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The US Navy Motto: Honoring Tradition and Embracing Innovation

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The US Navy motto – a phrase that represents the values and principles of one of the most powerful naval forces in the world. It's no secret that military mottos are taken seriously, instilling a sense of pride, honor, and duty among its troops. The US Navy is no exception.

The US Navy motto has been around for centuries and holds an important place in American history. It's more than just words written on paper; it is something that sailors live by every day. The motto reminds them to stay true to their mission while displaying courage under fire.

To learn more about this fascinating topic and explore what makes the US Navy so unique, keep reading!

The US Navy Motto: A Timeless Inspiration for Every Sailor

The United States Navy is known for its proud and honorable traditions. One of the most important traditions that are deeply rooted in the history of this elite fighting force is its motto. Simply put, a motto is a phrase or sentence that encapsulates an organization's values, principles, and goals.

For more than two centuries, the US Navy has upheld one such motto with unwavering commitment: "Semper Fortis" – Always Strong.

History of the US Navy Motto

The origin of "Semper Fortis" can be traced back to early 19th-century U.S. naval history when it was adopted as the official slogan by Commodore Uriah P. Levy in 1843 while commanding officer at Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company.

Commodore Levy chose this Latin phrase to inspire his sailors because he believed it perfectly captured their unflinching bravery even under extreme perilous conditions on sea duty missions.

Since then, Semper Fortis has been passed down from generation to generation as a symbol of strength and resilience among members of America's sea service branch.

What Does Semper Fortis Mean?

To truly understand what Semper Fortis means when translated into English as 'always strong', we must delve deeper into each word's meaning:

  • Semper – Always
  • Fortis – Strong

Together they form an expression that embodies strength through enduring hardships or adversity without losing hope or giving up; always being ready to face any challenge head-on with bravery and courage no matter how difficult it may seem at first glance!

This simple yet profound message resonates deeply within every sailor who takes pride in serving their country aboard one of these mighty ships' decks worldwide underway operations!

The Significance Of "Always Strong"

The relevance behind having such a powerful catchphrase cannot be overemphasized. As every sailor onboard a US Navy vessel is trained to face challenges that come with being at sea, the Semper Fortis motto serves as a constant reminder of the mental and physical strength necessary for this noble profession.

It is not uncommon for sailors to have moments where they may feel fatigued or overwhelmed. However, by keeping "Always Strong" at the forefront of their minds, they can maintain focus on their duties while upholding their commitment to service excellence.

Furthermore, in times of combat and conflict where lives are on the line every second counts – sailors must rely on each other's courage and fortitude. The Semper Fortis motto plays an essential role in bolstering morale amongst crew members when it's needed most!

Honoring The US Navy Motto

The US Navy takes immense pride in its history and traditions. One way it honors its motto is by incorporating it into various aspects of ship life; from clothing patches worn proudly by sailors worldwide underway missions operations around the globe to naming ships after famous naval battles such as "USS Lexington: Always Strong".

Moreover, many units within different branches also use variations or adaptations based upon Semper Fortis' inspiration for designing banners celebrating current deployments overseas training exercises worldwide operations or just simply showing support back home base locations stateside.


In conclusion, there are no two ways about how important having a strong sense of purpose can be when serving your country aboard one of these mighty vessels! It all starts with embracing 'Semper Fortis' – always staying strong despite adversity- which has served as an inspiration throughout U.S naval history since 1843 until today!

By understanding what this powerful phrase means both literally (always strong) but also symbolically speaking volumes about bravery & resilience under fire – we hope you'll appreciate why so many men & women choose careers defending America through maritime service branch!


What is the motto of the US Navy, and what does it mean?

The official motto of the United States Navy is "Semper Fortis," which means "Always Courageous" in Latin. The phrase embodies one of the core values that guide every member of this branch of service: bravery. It represents a commitment to standing strong, no matter what challenges may arise.

The use of Latin as a language for mottos has been prevalent in many military organizations across history. Latin's enduring nature makes it an ideal choice for expressing long-standing principles and ideals that are meant to be passed down through generations.

From its inception over two centuries ago, the United States Navy has established itself as one of America's most formidable military forces on land and sea. To this day, sailors proudly live up to their motto by embodying courage both in times where there are direct threats or while going about everyday duties aboard ships or bases around the world.

How did Semper Fortis become The U.S Navy Motto?

In 1884 Captain L.R Sargent proposed several mottos' alternatives at a meeting with Naval Academy Superintendents who then chose ‘Semper Fortis.’ This particular phrase embodied all that was best about seafaring life – strength under pressure & maintaining focus – thus becoming synonymous with naval culture ever since.

Since its adoption into naval culture over 100 years ago,' Semper fortis’ often features prominently throughout important ceremonies such as graduations from boot camp or commissionings where new sailors commit themselves wholly towards serving their country honorably through unwavering dedication reflected in their daily lives even after retirement from active duty service members keep living up to these values throughout civilian life too!

Are there other unofficial US navy mottos?

Yes! While ‘Semper Fortis’ remains an official slogan representing everything noble about American naval tradition – many other unofficial but popular sayings have emerged over the years taking on a life of their own. One example is “Non sibi sed patriae” meaning "Not for self, but for country" often used as an unofficial US Navy motto to capture the spirit of selfless service that sailors exhibit every day.

Some other popular unofficial mottos include 'Haze gray and underway', which encapsulates what it feels like to be at sea serving your country while wearing the navy’s signature shade of grey. There are also some humorous ones out there such as 'If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em – then beat them,' which although not an official navy slogan does represent sailors' never-back-down attitude.

What is The Sailor's Creed?

The Sailor's Creed is a set of guiding principles that all U.S Navy sailors swear by. It serves as a reminder to servicemen and women they are representing something bigger than themselves – their fellow Americans who rely on them during times both calm or stormy.

The creed was formally adopted in 1993 under then-Chief Of Naval Operations Admiral Frank Kelso after he sought feedback from enlisted men/women throughout active duty ranks along with officer corps opinions too! Since its inception more than three decades ago now, Sailors have recited this creed everywhere they go, including ceremonies like commissionings or retirements.

Does The U.S naval academy have its own motto?

Yes! In addition,' Semper Fortis’ being adopted nationally; The United States Naval Academy has its very own unique school-specific slogan becoming synonymous with educating America’s future naval officers: “Ex Scientia Tridens,” translating into English as "from knowledge comes seapower."

This phrase embodies how education and experience shape future leaders' abilities – ensuring these individuals will continue providing steadfast leadership in defense against modern-day challenges presented constantly within today's rapidly changing world through continuing education opportunities both formal/informally provided by the academy.

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