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Upgrade your AR-15: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best 40mm Launcher Attachment

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40mm launcher for AR-15 is a topic that has become increasingly popular amongst gun enthusiasts and military personnel in recent years. The AR-15 rifle is already considered one of the most versatile rifles ever made, but with the addition of a 40mm grenade launcher attachment, it becomes even more versatile. This attachment allows for shooting both high explosive rounds and smoke grenades from an already formidable weapon.

The 40mm launcher for AR-15 has several advantages over traditional single-shot launchers. First, it can be attached directly to the rifle without requiring any additional changes or modifications. Second, this attachment provides rapid fire capabilities which enable soldiers to quickly shoot multiple rounds at their targets without having to reload between each shot.

In this article on 40mm launcher for AR-15s we will delve deeper into how they work and their different applications in various scenarios such as military operations or civilian use cases like home defense situations. We'll also explore some of the key factors you need to consider when buying one yourself including quality control standards such as durability & reliability which are critical when purchasing any firearm accessory.
Read on if you're interested in learning about everything there is to know about these powerful attachments!

40mm Launcher for AR-15: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to firearms, the AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles in the world. But did you know that you can also attach a 40mm launcher to this gun? In this article, we'll explore what a 40mm launcher is and why it's an excellent addition to your AR-15 firearm.

What is a 40mm Launcher?

A 40mm grenade launcher is an attachment that can be added to your rifle or carbine. It's designed for launching various types of grenades such as smoke, HE (High Explosive), and tear gas rounds.

Benefits of Using a 40mm Launcher on Your AR-15

There are several reasons why adding a 40 mm launcher on your AR-15 rifle would be advantageous:

  1. Improved Accuracy – Mounting this device onto your rifle will lead to improved accuracy when firing at distant targets because it provides better stability while shooting.
  2. Versatility – With different kinds of round options available such as flare cartridges or rubber pellets, having access gives shooters versatility in their arsenal.
  3. Tactical Advantage – The use of grenades can provide tactical advantages during combat situations by allowing soldiers or hunters alike with superior firepower against fortifications and other obstacles.
  4. Safety Features – Many designs include safety features like trigger locks which prevent accidental discharge; making them safer weapons than conventional firearms.

How Does It Work?

The operation mechanism varies from model-to-model but follows similar principles across all devices; pulling back on the cocking handle loads up ammunition into its chamber where then pulled forward again before being fired through either single-shot mode via manual release pins located typically near grips themselves alternatively automatic fire modes where magazine-fed loading systems allow multiple rounds fired off quickly without any effort required beyond squeezing triggers.

Types Of Rounds Available For Use

The most commonly used type rounds are High Explosive (HE), Smoke, and Tear Gas.

High Explosive (HE) Rounds

High explosive rounds can be set to detonate on impact after traveling a specific distance or ricochet around corners before exploding; making them ideal for clearing buildings and taking out enemies hiding behind cover.

Smoke Rounds

Smoke rounds are used to create screens that obscure vision or facilitate movement from one point to another without being seen by enemies. The smoke itself is produced by burning small amounts of white phosphorus, which creates thick clouds of smoke.

Tear Gas Rounds

Tear gas rounds are designed to incapacitate people without causing long-term harm. They work by releasing tear gas into the air upon contact with a surface like skin; inducing coughing fits while affecting eyesight so severely it's nearly impossible to see anything else beyond what's directly in front.

Comparison of Different 40mm Launchers Available In The Market

There are several brands offering 40mm launchers suitable for AR-15 rifles:

Brand Model Weight
LMT (Lewis Machine & Tool Company) M203 3 lbs
Milspec Monkey M32-H2MIL-SPEC 3lbs
Rheinmetall Defence Australia Pty Ltd pmV1 Launcher System / pmN6 Mounting Assembly/ pmL2 Tactical Grip/ pmU1 Handguard Kit for M4/M16 variant rifles. 9lbs

Each product has its own advantages based on factors such as weight, price range, ease-of-use/assembly/disassembly process plus additional features like Picatinny rails for mounting accessories.

Tips For Using A 40mm Launcher With Your AR-15

  1. Always follow manufacturer instructions when installing launching device onto your rifle.
  2. Practice firing techniques before using live ammunition at targets.
  3. Ensure all safety mechanisms have been engaged before attempting to launch rounds.
  4. Keep track of round counts and make sure unused grenades are properly disposed of when finished firing.


In conclusion, the 40mm launcher for AR-15 is an excellent attachment that provides improved accuracy, versatility, tactical advantage and safety features. There are different types of rounds available such as High Explosive (HE), Smoke, and Tear Gas which can be used depending on the situation at hand. Choosing a quality brand for your launching device gives shooters more options by providing better stability while shooting plus additional features like Picatinny rails for mounting accessories. By following manufacturer instructions carefully with proper technique training beforehand- this device can help improve your rifle's performance significantly!


What is a 40mm launcher for AR-15?

A 40mm launcher for AR-15 is an attachment that can be added to an AR-15 rifle to allow the user to shoot a variety of 40mm projectiles. These launchers typically attach underneath the barrel of the rifle and are often used by law enforcement, military personnel, and civilian enthusiasts who wish to engage in shooting sports.

One of the most popular uses for this type of attachment is less-lethal crowd control. Agencies such as police departments or government organizations use these attachments to deploy smoke grenades or tear gas rounds at crowds in order to disperse them without causing physical harm.

The versatility of this type of attachment makes it appealing not only for those engaging in crowd control but also those interested in outdoor recreational activities where distance shooting may be involved.

How does a 40mm launcher work with an AR-15?

When attached under the barrel, it functions similarly to other attachments on rifles. The shooter loads cartridges such as flares, smoke rounds or even explosive shells into the chamber manually before firing them out towards their intended target using compressed air pressure from within tubes connected inside.

Once loaded up with desired ammunition cartridge round has been fired then unloading will require removing empty shells from within tube(s) via opening depending on what kind was used (side hinge break open design versus tube minor differences).

It should be noted that these types of attachments are designed specifically for use with compatible firearms like an AR-15; they cannot function independently without being attached first onto one.

Are there any legal requirements when owning a 40mm launcher attachment?

Yes, there are federal regulations regarding possession and use. In general terms however your local state laws might also apply so you’d have check your specific location's restrictions too before purchasing/installing one yourself

There isn't any federal license requirement or registration needed if you're planning on using less lethal rounds. This means that you have to be aware of the type of projectiles allowed in your state as some states only allow the usage of less lethal rounds such as smoke or flares.

If you're planning on using 40mm explosive shells, then an explosives license is required in order to purchase and own them. In addition, there are strict regulations surrounding their possession and transport so it's important to do thorough research before proceeding with a purchase.

Is it difficult to attach a 40mm launcher onto an AR-15?

It’s not too complicated but definitely requires precision know-how. It generally involves attaching a mounting rail underneath the barrel of your rifle where attachment can slide into place on rails securely (with screws/bolts). The front barrel mount uses clamps or single bolt locks while rear mounts either slip over butt stock end or require detaching end plate.

One thing worth noting is that although most launchers are designed specifically for use with AR-15s, there may be compatibility issues depending on specific models and brands being used.

What kind of ammunition can be used with a 40mm launcher attached to an AR-15?

A variety of ammunition types can be utilized when using these attachments including; flares/smoke grenades/gas resulting from tear gas cartridges, chalk training rounds which leave visible marks upon impact (used extensively in practice drills), rubber baton projectile etc

However some states prohibit certain ammo types so always make sure what's legal within state/city limits first before purchasing any ammunition if wanting something other than less lethal options!

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