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Top 5 Best 22LR Uppers for AR 15: Enhance Your Shooting Experience

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If you are searching for the best 22lr upper for AR 15, then you have come to the right place. Whether you are an experienced shooter or someone who is just starting out, it can be difficult to choose the right upper that will meet all your needs. The market is flooded with various options and choosing one among them can be overwhelming.

The good news is that we have done all the research for you so that you don't have to spend hours sifting through different products and reviews. In this article, we will discuss everything related to 22lr uppers for AR 15s – what they are, why they are important, how they work and of course, which ones stand out as being top-notch in terms of quality and performance. So sit back and read on as we guide you through this informative journey!

Best 22LR Upper for AR 15: A Comprehensive Guide

As an enthusiast of firearms, one of the most versatile and loved guns in the market is undoubtedly the AR-15. It has been a favourite among gun owners for decades, due to its customizability and efficiency. The AR-15 can be modified by changing its upper receiver with a variety of calibres based on your personal preference.

If you are looking for an affordable yet efficient upper receiver option, then .22 LR could be a great choice. It's not only cheaper than other ammunition but also easier to find in stores or online. In this article, we will enlighten you about some of the best 22LR upper receivers available in the market.

Advantages of using a .22 LR Upper Receiver

Before diving into our top picks for best .22 LR AR-15 uppers let's discuss why someone might want to use one:

  1. Affordable: Compared to other calibres like 5.56mm or .308 Winchester, purchasing ammo cartridges chambered in .22lr is relatively cheap.
  2. Easy Handling: The lower recoil produced from firing rounds that have less powder makes it easier to handle compared with larger calibers.
  3. Accuracy: Due to less recoil and muzzle blast when using smaller diameter bullets; accuracy increases especially when shooting at targets beyond self-defense distances.
    4.Versatility – If you already own an AR-15 rifle chambered within another caliber like NATO standard etc., then buying just an additional bolt carrier group can allow you easily convert it into a rimfire rifle without requiring any significant changes.

Top Picks

After extensive research on various products available online; here are some handpicked options:

Product Manufacturer
CMMG Bravo Conversion Kit w/10 Round Magazine CMMG Inc
Tactical Solutions X-Ring VR Receiver Tactical Solutions
Alexander Arms .22 LR Upper Receiver Alexander Arms

CMMG Bravo Conversion Kit w/10 Round Magazine

The CMMG Bravo kit is the most popular option among gun enthusiasts. The conversion kit comes with a bolt carrier group, charging handle, and a 10-round magazine.

One of the standout features about this product is its relatively low pricing compared to competitors. Its compatibility with any mil-spec AR-15 lowers makes it an easy upgrade for those who already own an AR platform.

Installation is straightforward and can be done in minutes without requiring any specialized tools or equipment.

Tactical Solutions X-Ring VR Receiver

Tactical Solution's X-Ring VR receiver has been known for being one of the lightest receivers available on the market today which weighs around 14 ounces. This upper receiver also has an excellent finish that not only looks amazing but also protects it from corrosion and abrasion damage.

It sports a unique design that creates less than average recoil enabling you to shoot accurately even at long ranges. Moreover, this upper fits all standard mil-spec lowers making it easy to install in no time!

Alexander Arms .22 LR Upper Receiver

If you're looking for something more premium; take a look at Alexander Arm’s offering which provides high quality craftsmanship built from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy creating accurate shooting experience every time without jamming or misfiring issues commonly associated with rimfire rifles.

Alexander Arm's product line offers various configurations including barrel length options up to 24 inches ensuring that there's something perfect suited towards your needs whether hunting small game animals like rabbits/squirrels etc., plinking targets at long distances or just having fun shooting steel plates out on range day events.

Tips when purchasing

When deciding between these products or others here are some tips:

  1. Check if your lower receiver is compatible before purchasing
  2. Consider what type of shooting you'll be doing such as plinking or hunting, which will help determine what features you need.
  3. Determine the optimal barrel length for your use case – shorter barrels are lighter and easier to handle while longer ones offer improved accuracy.


In conclusion, using a .22 LR upper receiver is an affordable way of adding versatility to your AR-15 platform. If you're looking for an easy upgrade or just want to try out something new without breaking the bank; then buying one of our top picks could be a great start towards expanding your firearm collection. Remember always practice safe handling techniques when using firearms and enjoy shooting!


What is a 22LR Upper for an AR-15?

A 22LR upper for an AR-15 is essentially a conversion kit that allows you to convert your standard .223/5.56 caliber AR-15 rifle into a .22 caliber firearm. The upper receiver assembly of the kit replaces the standard upper receiver and barrel with one specifically designed to fire .22 LR rimfire ammunition, making it more affordable and accessible to shoot than traditional centerfire rounds.

There are various types of kits available in the market, ranging from basic drop-in bolt carrier group units to complete uppers with dedicated barrels, magazine adapters, and other accessories. They allow you to shoot small game hunting or plinking without having to purchase another gun entirely.

Why Should You Consider Buying A 22LR Upper For Your AR-15?

There are several reasons why buying a 22LR Upper for your AR-15 could be advantageous:

Firstly, shooting .223 or 5.56 ammo can get quite expensive over time while shooting rimfire like .22 LR is significantly cheaper. It’s also easy on your shoulder due since it has relatively lower recoil compared other calibers which makes it great for training new shooters or sighting in optics without punishing recoil

Secondly if you already own an existing ar platform then adding this option can add versatility allowing cheap practice sessions right at home which keeps expensive range trips limited especially since ranges have become overcrowded recently limiting availability

Lastly owning multiple firearms requires storage space so before purchasing another firearm consider that adding different uppers will save both money and valuable storage space

Moreover; these uppers provide simple maintenance where as cleaning rimfire guns require less effort then their center-fire counterparts as they tend not too have extensive carbon fouling usually associated with heavier calibre firearms.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Dedicated Barrel With Your Conversion Kit?

While some conversion kits come equipped with just bolt carrier group units, others may include a dedicated barrel as well. The benefits of using a dedicated barrel for your .22LR upper conversion kit are numerous.

Firstly, it alleviates the need to swap out barrels between different calibers every time you want to switch from shooting .223/5.56 rounds to rimfire ammo. This allows you to save time and hassle when practicing with both calibers.

Secondly; A Dedicated Barrel often provides better accuracy and performance than drop-in bolt carrier groups because unlike drop in units which depend on their original barrels for alignment & twist rates respectively , having dedicated hardware ensures that it is perfectly matched together providing more predictable shots

Lastly; With many manufacturer’s offering lightweight carbon fiber options these days they can help reduce weight bias making your rifle slightly more maneuverable

Which Are The Best 22LR Upper Kits Available In The Market?

There are various 22LR upper kits available in the market today, So choosing one might seem like an overwhelming task at first. However some of the most popular ones available today are CMMG Bravo Series or Atchison-style uppers including other manufacturers such as Tactical solutions and Spikes tactical However there are higher end manufacturers such as Volquartsen who offer high-quality components ensuring tight tolerance matches making them especially reliable .

Furthermore each brand offers unique advantages compared with another so make sure too research before purchasing one that best suits all your needs.

Do You Need To Use Special Magazines For A 22LR Upper?

Yes! While some drop-in bolt carrier unit conversions allow you use standard AR-15 magazines without any modifications or special parts required other complete uppers require specific magazines designed specifically for rimfire cartridges

This magazine difference is due too smaller diameter of cartridge causing feeding issues if attempted through a center fire mag however adapter sleeves by brands like Black Dog Machine LLC can be used so existing ar magazines can be utilized depending on magazine compatibility

Additionally it’s important to note that rimfire magazine capacity is often greater than center-fire magazines allowing you too shoot more before having to swap out magazines, providing for a longer shooting session without distraction

Is It Legal To Own A 22LR Upper For Your AR-15?

Yes! Owning a 22LR upper kit or conversion kit for your AR-15 is completely legal in most states of USA since no permanent modifications are made on the lower receiver which remains as it is. However, laws can vary from state to state so further research and compliance must be followed under current firearm regulations.

It's also important to keep in mind that while .22 LR rounds have less muzzle energy compared with traditional center-fire rounds like .223/5.56 they can still pose significant danger if handled carelessly & still require high level of safety protocol in place when handling firearms

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