressure situations

It's important that once attached be sure test out different positions making sure they’re compatible with movement range before going out into field deployments/training exercises etc., always check knots regularly inspecting wear-and-tear points periodically replacing worn-out parts as necessary for optimal performance of equipment over time.

How do I maintain my Tactical AR-15 Sling?

Maintaining your Tactical Ar-15 Sling is essential if you intend on keeping its quality top-notch and extending its lifespan as well reducing wear-n-tear experienced due continuous usage overtime especially in rugged terrains or harsh environments.

Firstly, always inspect your sling after every use to ensure that there is no damage or wear. Secondly, clean it regularly with mild soap and warm water. This helps to remove any dirt, grime, or oil that may have built up on the sling over time.

Thirdly be sure to store your tactical AR 15 sling in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture which can cause fading colors/tarnishing of metals leading into rusting over time causing irreversible damages especially in saltwater conditions etc.

For optimal performance its suggested replacing worn out parts such as snap hooks buckles etc., periodically for safety reasons as well ensuring overall quality during all missions/activities .

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