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Top 5 Best Tactical AR-15 Slings for Ultimate Weapon Control

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Are you looking for the best tactical AR 15 sling? Look no further because we have got you covered! A good sling is an essential accessory that any gun owner needs to have. It helps to stabilize the weapon and ensures that it is always within reach when needed. The right sling will enable you to carry your rifle more comfortably, and make it easier for quick access.

When choosing a tactical AR 15 sling, there are several factors that one should consider. These include comfort, durability, adjustability, versatility among others. With so many options available in the market today, finding the perfect one can be daunting and overwhelming.

In this article, we will explore some of the best tactical AR 15 slings available in today's market. We shall review each product in detail based on its features and functionality to help you make an informed decision when selecting a quality tactical AR 15 Sling. So sit tight as we take you through everything there is about these top-rated slings!

Best Tactical AR 15 Sling: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to tactical gear, choosing the right sling for your AR 15 is crucial. The best tactical AR 15 sling should provide comfort, durability, and reliability while being easy to use. In this article, we will discuss some of the top-rated slings in the market and help you choose the one that suits your needs.

What is a Tactical Sling?

A tactical sling is a strap that attaches to your firearm and allows you to carry it on your shoulder or across your body. It lets you keep both hands free while still having quick access to your weapon when needed. A good-quality tactical sling can also help stabilize shots by reducing movement of the firearm.

Benefits of Using a Tactical Sling

There are several benefits of using a tactical sling with an AR 15:

  • Hands-free operation: With both hands free, users can easily navigate through challenging terrains without worrying about losing grip on their gun.
  • Stability: Carrying an unloaded rifle with two-point attachment provides added stability when moving over long distances.
  • Quick access: Harnessing slings allows users quick access in emergency situations where speed matters most.

Comparison Table

Name Material Attachment Points Length
Blueforce Gear Vickers Combat Applications Padded Sling Nylon webbing Two Adjustable
Magpul MS4 Dual QD Single Point/Two Point System Polyester webbing /One or two depending on configuration. Adjustable
VTAC MK2 Wide Padded Hybrid Slings Nylon/polyester blend /Two points selectable from front or rear./Adjustable

Top-Rated Best Tactical AR 15 Slings

Blueforce Gear Vickers Combat Applications Padded Sling

The Blueforce Gear Vickers Combat Applications Padded Sling is a two-point sling that provides exceptional comfort and durability. The nylon webbing offers a smooth glide for easy adjustments while the padded shoulder strap ensures maximum comfort. It also features a quick-release buckle for fast attachment and detachment, allowing you to switch from carrying position to shooting position in no time.

Magpul MS4 Dual QD Single Point/Two Point System

The Magpul MS4 Dual QD Single Point/Two Point System is an innovative sling that can be configured as either a single or two-point attachment. The polyester webbing provides excellent strength without adding too much weight, making it ideal for long treks in harsh terrains. The dual quick-detach swivels allow rapid transition between different carry positions.

VTAC MK2 Wide Padded Hybrid Slings

The VTAC MK2 Wide Padded Hybrid Slings is another top-rated option on the market today. It features adjustable points at both ends of the sling, allowing you to choose between one or two points of attachment depending on your requirements. Made with nylon/polyester blend material, this hybrid sling offers excellent strength and durability while still being lightweight enough to carry around all day.


Choosing the best tactical AR 15 sling requires careful consideration of several factors such as comfort, durability and ease-of-use among others discussed above . With so many options available in today's market,, picking one can be tough but with our comparison table above we have presented some top-rated slings that are worth considering due to their exceptional performance across these metrics.. Regardless of which model you opt for rest assured these high-quality slings will enhance your experience when using an AR-15 rifle by providing added stability,ease-of-use ,and quick access when seconds count most..


What is a tactical AR 15 sling and why do I need one?

A tactical AR 15 sling is a piece of equipment that attaches to your rifle and allows you to carry it comfortably on your person. It is an essential accessory for anyone who wants to have their hands free while carrying their firearm. A good quality sling will help distribute the weight of the rifle evenly across your body, reducing fatigue during long periods of use.

One major advantage offered by a tactical AR 15 sling is that it keeps the rifle close at hand, allowing for quick deployment when needed. This can be especially important in situations where immediate action may be required, such as self-defense scenarios or when hunting game.

Another benefit of using a sling with your AR-15 is improved accuracy – by properly attaching and adjusting the strap so that tension rests against your shoulder and chest muscles, this stabilizes recoil from shots making them easier to recover from more quickly.

What should I look for in choosing the best tactical AR-15 sling?

Choosing the right type of sling can be daunting given all different options available on today's market. There are several factors you’ll want to consider before purchasing any particular model:

  1. Material: Look for models made out tough materials like Nylon or Cordura which won't break down under heavy use over time.

  2. Attachment Points: Make sure there are enough attachment points along each side so that you can easily adjust length depending on what terrain/position demands dictate as well as features like ambidextrous design (important if left-handed).

  3. Padding: Ensure there’s enough padding around contact points with body parts participating against weight strain; wide straps also distribute pressure more evenly than thin ones which could lead discomfort after extended periods..

  4. Length & Adjustability : Make sure its adjustable enough so either shoulder could hold it comfortably , whether standing sitting or kneeling

  5. Quick-release system : Finally having an easy to use quick-release mechanism can make the difference in a life or death scenario, allowing you to quickly and easily release your AR from the sling without getting tangled up.

What are some common types of tactical AR-15 slings?

There are two primary types of tactical AR 15 slings: Single point and Two-point.

Single point slings attach at a single point on the rifle, often at the buffer tube or receiver. They allow for maximum mobility while still keeping your firearm close at hand – great for fast target acquisition.

Two-point slings use two attachment points – one near the buttstock and another near muzzle end of barrel. This provides added stability when shooting , as well as evenly distributing weight across both shoulders which makes it easier carry for longer periods.

Both have their advantages & disadvantages so knowing what sort purpose rifle will be used for is important when deciding which type suits best e.g hunting vs law enforcement.

How do I properly attach my tactical AR-15 sling?

To begin with, ensure that your rifle is unloaded before attaching any sling . After safety check , follow these steps :

  1. Identify where exactly you want strap attached by checking over manufacturer's instructions

  2. Thread one side through adjuster on opposite side until desired length achieved then repeat process other way around (make sure slack not left)

  3. Once desired tension has been reached position yourself into preferred firing position; standing / sitting / kneeling etc…

  4. Ensure that all straps aren’t twisted in any way so they sit flat against body ;double check rear attachment points especially

5 ) Make minor adjustments if necessary after test walking around with firearm to see how it feels

Can I use my old military surplus sling on my new civilian market purchased AR-15?

Yes. It’s possible since most military surplus rifles also come equipped with their own factory fitted issued slings attached.These can be retrofitted to other rifle brands however you may have to make slight modifications for instance length of strap depending on how it was originally intended. It’s important that any surplus sling be thoroughly inspected; anything showing signs of wear or damage should not be used since safety is always priority.

Keep in mind that while these can generally work fine, they are often not as comfortable or adjustable compared with many modern tactical slings. If best possible experience is what you're after then consider purchasing a newer model designed specifically with AR-15 platform in mind instead.

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