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Uncovering the Significance of the US Army 3 Cent Stamp in American History

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The US Army 3 cent stamp has a rich history that dates back to the early days of the United States. It is a fascinating piece of art that has captured the attention and interest of many collectors and enthusiasts around the world. This small but significant piece contains intricate details, symbols, and iconography that speak to America's patriotism, bravery, and strength.

While it may seem like just another stamp at first glance, this little postage holds immense historical significance. It speaks volumes about America's military power in times of war and peace while commemorating some extraordinary moments in America's past. Whether you are an avid collector or someone interested in learning more about American history – this article is for you.

So sit tight as we delve deep into this fascinating topic – exploring its history, design elements, hidden meanings behind its symbols and how it became an essential part of American culture today. Read on to discover all there is to know about the US Army 3 cent stamp!

US Army 3 Cent Stamp: A Piece of History

The US Army 3 cent stamp is a fascinating piece of history that has become increasingly popular among collectors. This small piece of paper, measuring only 1 inch by 0.75 inches, was issued in honor of the United States Army.

What is the US Army 3 Cent Stamp?

The US Army stamp was part of a series known as the "Overrun Countries" stamps, which were issued in commemoration of countries that had been overrun by military forces during World War II. The United States Postal Service released this particular stamp on June 14th, 1945.

With its iconic design featuring an American eagle perched atop a globe with wings spread wide and clutching arrows and olive branches in its talons, this little beauty became instantly recognizable to people all over the world.

Why Collectors Love It

There are several reasons why collectors love this particular stamp. Firstly, it pays homage to one of America's most important institutions – the army – making it inherently valuable from an historical perspective.

Secondly, it features beautiful artwork and intricate details that make each one unique. Whether you're looking for something simple or ornate to add to your collection; you can find what you're looking for with these stamps!

Lastly but not leastly; they come at incredibly reasonable prices which means anyone can start collecting without breaking their bank account!

How Can You Start Your Collection?

If you're interested in starting your own collection or adding some unique pieces to an existing one then there are several ways to go about doing so:

  • Visit online auction sites like eBay or Amazon where many sellers offer various types
    of historical items including vintage stamps.
  • Check out local post offices near your area as they may have some rare issues available.
  • Attend philatelic exhibitions where collectors gather together from around
    the world showcasing their collections along with other valuable possessions.
  • Join a stamp collecting club or online forums where members share their knowledge and expertise.


In conclusion, the US Army 3 cent stamp is an important piece of history that has become increasingly popular among collectors due to its historical significance and beautiful design. Whether you're just starting out or adding to your existing collection, there are many ways in which you can obtain these stamps; so why not start now? With the right resources at your disposal, it won't be long before you have a truly unique collection of your own!


What is a US Army 3 cent stamp?

A US Army 3 cent stamp is a postage stamp issued by the United States Postal Service in honor of the United States Army. It features an image of a soldier carrying an American flag, with crossed cannons and cannonballs in the background. The first US Army 3 cent stamps were produced in July 1936, and they remained in circulation until May 1958.

The purpose of these stamps was to commemorate the role played by members of the US Army throughout history. They were also intended to raise funds for army-related programs and initiatives. Today, philatelists often collect these stamps as part of their collection.

US Army 3 cent stamps are particularly interesting because they offer a glimpse into America's military history during this period. They can also be used to send mail today at their face value (if you have any unused ones), however, most people use them for display purposes only due to their historical significance.

How much is a U.S. army three-cent stamp worth?

The value of any given U.S army three-cent stamp varies based on its condition and rarity but one should expect that if it has been postmarked then it does not hold much monetary value anymore since it has been used already.

However, if you have an unused one or even better still uncanceled one from when they were first issued then it can be worth more money than other similar postage from when they were being circulated before being discontinued around May '58 especially if there was some sorta printing error on them which make them even more sought after among collectors

There are many factors that determine how much your U.S army three-cent stamp might be worth such as date printed or colour variations so always check with professionals like appraisers who specialize in rare postage collections before making assumptions about price valuations.

What was the purpose behind issuing U.S Army Three-Cent Stamps?

The purpose behind the issuance of U.S Army Three-Cent Stamps was to show honor and respect for the U.S Army by depicting its image on a postage stamp. These stamps were also issued to commemorate the role that members of the army have played throughout history. The funds that were raised through their sale were used to support various army-related programs and initiatives, such as veterans' affairs.

In addition, these stamps helped increase public awareness about America's military history and achievements during this period. They served as a reminder of how important it is to recognize those who have fought for our country's freedom over time.

Where can I find collectible US Army 3 cent stamps?

Collectible US Army 3 cent stamps can be found in many places, including online auctions or marketplaces like eBay or Amazon where they are sold by philatelists from around the world who specialize in rare postage collections.

You may also want to consider attending local stamp fairs or conventions where you can meet other collectors face-to-face and explore their collections together. Some antique stores may sell them too so check around locally if there are any stores near you which specialize in old antiques.

How do I store my US army three-cent stamp collection?

To properly store your collection of US army three-cent-stamps (or any type of philately) , it is advisable use archival materials such as acid-free paper stock envelopes or plastic sleeves designed specifically for storing collectibles like these types which protect them from environmental factors like humidity,mold,dust e.t.c

Keeping your collection at room temperature with moderate levels of humidity will help ensure its longevity while handling them regularly without gloves should be avoided since natural oils on one hands might cause damage over time
Additionally, make sure not expose your collection direct sunlight because UV radiation speeds up fading process especially when exposed for prolonged periods

Overall taking into consideration all aforementioned tips plus careful handling practices should help keep your collection in good condition for years to come.

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