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Top 5 Best AR 15 Sling Mounts for Enhanced Comfort and Performance

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Are you a gun enthusiast looking for the best AR 15 sling mounts? Look no further, as this article will provide you with valuable information and insights into some of the finest sling mounts available in the market today.

The AR-15 semi-automatic rifle is one of the most popular firearms among gun enthusiasts due to its accuracy, reliability, and customization options. A sturdy sling mount is an essential accessory for any AR-15 owner who wants to ensure maximum mobility while carrying their rifle. There are various types of sling mounts available on the market today that cater to different needs and preferences.

In this comprehensive article, we will explore some of the best AR 15 Sling Mounts currently available in terms of durability, functionality, ease-of-use and versatility. So stick around if you want to learn more about what makes a great sling mount for your beloved firearm!

Best AR 15 Sling Mounts: An In-Depth Review

If you are a seasoned shooter, you know the importance of having a reliable sling mount for your AR-15. It not only helps to keep your weapon safe and secure but also allows for better handling and maneuverability during hunting or tactical missions. However, with so many options available in the market, choosing the best one can be overwhelming. That's why we have put together this guide to help you find the best AR 15 sling mounts.

What is an AR 15 Sling Mount?

An AR 15 sling mount is a device that attaches to your rifle's stock or receiver end plate and provides an anchor point for attaching slings. Slings come in handy when carrying your rifle over long distances or during combat situations where quick transitions between shooting positions are required.

Comparison Table

To make it easier for you to compare different products, we have put together this comparison table:

Product Name Material Compatibility
Magpul MS4 Gen2 Polymer/Steel All mil-spec buffer tubes
Blue Force Gear Vickers VCAS Nylon Webbing All mil-spec buffer tubes
Midwest Industries QD End Plate Sling Adapter Aluminum MIL-SPEC extension tube

Benefits of Using an AR 15 Sling Mount

A good quality sling mount offers several advantages that any serious shooter would appreciate:

  1. Improved Weapon Handling – By using a two-point attachment system provided by most modern-day slings attached via proper mounting points on their rifles.

  2. Better Hunting Experience – A well-designed sling can help reduce fatigue while carrying heavy weapons over long distances.

  3. Faster Transitions Between Shooting Positions – With properly attached slings shooters can efficiently move from standing position into kneeling/sitting position while maintaining the weapon in a ready to fire position.

Tips for Choosing the Best AR 15 Sling Mounts

It is important to choose a sling that suits your needs and preferences. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Material – Look for mounts made from high-quality materials such as steel or aluminum, which can withstand rough handling and last longer.

  2. Compatibility – Ensure that your chosen mount is compatible with your rifle model before making a purchase.

  3. Ease of Use – Choose sling mounts designed for easy attachment and detachment without compromising on security or stability when using it with slings.

  4. Type of Sling – Consider the type of sling you intend to use before picking out an AR-15 mount, some products work better with single point slings while others work only with two-point slings.

Top Three Picks

After extensive research and analysis, we have narrowed down our top three picks for best AR 15 Sling Mounts:

Magpul MS4 Gen2

Magpul has earned its reputation as one of the most reliable brands in firearm accessories. The Magpul MS4 Gen2 comes highly recommended by military professionals around the world due to its sturdy polymer construction paired with steel hardware providing excellent durability during long term usage. Its compatibility feature makes it fit all mil-spec buffer tubes, which means it's also versatile enough if you decide later on switching rifles while retaining your mounting solution setup.

Blue Force Gear Vickers VCAS

The Blue Force Gear Vickers VCAS offers superior comfort compared to other nylon webbing options due mainly because of their unique material design patented by BlueForceGear called “ULTRAcomp”. This product noticeably reduces bulkiness in straps creating less sweat buildup/irritation from prolonged use periods over time. It offers quick adjusting features via their proprietary buckle system located near where hands are placed when holding onto rifle handguards, allowing for quick sling length adjustments on the fly.

Midwest Industries QD End Plate Sling Adapter

The Midwest Industries QD End Plate Sling Adapter is an aluminum-made product that provides exceptional durability and excellent mounting features because of its compatibility with MIL-SPEC extension tubes. This mount easily screws into your buffer tube providing a secure attachment point for your sling giving you peace of mind even in intense situations or during rough handling.


When it comes to buying an AR 15 sling mount, the options can seem endless and confusing at first glance. However, choosing one that suits your needs shouldn't be difficult if you understand what to look out for. We hope this guide has given you all the information necessary to make an informed decision when shopping for the best AR 15 Sling Mounts available in today's market – enjoy!


What are AR-15 sling mounts and why do I need them?

AR-15 sling mounts are attachments that allow you to attach a sling to your rifle. A good sling mount can make all the difference when it comes to carrying your rifle around for extended periods of time, especially if you're on a hunt or in the field. It helps distribute the weight of the rifle across your body rather than just one shoulder, making it much more comfortable.

In addition to comfort, having a proper AR-15 sling mount can also help with stability while shooting. A well-mounted and adjusted sling will provide additional support when shooting off-hand or from an unsupported position.

Having an AR-15 with a properly attached and adjusted sling is essential for any serious shooter who wants maximum comfort and stability in their weapon platform.

Are there different types of AR-15 Sling Mounts available?

Yes! There are several different types of AR 15 Sling Mounts available on the market today.

One common type is known as "single-point" attachment. This kind attaches directly behind or below where the buffer tube meets lower receiver at one point only allowing freedom for greater mobility but less control compared to other mounting options which have two points: forward & rearward connections respectively enabling better control over movement whilst supporting heavier rifles without discomforting pressure points created by single point slings which focus most tension on those localized areas instead.

Another type is known as "two-point" attachment; this enables both ends (front & rear) connected thus providing more secure handling due its sturdier nature under heavier loads while still having enough flexibility during maneuverability exercises such as walking/running/crawling etc., making it ideal for hunting applications that require versatility in use cases like quick deployment between locations/situations

There's also "three-point" attachment method: This involves attaching both buttstock end and fore-end through three separate connection points creating triangular support structure. This provides maximum stability when carrying heavier rifles during long-range shooting sessions or competitions that require precision handling such as target shooting and sniper operations.

How do I choose the best AR-15 sling mount for my needs?

Choosing the right AR-15 sling mount can be a daunting task, given the various types available in the market today. However, there are some factors you should consider before making your purchase decision.

Firstly, think about what kind of activity you will use your rifle for. Consider if it's going to be used primarily for hunting or tactical purposes? If so then single-point attachment might suit better than two/three point options which have greater physical constraints but also provide enhanced security & stability under duress situations where quick deployment between positions is crucial.

Another factor to consider is how much weight you're planning to carry around with your rifle; this is important when choosing between different attachment points which could affect overall balance and comfort levels while handling especially during prolonged usage periods.

Finally take into account any additional accessories already mounted on/underneath gun barrel like flashlights/lasers/modules etc., these can cause interference issues requiring special mounting techniques such as offset-sling mounts designed specifically for said attachments – make sure that whatever type of sling mount selected will accommodate these extras without causing complications down line!

What materials are commonly used in manufacturing AR-15 Sling Mounts?

Sling mounts come in all shapes and sizes using different materials depending on manufacturer specifications. Some popular choices include steel, aluminum alloy or polymer constructions which offer varying degrees of strength/durability at different price points depending on intended use case scenarios

Aluminum Alloy: Lightweight yet sturdy material usually found on high-end models due its ability withstand heavy loads without adding excessive weight penalty gun platform itself – perfect choice anyone looking maximum performance whilst staying lightweight possible

Steel: Durable option capable surviving most abuse thrown its way from harsh environmental conditions extreme temperatures multiple rounds fired in rapid succession – often preferred by military/law enforcement personnel requiring long-lasting service providing reliability under stress

Polymer: Budget-friendly option suited casual shooters who may not require added benefits offered by metal counterparts but still want quality product able perform well enough basic needs like securing rifle during transport/carrying around field/hunting scenarios etc.

Can I install an AR-15 sling mount myself, or do I need a gunsmith?

Most AR-15 sling mounts are designed to be installed easily and quickly without the need for professional assistance from a gunsmith. With just some basic tools and knowledge of your firearm's specific model you should be able to install these yourself with no problem.

However, if you're not comfortable working on your own firearm or don't have experience in this area, it might be best to seek out a qualified gunsmith for installation help. This is especially true if you plan on making any modifications beyond just adding the sling mount such as changes to trigger groups/barrels/optics etc., which could affect overall performance of weapon platform if done incorrectly!

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