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Unlocking the Secrets of US Army 35P: Everything You Need to Know

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US Army 35P. These four letters and one number may not mean much to the average person, but they hold a significant meaning for those in the military community. The US Army 35P is a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) that involves working with languages, signals intelligence, and analyzing information from multiple sources.

Individuals who hold this MOS are highly skilled linguists who play an essential role in our national security. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to intercept foreign communications and provide vital intelligence to decision-makers. Their expertise in foreign languages allows them to translate important documents and conversations from various regions worldwide.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at what it takes to become a US Army 35P, what their day-to-day work looks like on base or deployed overseas, as well as some of the unique challenges they face on their job. So keep reading if you're interested in learning more about these unsung heroes of our nation's defense!

US Army 35P: Understanding the Role of a Cryptologic Linguist

If you are looking for a career in the military and have a knack for languages, then becoming a cryptologic linguist might be your calling. Specifically, if you want to join the United States Army as one of its elite members, then consider enlisting as an army 35P. In this article, we will explore what it means to be part of this specialty and how it can impact your future career.

What is US Army 35P?

The US Army has different Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) that correspond to various job functions in the service. One particular MOS that stands out is the army 35P or cryptologic linguist. These soldiers are responsible for translating foreign language documents into English and vice versa.

But their role goes beyond just linguistic skills; they also analyze intercepted radio communications from enemy forces using Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) equipment. They monitor signals intelligence (SIGINT), collect data on potential threats against national security, and provide critical information directly to commanders on the ground.


Becoming an army 35P requires meeting certain eligibility criteria set by the military branch itself:

  • Must score at least 91 in Skilled Technical tests
  • Must have normal color vision
  • Must pass physical fitness requirements
  • Must hold U.S citizenship

Additionally, applicants must complete Basic Combat Training before advancing to Advanced Individual Training where they would learn specific skills such as communication equipment operation procedures or software applications used by SIGINT personnel.


Joining any branch of military service comes with numerous benefits such as healthcare coverage, housing allowances or life insurance packages which apply here too but there are other advantages unique only to those serving under army MOS like:

Career Advancements

Army personnel under different specialties enjoy competitive opportunities for promotion within ranks dependent on factors like time served at each level thus giving them an opportunity to climb up the ranks.

Transferable Skills

Working as a cryptologic linguist helps develop skills that are highly sought after in civilian jobs and other government agencies. These include data analysis, language proficiency, and technical expertise which could help you secure employment opportunities once you leave the military.

Educational Opportunities

The army offers numerous educational opportunities under its tuition assistance program for personnel to pursue their areas of interest while still serving. These range from undergraduate courses to graduate degrees or even certification programs.

Tips for Success

Becoming an army 35P can be challenging but also rewarding if approached with dedication and commitment. Here are some tips on how best to succeed in this MOS:

Language Proficiency

To excel as a cryptologic linguist, one needs not only possess language proficiency skills but also maintain those abilities continuously through practice or further training if available.

Technical Competence

Skills such as familiarity with computer software applications used in SIGINT operations are critical for success hence learning these independently before joining the service is beneficial.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is mandatory since most days will involve extended hours sitting at workstations processing data hence maintaining overall health enables better focus.

In conclusion, becoming an Army 35P can provide a unique career path that challenges your linguistic and technical abilities while contributing directly towards national security efforts. The role requires discipline, attention-to-detail alongside advanced technology know-how which contributes immensely towards honing transferable skill-sets useful beyond military service.

So why wait? If you have what it takes – join today!


What is a US Army 35P?

A US Army 35P, also known as a Cryptologic Linguist, is a highly skilled member of the United States military intelligence community. These soldiers are responsible for collecting and analyzing foreign language communications using advanced technology and their knowledge of multiple languages.

In order to become a 35P, individuals must undergo extensive training in both linguistics and intelligence gathering techniques. This includes completing the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center's Basic Cryptologic Linguist Course, which teaches soldiers how to interpret foreign language transmissions in real time.

As part of their duties, 35Ps may be called upon to provide translation services during missions or assist with interpreting intercepted communications. They may also work closely with other members of the intelligence community to identify potential threats and help protect national security interests.

What languages do US Army 35Ps learn?

US Army 35Ps are trained in several different languages depending on the needs of the military at any given time. Some common languages that these soldiers may be required to learn include Arabic, Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese/Dialects (Simplified & Traditional), Russian/Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian/Macedonian/Bulgarian/Slovenian (Slavic), Persian/Farsi/Tajik/Dari/Kurdish (Iranic) , Korean/Japanese/Indonesian/Hindi/Pashto/Uzbek/Norwegian/Dutch/French/German/Spanish/Portuguese/Vietnamese/Romanian/Hungarian/Turkish/Greek/Latvian/Lithuanians etc..

The specific language training that each soldier receives will depend on factors such as their assignment location and mission requirements. However, all linguists receive rigorous training designed to develop fluency in their target language(s) so they can effectively communicate with native speakers.

How long does it take US Army soldiers become qualified as 35Ps?

Becoming a qualified US Army 35P is a highly competitive process that requires significant dedication and training. The exact length of time it takes to become qualified can vary depending on several factors, including the language(s) being learned and the soldier's prior experience.

In general, soldiers receive about six months of intensive classroom training in their target language(s), followed by additional instruction in intelligence gathering techniques. After completing this initial training, they may be assigned to further language study or begin working directly as a Cryptologic Linguist.

Overall, the process of becoming a 35P typically takes several years of sustained effort and hard work.

What kind of work do US Army 35Ps do every day?

US Army 35Ps are responsible for collecting and analyzing foreign language communications using advanced technology provided by government while also applying their linguistic skills.They may have to translate written texts or interpret spoken conversations during missions. They also provide valuable insights into potential threats based on their understanding of foreign languages.

Additionally, they may collaborate with other members within military intelligence community to design effective strategies for collecting information from international sources. In some cases, they may be tasked with developing new tools or technologies that can improve communication interception capabilities even more effectively than earlier versions used before..

The specific duties assigned to each individual soldier will depend largely on factors such as their unit assignment location , mission requirements & military rank etc., but all must maintain proficiency in one or more foreign languages at an expert level so that nothing goes unnoticed

What opportunities are available after serving as a US Army 35P?

After finishing service as Cryptologic Linguist (US army term for 35p) , there are many opportunities available both within and outside military . Soldiers who have gained valuable experience interpreting communications between different nations often go onto careers such as Intelligence Analysis where knowledge about global affairs is paramount.. Other career choices might include linguistics education fields like teaching basic cryptologic linguist course or interpreting in courts and law firms.

Outside of traditional jobs related to the military, there are many private sector positions that value the language and intelligence skills developed through service as a Cryptologic Linguist. These roles may include working for international companies, diplomatic agencies or government organisations that deal with foreign relations.

Overall, serving as a US Army 35P is an excellent way to develop valuable linguistic , technical & analytical skillset while also making significant contributions to national security efforts. It can open up doors for various career opportunities both within and outside the military!

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