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US Army 35N: Everything You Need to Know About Military Intelligence

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The US Army 35N is an intriguing keyword that has been garnering attention in recent years. If you are not familiar with it, it might seem like a cryptic code or some sort of secret military jargon. However, the truth is far simpler yet equally fascinating.

US Army 35N refers to Military Intelligence Cryptologic Language Analysts (MILCALAs) who play a crucial role in gathering and analyzing foreign communications. These professionals use their language skills to intercept and decode messages from potential adversaries, providing valuable insight into their plans and intentions.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting field within the US Army or want to explore career opportunities as a MILCALA, then read on! We will delve deeper into what makes this specialty so essential for national security and how individuals can join this elite group of intelligence analysts.

US Army 35N: The Intelligence Analysts You Need to Know About

What is a US Army 35N?

If you're interested in pursuing a career in the military, especially one that involves intelligence gathering and analysis, then you need to know about the US Army's Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) known as 35N. In simple terms, 35Ns are responsible for collecting and analyzing intelligence information from multiple sources to support military operations.

Job Duties of a US Army 35N

As an intelligence analyst with the army's MOS of 35N, your job duties would include but not limited to:

  • Conducting research and analysis on various subjects such as foreign technology or weapons systems.
  • Preparing maps, charts or reports depicting data findings.
  • Identifying data gaps and developing collection requirements for future missions.
  • Providing guidance on various topics such as security measures or risk assessments.

What Does it Take To Become A U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst?

To become an Intelligence Analyst with MOS code of 35N requires going through Basic Combat Training which typically lasts around ten weeks followed by Advanced Individual Training (AIT) which can take up to eighteen months depending on the specialty chosen within the MOS.

Candidates must also have good moral character along with being able-bodied individuals who meet specific physical requirements such as height-weight standards.

Additionally , candidates must score highly on their ASVAB tests before they are recruited into this field of study; preferably scoring at least a "110" percentile overall score.

Furthermore they should be willing to work long hours under stressful conditions while maintaining confidentiality when handling sensitive information involving national security concerns.

Benefits Of Being A U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst

There are numerous benefits that come along with being an intelligence analyst including:

  1. Continuous Professional Development: As part of their continuing education program all enlisted soldiers receive training both directed online courses from Maryland University College as well as self-paced courses through the Army Institute for Professional Development.

  2. Competitive Salary and Benefits: The US Army offers a competitive salary which is supplemented by benefits such as housing allowance, health care, paid vacation days among others.

  3. Job Security: Once you complete your training and obtain your MOS, you are guaranteed job security in this field. This means that even if the military downsizes or lays-off personnel due to budget cuts or other reasons , intelligence analysts with MOS code of 35N will still have job protection.

Tips on Succeeding as an Intelligence Analyst

  1. Develop Strong Analytical Skills: It's important to develop strong analytical skills from early on if you want to succeed in this field – start by reading books on various subjects ranging from politics

  2. Be Detail-Oriented And Organised: Since much of what Intelligence Analysts do involves collecting vast amounts of data , it's essential that they are detail-oriented individuals who can organise information effectively.

3.Communication Skills : Intelligence analysts must be able to communicate their findings clearly and succinctly both verbally and in writing; therefore developing good communication skills is highly beneficial.

In conclusion, becoming an intelligence analyst with the US Army's MOS code 35N can be a challenging but rewarding career path for those interested in serving their country while also advancing professionally within this dynamic field!


What is US Army 35N?

US Army 35N is the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) code for the Signals Intelligence Analyst. This job involves analyzing and interpreting foreign communications, as well as providing information to combat commanders that can help them make tactical decisions. As a 35N soldier, you will be responsible for collecting, analyzing and distributing intelligence generated from electronic signals intercepted by US forces on the battlefield or other sources.

Signals Intelligence Analysts must be highly skilled in many areas of telecommunications such as cryptology, analysis software tools and computer networking technology. They are also required to possess excellent analytical skills and attention to detail since their role requires them to interpret complex data sets quickly.

The main objective of a Signals Intelligence Analyst is simple: provide accurate intelligence reports from around-the-clock monitoring of foreign communication systems.

What are some requirements for becoming a US Army 35N?

To become an Army Signals Intelligence Analyst (MOS-35N), you must meet certain requirements:

  1. Educational qualifications: A high school diploma or equivalent GED certificate is mandatory

  2. ASVAB Scores: The minimum score that qualifies candidates for this MOS varies depending on the most current needs of the U.S. military but typically falls between 105-110 in line scores

  3. Security clearance eligibility: Candidates should have no derogatory records or criminal activities within their past which could disqualify them from obtaining a security clearance with at least S level access.

4.Physical fitness standards need to be met along with good mental health checks.

5.Demonstrated English reading comprehension skills through testing

6.Willingness to undergo months-long training programs

What kind of work does someone in this MOS do?

As mentioned previously, someone working in this position collects various types of information related primarily through electronic means such as radio frequency signals analysis through computers . Their primary goal is discovering what they can about enemy movements and activities through intercepted communications . They use this information to help make decisions regarding troop movements, logistics, intelligence-gathering operations and other tactical applications .

In addition to the collection of signals data, a significant portion of their work involved analyzing that data. This can involve reviewing metadata (data about data) for specific patterns or searching for certain keywords that the enemy might be using in their communication. They then pass on valuable intelligence to other military personnel who are better positioned than they are when it comes time to act on this information.

One important thing about Signals Intelligence Analysts is that they don't just sit back in an office somewhere collecting and analyzing data; depending upon current needs within the US Military, there may be times where 35Ns will deploy with troops into active zones.

What kind of training does someone have before becoming a US Army 35N?

Before being assigned as an MOS-35N Signals Intelligence Analyst there are several steps you will need to take.

Firstly you'll need basic combat training which lasts around ten weeks , after which follows Advanced Individual Training (AIT). AIT lasts approximately six months during which trainees learn various aspects relating specifically towards SIGINT analysis such as cryptology practices used by foreign governments along with techniques required for identifying vulnerabilities present in these systems

During your initial stages at AIT ,you’ll get introduced with how technology plays a major role in SIGINT analysis .You’ll also become familiarized with computer programs like ArcGIS ,Database Management Systems etc

What kind of career opportunities do people who served as 35N have?

After completing service as an MOS-35N signal intelligence analyst there remains many exciting career opportunities within government agencies such as National Security Agency or Federal Bureau Of Investigation. Other organizations include private contractors working alongside United States Government entities whose primary goals involve providing cyber security services both nationally & internationally.

The experience gained from serving within U.S Army's Signal Corps as a Signals Intelligence Analyst can aid in the transition to a civilian career path that might involve cybersecurity, intelligence analysis, or other fields related to telecommunication systems.

Additionally, 35Ns may be eligible for additional training programs and could go on to serve in different roles such as warrant officers or even commissioned officers with more advanced responsibilities.

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