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Upgrade Your Smith and Wesson AR 15 Sport 2: Ultimate Guide

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When it comes to firearms, the Smith and Wesson AR 15 Sport 2 is a popular choice among gun enthusiasts. However, like any other rifle, it can be upgraded to enhance its performance and accuracy. That's where the topic of today's article comes in: Smith and Wesson AR 15 Sport 2 upgrades.

Upgrading your firearm can help you personalize it to your needs as well as increase its functionality. With the right upgrades, you can improve your shooting experience by reducing recoil, improving trigger pull or adding accessories like scopes or lights.

In this article, we'll explore various upgrades that are available for the Smith and Wesson AR 15 Sport 2. We will discuss their benefits so that you can decide which ones are worth considering based on your shooting style or needs. So without further ado, let’s dive into some of these exciting upgrade options!

Smith and Wesson AR 15 Sport 2 Upgrades: Enhancing the Performance of Your Rifle

If you are a gun enthusiast, you probably own a Smith and Wesson AR 15 Sport 2 rifle. This popular firearm is used by many gun owners for recreational shooting, hunting, and even home defense. However, like any other rifle on the market today, it has its limitations.

Fortunately, there are several upgrades that can be added to your Sport 2 to enhance its performance in different ways. In this article, we will discuss some of these upgrades in detail.

Upgrades for Accuracy Improvement

One of the most common reasons why people look to upgrade their rifles is accuracy improvement. There are several components that can be replaced or added to achieve better accuracy with your AR-15.

Barrel Upgrade

Upgrading your barrel is one way to improve accuracy significantly. A high-quality barrel material such as stainless steel or chrome molybdenum vanadium (CMV) steel can offer better stability during firing and reduced vibrations compared with standard barrels.

Trigger Upgrade

Another critical component when it comes down to improving accuracy is upgrading the trigger group of an AR-15 rifle; installing an adjustable trigger gives shooters control over pull weight and reduces friction between parts resulting in improved precision between shots fired out from single-stage triggers or two stage triggers.

Optics Upgrade

Optics play an essential role when it comes down enhancing one's aim while using a weapon for shooting practices; there are various types available depending on personal preference but investing in red dot sights substantially increases speed at which targets get acquired while reducing eye strain caused by prolonged usage without distractions such as parallax error.

Upgrades for Recoil Reduction

There’s no question that recoil reduction plays a significant role when dealing with firearms; reducing length recoil ensures less muzzle rise after each shot facilitating faster follow-up shots aimed at multiple targets quickly.

Muzzle Brake Upgrade

Upgrading your muzzle brake can help in reducing recoil especially during rapid fire. A quality muzzle brake will help to redirect gases expelled after each shot away from the shooter, thus reducing felt recoil.

Buffer System Upgrade

Your rifle’s buffer system is an essential component that can be upgraded to reduce recoil. Replacing the buffer and spring with higher-quality components like tungsten weights or hydraulic buffers will improve its performance by making it easier for you to control your firearm when shooting.

Upgrades for Ergonomics

Ergonomics is another critical consideration that should not be overlooked when deciding on upgrading one's firearm. An ergonomic upgrade increases comfortability while operating a weapon improving accuracy in longer sessions of usage without straining personally induced fatigue.

Stock Upgrade

The stock of your rifle plays a significant role in providing better grip and stability while firing; replacing it with adjustable stocks adds customization options such as length adjustment ensuring comfortable use irrespective of body type or size leading toward improved accuracy during prolonged shooting sessions

Grip Upgrade

Having a comfortable grip ensures improved handling and less slippage, which facilitates efficient follow-up shots: upgrading the standard pistol grip on your AR 15 Sport 2 with an ergonomically designed one ensures better pistol gripping resulting in significantly reduced fatigue.


In conclusion, there are various upgrades available today that could improve overall performance depending on personal preferences ranging from accuracy improvement all down through recoil reduction mechanisms finally culminating into ergonomic enhancements.
The Smith & Wesson AR-15 Sport 2 platform offers significant potential improvements depending upon how they are utilized so whether you're looking for increased precision at distance or simply want more comfort holding onto something all day long we hope our guide has helped steer towards making informed decisions about enhancing this already excellent firearm!


What upgrades can be made to the Smith and Wesson AR 15 Sport 2?

The Smith and Wesson AR 15 Sport 2 is a highly versatile rifle with a number of upgrade options available. Some popular upgrades include adjustable stocks, upgraded trigger assemblies, free-floating handguards, muzzle brakes/compensators, and optics.

Upgrading the stock on your S&W AR-15 can greatly improve comfort and accuracy while shooting. A good option for upgrading your stock is the Magpul MOE Carbine Stock. It features a streamlined A-frame design that allows for comfortable cheek welds and provides plenty of space for mounting accessories like slings or bipods.

Another popular upgrade to consider is an upgraded trigger assembly. The Timney Trigger Assembly offers significant improvements in both feel and performance compared to the factory trigger found on most rifles including those from Smith & Wesson.

For improved accuracy at longer ranges, consider installing a free-floating handguard system such as those offered by Midwest Industries or Fortis Manufacturing. These aftermarket parts attach directly to your receiver without touching the barrel itself which reduces potential harmonic vibrations caused by barrel contact.

Muzzle brakes/compensators are another popular choice when it comes to upgrading an AR-15 platform rifle like the S&W Sport II. They help reduce recoil by directing escaping gases up-and-outward away from you as well as helping mitigate muzzle rise during rapid-fire shots.

Lastly, adding an optic such as Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Sight or Vortex Strike Eagle scope can further improve precision when shooting at extended ranges.

Are there any legal restrictions on upgrading my Smith & Wesson AR-15?

There are some legal restrictions when it comes to modifying firearms in general including assault weapons bans that vary across different states in America but generally speaking there should be no issues with most modifications made within reason so long they do not violate Federal Firearms Laws (FFL).

Some upgrades may require additional paperwork or permits from the government which can be obtained through a local FFL dealer. For example, some states may require you to obtain a permit for installing certain muzzle brakes/compensators while other upgrades like stocks and optics should not require any additional permits.

As always, it is important to research the laws in your specific state regarding firearms modifications before making any changes to your S&W AR-15 Sport II.

What are the benefits of upgrading my Smith & Wesson AR-15 Sport 2?

Upgrading your S&W AR 15 Sport II can greatly improve accuracy, comfort and overall performance of your gun. By adding aftermarket parts such as upgraded trigger assemblies or free-floating handguards you can expect increased precision when firing at extended ranges.

Other benefits include improved ergonomics that make shooting more comfortable and less fatiguing over time. Upgrades such as adjustable stocks also allow for greater customization that will result in better handling when shooting around obstacles or moving targets.

Muzzle brakes/compensators reduce felt recoil which allows quicker follow-up shots after firing by reducing the amount of felt recoil action received upon discharge of each round fired. Optics like red dot sights help with rapid target acquisition improving accuracy by allowing faster fire times between shots compared to iron sight systems.

Can I upgrade my Smith & Wesson AR-15 Sport 2 myself?

Yes! Most upgrades including those listed above on this FAQ page are relatively easy modifications that anyone who owns an S&WAR 15 rifle should be able to do themselves with minimal hassle so long they have basic tools and knowledge required.

However, some installations may require professional assistance especially if they involve drilling holes into metal surfaces like receivers/handguards etc., but most installers charge reasonable rates for their services so don't hesitate ask before attempting anything too technical yourself unless you have experience doing similar work before.

How much does it cost to upgrade my Smith & Wesson AR-15 Sport 2?

The cost of upgrading your S&W AR 15 Sport II depends on the type and quality of parts you choose to install. For example, a simple stock upgrade can range from $50 to more than $200 depending on materials and design.

Upgrading trigger assemblies can cost anywhere between $50 and several hundred dollars depending again on materials, quality, etc. Free-floating handguards range from about $100 for basic models all the way up beyond $600 for high-end manufacturers like Geissele or BCM.

Muzzle brakes/compensators start around around at around &30 but can go up as high as several hundred dollars just like many other upgrades available in the market. Optics are another big cost factor with decent red dot sights starting at around $150 while good scopes may run upwards of one thousand dollars or more.

In conclusion, there are numerous upgrades available that can be made to your Smith & Wesson AR-15 Sport II rifle that will significantly increase its performance capabilities. Whether you’re looking to improve accuracy, ergonomics or add new features such as optics upgrades these modifications should help get you closer towards achieving your desired results without breaking the bank too much so long they do not violate any FFL laws in this regard either!

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