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Top 10 Best AR-15 Mags for Reliable Performance

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Best AR 15 mags are an essential component for any gun enthusiast or military personnel who uses an AR 15. With so many options available on the market, it can be challenging to determine which mag is the right fit for you. Whether you're looking for durability, capacity, or affordability in your magazine choice, we've got you covered.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the best AR 15 magazines available today. We'll explore the features and benefits of each product to help you make an informed decision when selecting your next mag. So if you're in search of a superior quality magazine that will last through even the toughest conditions and provide reliable performance every time – read on!

Best AR 15 Mags: Finding the Perfect Fit for You

When it comes to choosing the right magazine for your AR-15, there are several options available. The right choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best AR 15 mags and how they compare to one another.

Types of Magazines

Before diving into specific brands, let's first look at the different types of magazines available. There are generally two types: stick (or box) magazines and drum magazines.

Stick or box magazines are by far the most popular type of magazine used with an AR-15 rifle. They come in various capacities ranging from 5 rounds up to as many as 100 rounds in some larger capacity models.

Drum Magazines are much less common than stick mags but can hold significantly more rounds than their counterpart box mag counterparts; however, due to their size and weight they can be cumbersome during use making them impractical for combat situations.

Comparing Top Brands

Magpul PMAG Gen M2 MOE Magazine

One popular brand among gun enthusiasts is Magpul. The company’s PMAG Gen M2 MOE Magazine has gained widespread popularity thanks to its sturdy construction that resists damage even when dropped repeatedly on hard surfaces – which makes it ideal in combat situations where accidents may happen while reloading quickly.
It also features a self-lubricating follower that ensures smooth feeding without jams – something highly critical when every second counts.
In terms of price point, these mags offer excellent value-for-money due to their durability.

Lancer Systems L5AWM Advanced Warfighter Magazine

Another option worth considering is Lancer System’s L5AWM Advanced Warfighter Series magazine which comes in both translucent & opaque variations depending on personal preference.
Lancer Systems states that its unique design allows faster reloads (up to 40% quicker) due to the low friction of the polymer. They also claim that its steel feed lips are stronger than most other magazines on the market, making it an excellent choice when durability is necessary.

ASC Stainless Steel Magazine

ASC’s stainless steel magazine is another standout option if you're looking for a durable and reliable mag. The company claims that its anti-tilt followers can help prevent jams and malfunctions without sacrificing capacity.
The stainless steel construction makes it resistant to rust, which further contributes towards longevity – particularly useful in harsh environments.

Choosing the Right Capacity

When choosing your AR-15 magazine, consider how many rounds you need at any particular time. If you’re going out target shooting or hunting with a few friends, then lower-capacity mags might fit your needs.

However, if you plan on using this rifle in combat situations or for self-defense purposes where every second counts (and often more rounds), then higher-capacity models would be better suited.

Tips for Maintaining Your Magazines

Proper maintenance of your magazines is critical both for reliability of feeding as well as their overall longevity.
Here are some tips:

  • Clean them regularly
  • Store them properly
    (avoiding high temperatures & direct sunlight)
  • Keep springs well lubricated
    (especially during long periods between use)

It is essential not only to choose from one of these top brands but also follow proper upkeep procedures so that they will work reliably whenever needed.


Choosing the best AR 15 mag depends highly on specific needs such as usage environment and personal preferences.
Magpul PMAG Gen M2 MOE Magazine offers great value-for-money due to its sturdy construction while Lancer System’s L5AWM Advanced Warfighter Series delivers faster reloads compared with other options available in today's market; finally ASC’s stainless steel offerings bring anti-jam technology along with resistance against rust ideal for harsh environments.

Investing in high-quality magazines and properly maintaining them is crucial to your success as an AR-15 owner, so choose wisely.


What makes the best AR 15 mags stand out from the rest?

When it comes to selecting the best AR 15 mags, there are a few factors that set them apart from average or low-quality options. Firstly, reliable feeding of ammunition is crucial for any magazine. The top magazines on the market will feature an anti-tilt follower and constant pressure spring to guarantee smooth and consistent feeding.

Furthermore, durability is key in ensuring long-term performance. Properly constructed magazines should be made with high-quality materials that can withstand heavy usage without breaking down or malfunctioning.

Lastly, ease of use cannot be overlooked when considering what makes a great magazine. The best AR 15 mags will feature ergonomic design elements such as non-slip texturing for easy manipulation during reloads.

Overall, combining these three core features – reliable feeding, durability and user-friendliness – results in a superior quality magazine that stands out above others on the market.

How do I know which capacity to choose when selecting an AR 15 mag?

Choosing a capacity depends largely upon your intended use for your rifle. If you’re using your firearm primarily at home or at shooting ranges where quick reloading isn't necessary then lower-capacity options may suit you better–for example choosing between standard-restricted thirty-rounders versus twenty-rounders could depend on local regulations if relevant–while higher-capacity extended sixty-round models can offer more rounds before requiring reloading during competitions (and other demanding uses).

Additionally it's important not overlook weight considerations as larger capacities tend to come with added weight which could impact handling over time – particularly if you’re carrying around multiple loaded magazines.

What material should I look for when purchasing an AR 15 mag?

The most popular materials used in constructing high-quality magazines are aluminum alloy and polymer composite plastics (often molded). Aluminum alloy offers excellent strength-to-weight ratios while also being lightweight enough so as not compromise mobility; it also offers a sleek look in addition to being durable. Polymer composite plastics can be injection-molded resulting in lightweight yet strong magazines that can fit complex shapes, and are usually more affordable than metal options.

When considering which material is best for your use-case, you should consider the intended purpose of your firearm, including whether it's primarily used for target shooting or if you need something with additional durability during intense combat situations.

How do I properly maintain my AR 15 mags?

Proper maintenance is key to ensuring reliable performance from any magazine. Start by disassembling each mag before cleaning out debris or buildup of dirt using compressed air (such as canned air) before wiping down each component with a dry cloth until everything looks and feels clean.

If the magazine has been heavily used, then using an appropriate lubricant might be needed to help ensure smooth feeding cycles during future uses – but don't over-lubricate as this will attract dirt and debris leading eventually causing problems instead!

Lastly store magazines properly when not in use to avoid damage; this means keeping them away from moisture-prone areas while also avoiding extreme temperatures.

Are there any legal restrictions concerning AR 15 mags?

It’s important to remember that regulations on high-capacity/extended capacity magazines vary by state & local jurisdiction so make sure you’re familiar with where you live current legislation–while some states like California have strict limits on round counts others remain more liberal without such restrictions imposed.

However even when no legislative restriction exists beyond general firearms laws customers should note that choosing larger capacities may adversely impact their rifle balance or comfort levels while shooting which could negatively affect accuracy — its always worth testing different sized options first at range if possible (or through simulation via weighted dummy rounds).

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