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Top Accessories for M&P AR 15: Enhance Your Firearm’s Performance

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Accessories for M&P AR 15 are essential components that enhance the performance of this popular rifle. With the growing popularity of AR-15s, there has been an increase in demand for accessories that can be used to customize and improve their operation. These accessories can range from sights, scopes, stocks, grips to magazines and more.

The M&P AR 15 is a high-performance weapon system that is widely used by military personnel and law enforcement agencies around the world. Its versatility makes it a favorite among gun enthusiasts who want to improve its accuracy or modify its appearance with various accessories available in the market. Whether you're an experienced shooter or just starting out with firearms, adding custom parts to your M&P AR 15 will provide you with an even better experience.

In this article on Accessories for M&P AR 15s we will explore some of the best options available in today's market so you can make informed decisions about how to upgrade your equipment. We will cover everything from rails and handguards through muzzle brakes and flash suppressors – all designed specifically for use on this type of firearm but also compatible across other rifles too! So keep reading if you're interested in taking your shooting game up to another level!

Accessories for M&P AR 15: Enhance Your Shooting Experience

If you own an M&P AR 15, you know that it is a highly versatile and dependable rifle. But did you know that by adding the right accessories, you can take your shooting experience to the next level? From scopes and sights to grips and slings, there are many options available on the market. In this article, we will explore some of the best accessories for M&P AR 15 rifles.


A scope is an essential accessory for any serious shooter. It allows you to aim accurately at targets from a distance. There are many different types of scopes available on the market, but not all of them are suitable for M&P AR 15 rifles.

One popular option is the Vortex Optics Crossfire II scope. This scope offers clear optics and solid construction at an affordable price point. The illuminated reticle makes it easy to aim in low-light conditions.

Another great choice is the Trijicon ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight). This military-grade sight provides exceptional optical clarity in any lighting condition thanks to its fiber optic technology.


Sights are also important accessories when shooting with an M&P AR 15 rifle. They help with proper alignment when aiming down range.
The Magpul MBUS Pro Steel Sight Set has been rated as one of best aftermarket sights out there; they're incredibly durable due their steel made build quality while still staying lightweight.
Another popular option within this category would be Holosun HS503C Red Dot Sight; perfect option if paired with magnifiers since red dots tend to lose precision after certain distances which becomes irrelevant when used in conjunction magnifiers making your shots more accurate without breaking bank!


Having a good grip on your rifle can make all difference while shooting accuracy!
Magpul MOE-K2+ Grip offers maximum comfortability, non-slip design which enhances shooting posture allowing better control over the rifle and reduces fatigue while shooting.
Another option worth considering would be BCMGUNFIGHTER Pistol Grip Mod 3. This grip features an ergonomic design which gives shooter a positive angle on wrist minimizing hand cramps between shots.


A sling allows you to carry your rifle comfortably and securely when not in use. It also provides extra stability when taking aim.
Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling is top of the line offering excellent comfortability and freedom to move around due its adjustable length feature; it's made from high-strength nylon for durability making it ideal for daily-use or even in harsh environments like battlefields.
Magpul MS1 Sling is another great option featuring easy installation, incredible durability, reinforced stitching ensuring long lasting reliability.


In conclusion, there are many accessories available that can enhance the performance of M&P AR 15 rifles. Whether you choose a scope or sight for improved accuracy or add a grip or sling for greater comfort and control, these accessories will take your shooting experience to new heights!


What are some essential accessories for an M&P AR 15?

Accessories can help to enhance the performance and usability of your M&P AR 15. There are a variety of different accessories available on the market, but some of the most essential ones include:


One of the most important accessories for any rifle is an optic. A good quality scope or red dot sight not only helps to improve accuracy but also makes it easier to acquire targets on shorter notice.


A bipod can be extremely useful when shooting from prone position or seated at a bench. It allows you to stabilize your weapon and keep it steady while aiming.


A sling is crucial when carrying your rifle for extended periods, allowing you to comfortably carry it around while keeping both hands free.

Other notable accessories that may prove helpful include flashlights, magazines with high capacity, suppressors and compensators for reducing recoil, grip handles that give you better control over recoil management as well as trigger upgrades.

Can I install my own parts onto my M&P AR 15?

Yes! The design behind this firearm was made specifically with customization in mind and many gun enthusiasts enjoy modifying their guns themselves. However before installing new parts always make sure they meet all legal requirements in terms of state laws & regulations concerning firearms alterations.
You should also have knowledge about how each component operates so that installation goes smoothly without causing any malfunctions in operation pattern after modification has taken place

It is generally recommended that beginners stick with simple modifications such as optics or slings instead until they gain more experience handling firearms because sometimes even small errors during installations could cause serious problems if not addressed properly by professionals

How do I clean my M&P AR 15 Accessories?

Cleaning an accessory depends entirely upon what type it happens to be; however general rule-of-thumb suggests cleaning them periodically regardless if dirt build-up isn't visible since gunpowder residue may accumulate in small crevices over time.
Cleaning materials can range from something as simple as a dry rag to specially formulated cleaning solutions. A little oil will go a long way in ensuring the longevity of your accessories, so be sure to lubricate all moving parts.

What is the best way to store my M&P AR 15 and its Accessories?

The best method for storing your firearm and accessories is by keeping them separate from each other allowing proper air flow around these items so they do not collect dust or moisture.
The storage location should be climate controlled if possible with humidity levels at or below 60%, protected against theft, fire hazards, children & pets accessibility while making sure it's easily accessible during emergencies.

If you plan on storing your rifle for an extended period (more than six months), remove any batteries that could corrode within optics or flashlights before placing it into storage area since prolonged periods without usage may damage sensitive electrical components inside

Can I use aftermarket magazines with my M&P AR 15?

Yes! Aftermarket magazines are available for almost every type of gun including the M&P AR 15. However always make sure that magazine being used has been properly tested and proven to operate reliably by checking reviews online before purchasing one yourself since some manufacturers cut corners which leads to malfunctions when using their products.
Moreover, there have been reports suggesting certain states have laws which restrict use of high-capacity magazines; therefore it’s important you double check regulations concerning this issue prior purchasing any new ammo equipment

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