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Unfurling the Pride: A Guide to the Best US Army Banners

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The US Army Banner is an iconic symbol of the United States Armed Forces. It represents the strength, courage, and determination of the men and women who serve this great country. The banner has been a part of military tradition for centuries and is revered by soldiers and civilians alike.

As you read on, we'll explore what makes the US Army Banner so special. We'll delve into its history, its significance to those who serve in the army, and how it continues to inspire generations today. Whether you're a proud veteran or simply interested in learning more about this important piece of American history, our article will provide insight into what makes the US Army Banner such an enduring symbol of our nation's strength.

So join us as we journey through time to uncover why this banner holds such a special place in our hearts!

US Army Banner: A Symbol of Pride and Honor

When it comes to the United States Army, one thing that stands out is their sense of pride and honor. And nothing represents this better than the US Army banner. The banner is not just a mere piece of cloth; it is a symbol of what this nation stands for.

In this article, we will go in-depth about what makes a US army banner so important, its history, how to properly display it, and where you can get your hands on one.

What Is A US Army Banner?

Before we delve deeper into the importance and history behind the army banner let us first define what constitutes as one. An army banner typically consists of an American flag with gold fringe sewn onto three sides – top and both sides – except when displayed in an uncovered area.

A distinctive emblem or insignia can be displayed at the center over the blue field but should never cover any part of either stripe. When used as a marching flag or carried by individuals in formation with other flags carrying similar devices such as unit flags or organizational colors then braid may also be sewn around all edges.

History Of The US Army Banner

The use of banners by armies dates back centuries ago when they were considered symbols representing military units' strength during battles. As time passed by, these banners began to hold more significant meanings within armies across different nations worldwide.

The official use white-and-blue "National Color" standards was set under General Order No 4 on January 18th 1821 while several others have been introduced since.

In modern times now they are used primarily for ceremonial purposes such as parades where they signify respect towards those who served our country honorably through defending its freedom universally recognized signifying military's glory from years gone before them.

Proper Displaying Of The U.S.Army Banner

Displaying your U.S.Army Banner properly shows respect for our country and its military. Here are some tips on how to properly display your U.S.Army Banner:

  1. If you have a wall-mounted flagpole, make sure the banner is hung vertically with the blue field of stars facing towards the east (the direction of honor).

  2. When displayed flat against a wall or in a window, keep the blue star field at the top left corner.

  3. When displaying multiple flags on poles, place your US Army banner highest and centered above other flags.

  4. Displaying smaller replicas can be done by placing them on stands or using them as desk ornaments.

Benefits Of Owning A US Army Banner

The benefits of owning a US army banner are not only symbolic but also practical; they include:

  1. Pride: The display of an army’s banner evokes pride from servicemen and civilians alike.

  2. Honor: It symbolizes respect for those who have served our country in uniform – both past and present – while reminding us all what it means to defend freedom around the world today!

  3. Decoration: In addition to being meaningful symbols, these banners also offer unique ways to decorate homes and businesses such as during patriotic holidays like Fourth Of July.

Where To Get Your Hands On One

There are several places where you can purchase authentic U.S.Army Banners online:

  1. which offers quality made nylon options available at affordable prices along with shipping right away through Prime Membership;

  2. gives varieties ranging from small desktop versions up large 6ft sizes great for hanging outside your home office showroom;

3). has something that suits everyone's style whether it be custom designed or pre-made choices made from high-quality materials that will last years without fading!


In conclusion, owning a U.S.Army Banner is more than just having another decorative piece; its significance holds historic meaning that deserves respect when displayed properly. When you own one, it is not only a symbol of pride and honor, but it also serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by servicemen past and present who have dedicated their lives to defending our freedoms around the world. So why not take pride in displaying your support for this great nation with an authentic US Army banner today?


What is a US Army banner?

A US Army banner is a symbol of honor that represents the United States Army. It is typically made of high-quality fabric and displays the official insignia or emblem of the army. Banners are used to commemorate significant events, such as military ceremonies or parades, and they serve as a reminder of those who have served in the armed forces.

The design of an army banner can vary depending on its purpose. Some banners may simply feature the official seal or emblem, while others may include additional text or images to reflect specific units, campaigns, or battles. Whatever the design may be, however, an army banner always carries significant meaning for those who see it.

If you are interested in purchasing a US Army Banner for yourself or someone else who has served in our nation's military forces- there are many options available online that you could consider exploring today!

Where can I buy a US Army Banner?

If you're looking to purchase your own piece of history with your very own U.S.Army Banner- then look no further than online retailers! Many websites offer custom designs at affordable prices so that everyone can celebrate their patriotic spirit with pride.

One place where we would recommend starting your search for authentic U.S.Army Banners would be specialty web stores like – which stocks various sizes ranging from small desk models all up way up top large parade versions perfect for marching through town square!

What size should my US Army Banner be?

The size and dimensions of your U.S.Army flag depend on what it will be used for primarily- whether it's intended as decoration inside one's home office space atop desks; draped across balconies during parades; displayed prominently outside storefronts announcing proud support by local businesses holding fundraisers benefitting active duty personnel overseas..

When choosing how big (or small) to go when picking out just any ole' American Flag with "U.S. Army" emblazoned proudly across its crest, there are no hard-and-fast rules- but it's best to keep in mind how and where it will be shown off. Ultimately, the choice is up to your creative preferences.

What materials are used to make a US Army Banner?

U.S.Army Banners are typically made of high-quality fabrics that can withstand weather and wear for extended periods of time. The most common materials used include Polyester or Nylon – both with their own unique benefits when it comes down durability against natural elements like sunlight fading as well as water damage from inclement weather patterns.

It's worth noting that while both polyester and nylon can be great choices for high quality U.S.Army banners because they tend not only repel water but also dry quickly after getting wet should an unexpected shower roll over your parade or event! However, certain other specialty fabrics such as wool felt might also work well if you're looking for something more specific in terms of color aesthetic or want a banner that has specialization on its own build!

How do I properly display my US Army Banner?

There is proper flag etiquette when displaying any type of United States Flag – including those specifically designed for the U.S.Army community- so make sure you follow these guidelines when showing yours off too!

The flag should always be displayed horizontally (with the star field at top left) unless otherwise specified by official protocol such as during funerals, where they may choose vertical hanging arrangements instead depending upon preference & circumstance.

Additionally: never let Old Glory touch ground-level surfaces or be flown upside-down unless under duress signaling dire trouble facing our nation! And finally ensure lighting fixtures illuminate each side equally during nighttime displays giving your banner full justice with respect paid towards solemn patriotism expressed through America's military legacy embodied within this symbol.

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