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Upgrade Your AR-15 to Full Auto Trigger – Everything You Need to Know

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Full auto AR 15 trigger, a term that is familiar to those who are passionate about firearms. It's a part of the rifle that many enthusiasts have heard of but perhaps haven't had the opportunity to use yet. For those who may not be aware, an AR 15 trigger controls when the rifle fires; it's essentially the heart of this firearm. However, what makes full auto AR 15 triggers different from standard ones?

The answer to this question is precisely what we will explore in-depth in this article. We will dive into everything you need to know about full-auto AR 15 triggers: how they work, their benefits and drawbacks over semi-automatic versions, restrictions around ownership and usage as well as other considerations that you should bear in mind if you're considering investing in one for your firearm collection.

So stay tuned and read on!

Full Auto AR 15 Trigger: The Ultimate Guide for Gun Enthusiasts

What is a Full Auto AR 15 Trigger?

A full auto trigger, also known as a machine gun trigger, enables the shooter to fire multiple rounds with just one pull of the trigger. The AR-15 rifle has become one of the most popular rifles in America due to its versatility and customization options. A full auto AR 15 trigger can turn your standard semi-automatic rifle into a fully automatic weapon.

Benefits of Owning a Full Auto AR 15 Trigger

One of the main advantages that come with owning an automatic weapon is shooting speed. With every pull on your full auto ar-15 trigger, you can release several rounds in seconds.

Additionally, owning an automatic firearm offers better accuracy and control over rapid shots than trying to shoot manually at high speeds.

For firearms enthusiasts who are looking for something new or just want to improve their shooting experience, installing an automatic ar-15 trigger will surely add value and excitement.

Comparisons Between Semi-Automatic vs Automatic Triggers

Semi-auto triggers only allow shooters to fire one round per pull on the triggers while fully automated ones allow multiple shoots per single press.

In terms of cost differences between semi-auto triggers versus fully automated ones – it's clear that there's quite some difference in pricing as automation commands higher prices compared with non-automatic firing mechanisms.

Moreover, when it comes down specifically to ar-5 systems – you'll find even more noticeable price disparities between these two different types because they're built differently from each other; full autos require additional safety measures like heavy-duty springs or buffer tubes so they won't jam up during use.

Tips for Shooting With A Fully Automatic Rifle

Before using any firearm equipped with a machine gun-style mechanism – make sure you've read & understand federal laws governing its usage and purchase requirements

Ensure proper handling & maintenance procedures are followed for these types of firearms. This includes cleaning your gun after each use, checking the chamber for leftover rounds, and making sure safety mechanisms are in place before firing.

Another thing to consider when shooting a fully automated rifle is that there's usually more recoil than what you'd experience with semi-automatic triggers. So it's important to have proper stance & balance while handling your firearm – especially if you're going to be firing rapidly at targets.


For anyone looking to increase their firepower or simply add more excitement into their shooting experience, a full auto ar-15 trigger is worth considering. It allows you to shoot faster and with greater accuracy than traditional manual methods could ever offer.

Just remember that safety must always come first when using any type of firearm – so be sure you understand both federal regulations governing these weapons as well as how best practices would apply specifically in regards to machine gun-style systems like those found on ar-15 rifles!


What is a full auto AR-15 trigger?

A full auto AR-15 trigger, also known as a machine gun trigger or select-fire trigger, is designed to allow the user to fire multiple rounds with a single pull of the trigger. It differs from semi-automatic triggers that require the user to release and pull the trigger for each shot. This type of modification alters an AR-15 rifle, adding an automatic firing mode that allows for faster shooting capabilities.

The process of converting an AR-15 rifle into a fully automatic weapon requires significant modifications that can only be performed by licensed gunsmiths with proper permits. Full-auto triggers are highly regulated by federal law and require extensive background checks before they can be purchased legally. The possession or use of unlicensed full-auto triggers is considered illegal in most states in the US, punishable by severe fines and imprisonment.

How does a full auto AR-15 trigger work?

Full auto triggers utilise three modes: "Safe", "Semi-Automatic" (single-shot), and "Auto". When switched onto “Auto,” it activates sear engagement allowing continuous firing until the magazine runs out or released finger pressure from your handguard.

When you pull back on your weapon’s charging handle while depressing its bolt catch button this engages internal mechanisms which push down on its bolt carrier group; after this takes place if you continue holding down on either side’s selector switch (usually located near where your index finger rests) then continued tension will commence between hammer drop & springs’ bounce-back forces working together generating enough force against each other until releasing suddenly – discharging ammunition quickly without any additional input from shooter beyond initial squeeze.

Is it legal to own a full Auto Ar 15 Trigger?

It's not legal for civilians to own fully automatic firearms unless they were manufactured before May 19th, 1986 under federal law Title II Weapons Restrictions/National Firearms Act regulations are enforced under Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. However, certain states have more restrictive laws which prohibit any and all automatic weapons regardless of when they were made.

If you want to own a full auto AR-15 trigger legally then you'll need to apply for a special license called a Class III SOT (Special Occupational Taxpayer) that allows the holder to manufacture or deal in NFA firearms.

What are the benefits of using a full auto AR-15 trigger?

The primary benefit of using a full-auto AR-15 trigger is increased firing speed. It enables an operator to fire multiple rounds quickly, making it ideal for tactical situations where quick shots are necessary. This can be particularly useful in situations such as close-quarters combat or self-defense scenarios where accuracy is not as critical.

In addition, many hunters use full-auto triggers because they provide better accuracy over longer distances due largely due less time between each shot reducing recoil impact on aim control allowing quicker follow-up shots taken with better precision.

How accurate is firing with Full Auto Ar 15 Trigger?

Firing with Full Auto Ar 15 Trigger inherently presents several challenges for maintaining accuracy; however through proper training and experience users may achieve some degree of effectiveness at hitting intended targets while engaging high rates-of-fire under specific circumstances such as shorter ranges / large groups at closer proximity than what traditional semi-automatic fire would cover without utilizing additional ammunition reserves faster than necessary.

Overall shooting accurately will depend on the user’s skill level combined with factors such as distance from target(s), lighting conditions also equipment used during setup including sights/scopes attached among other variables contributing towards effective useability when employing these controlled rapid-fire mechanisms available within their weapon platform choice – don't forget safe handling practices should always be adhered too!

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