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Upgrade Your AR-15 with Timney Trigger – A Comprehensive Guide

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The Timney AR 15 trigger is a highly sought after upgrade for any AR-15 rifle enthusiast. With its smooth and crisp pull, the Timney trigger enhances accuracy and overall performance. This precision engineered trigger system is designed to improve your shooting experience.

The Timney AR 15 trigger boasts an adjustable pull weight with little to no creep, making it ideal for both novice and experienced shooters alike. It also features a quick reset that allows for faster follow-up shots. Whether you're using your AR-15 rifle for hunting or competition shooting, the Timney Trigger can help take your skills to the next level.

If you're looking to improve the overall feel and precision of your rifle, then look no further than the Timney AR 15 trigger system. In this article, we'll dive deeper into what makes this upgrade so special and why it's worth investing in. Keep reading to learn more about how this revolutionary product can improve your shooting game!

Timney AR 15 Trigger: A Game-Changing Upgrade

If you're looking to improve the accuracy and performance of your AR-15, then upgrading your trigger is a must. There are many aftermarket triggers available in the market, but none can match the precision and reliability offered by Timney.

What makes Timney triggers stand out?

Founded in 1946, Timney Triggers has been producing high-quality firearm components for nearly three-quarters of a century. The company's reputation for innovation and precision craftsmanship has made it one of the most trusted names in the shooting industry.

The secret to Timney's success lies in its manufacturing process. Every trigger is hand-assembled and calibrated by skilled technicians using only premium materials. This attention to detail ensures that each trigger meets strict standards for quality, performance, and safety.

Why upgrade to a Timney AR 15 Trigger?

There are several benefits that come with upgrading your AR-15 with a Timmey trigger:

Improved Accuracy

A good trigger can make all the difference when it comes to accuracy. A heavy or gritty factory trigger can cause jerky movements that throw off aim and disrupt follow-through. With its crisp break and short reset, a carefully tuned timmy ar 15 creates minimal disruption when firing shots resulting significantly improved accuracy over time.

Faster Shot Times

Another significant benefit of switching from factory default triggers is faster shot times due to their short reset time after each shot fired making every engage/shot easy compared before where you had more travel distance before resetting which could cost precious seconds during crucial moments such as hunting or targets shooting competitions.

Adjustable Pull Weight

Timneys adjustable pull weight system allows shooters greater flexibility on how much pressure they need while pulling on their rifle triggers depending on preferences or scenarios requiring more pressure than usual whilst aiming downrange this feature gives an added advantage especially during competitions where small changes matter towards achieving victory

Comparing Timney Triggers to Other Brands

While there are many aftermarket triggers available for the AR-15, few can match the precision and quality of Timney. Here's how they stack up against some of their biggest competitors:


Geissele is one of the most popular brands for AR-15 triggers, but it falls short when compared with Timneys premium crafted components in terms of reliability for a long period usage.

ALG Defense

ALG Defense produces high-quality triggers inspired by military designs. However, when comparing it to timneys ar 15 trigger you can see that there is no easy way to adjust pull weight or other settings which limits its functionality.

Tips on Installing Your Own Trigger Upgrade

Installing your own trigger upgrade may seem intimidating at first, but with patience and a few tools anyone can do it successfully. Here are some tips on making the process easier:

  • Make sure you have all necessary parts before beginning installation.
  • Read through instructions thoroughly before starting work
  • Ensure firearm safety while working
  • Use well-fitting screwdrivers and Allen wrenches


If you're looking for an upgrade that will take your shooting experience to new heights then consider upgrading your AR 15 rifle with a Timmey trigger from our store today where every purchase comes backed by our trusted guarantee policy!


What is a Timney AR-15 trigger and how does it differ from the standard trigger?

A Timney AR-15 trigger is a drop-in replacement for the standard AR-15 trigger. It is designed to provide a smoother, more consistent pull with less creep and overtravel. The difference in performance between the two triggers can be quite significant. The Timney design also incorporates an adjustable sear engagement to further fine-tune the pull weight.

The primary advantage of using a Timney AR-15 trigger over the standard version is improved accuracy. The smoother, lighter pull allows for greater control when firing, resulting in tighter groups at longer ranges.

Another key benefit of using this type of aftermarket part has to do with durability. Since these triggers are made from high-quality materials with precision engineering techniques, they tend to last much longer than stock parts that may wear down or break under heavy use.

How do I install my new Timney AR-15 Trigger?

Installing your new Timney AR-15 Trigger should be simple enough that most gun owners can complete it themselves without any issues or special tools required.

To begin installation, first clear your weapon by removing all ammunition and ensuring no bullets are still chambered before taking out any pins that hold together other parts like handguards or receivers on your firearm's upper receiver assembly (URA).

Next up would be to remove your old stock trigger group by pushing out one pin located just above where you mounted it into position while keeping safety on then replace it with this product after sliding out its corresponding retaining pins located near its forward end: Place this piece carefully onto receiver pin holes aligning appropriately so as not obstruct their proper function if possible.

Can I adjust my new Timney AR 1Trigger’s Pull Weight?

Yes! One great feature of having multiple adjustment points built into every single unit produced by them makes changing things around based on preference pretty easy task even if you are not familiar with gunsmithing.

To adjust your new Timney AR-15 trigger's pull weight, first remove the upper receiver from the lower and then take off any handguards or other accessories that may be obstructing access to it.

You will need to locate two screws; one located on top of the trigger housing and another on its underside near where it pivots up against a sear. Use an appropriately sized hex key or screwdriver as indicated by manufacturer instructions so as not damage points while making this adjustment.

While turning this little scre whole arrowhead at end slowly clockwise would increase weight but counterclockwise rotation decreases until finding your desired feel for optimal results.

What type of warranty comes with my Timney AR-15 Trigger purchase?

A lifetime warranty is associated with every single unit purchased from them, meaning you can rest assured knowing that should something go wrong at any point during ownership period which might require repair service such as broken parts or need for replacement they’ve got you covered.

This means if there is ever an issue with your Timney AR 1Trigger after installation barring intentional misuse like altering product without permission from company say bye-bye all those headaches because they have excellent warranties to keep customers happy and firearms running smoothly!

Is a Timney AR-15 Trigger worth the investment?

In short – absolutely! The added performance benefits of using a high-quality aftermarket part like this one cannot be overstated. For competitive shooters, hobbyists who enjoy shooting recreationally or hunters looking to improve accuracy when taking down game animals in challenging situations these products make significant differences in how effective their rifles are overall!

One major advantage lies in improved consistency: whether firing rapidly due trainings sessions or more slowly such precision adjustments can only result better groupings thanks smoother pulls over time leading better stability under pressure situations allowing target acquisition much easier than before upgrades made possible through these aftermarket add-ons installed directly onto firearm lower receiver.

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