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US Army Arctic Tab: A Key to Cold Climate Warfare

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The US Army Arctic Tab is an insignia that symbolizes the completion of specialized training and qualification for soldiers in cold weather operations. It signifies their readiness to operate in the harsh, unforgiving conditions of the Arctic region. The Arctic Tab is a prestigious distinction and a testament to the courage, dedication, and tenacity required to complete this grueling training.

In recent years, with increasing focus on national security in the Arctic region due to climate change and geopolitical tensions, there has been heightened interest in soldiers' ability to operate effectively in these extreme conditions. As such, earning an Arctic Tab has become even more important for those wishing to serve at a high level within US Army ranks. In this article we will delve into what it takes for soldiers to earn their US Army Arctic Tab through rigorous training exercises designed specifically for arctic warfare.

Read on as we explore what it means not just symbolically but practically speaking from both strategic perspectives all that encompasses being ableed-bodied soldier ready-to-serve under any circumstances especially those as demanding as sub-zero temperatures amidst icy landscapes where only those who have successfully undergone such specialised training can survive long enough or come out top atop challenging scenarios encountered whilst serving one's country with honourable commitment towards fulfilling any task assigned without hesitation!

US Army Arctic Tab: What Is It And Why Does It Matter?


The United States Army is a highly trained and well-equipped military force that operates all around the world. They are constantly adapting to new environments and situations, which is why they have developed various specialized units for different terrains, including cold weather environments. One of the most important distinctions for personnel serving in these areas is the US Army Arctic Tab.

What Is The US Army Arctic Tab?

The US Army Arctic Tab is a special award given to soldiers who successfully complete training and demonstrate proficiency in cold weather operations. The tab features an embroidered white polar bear on a blue background with "ARCTIC" written above it in white letters.

Soldiers who earn this tab have shown that they possess valuable skills needed to operate effectively in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F to -60°F (-40°C to -51°C). These individuals are part of an elite group within the army, known as arctic warriors.

How To Earn The US Army Arctic Tab

Earning the coveted arctic tab requires passing specific requirements within two weeks of intense training at the Northern Warfare Training Center (NWTC) located at Fort Wainwright, Alaska or Black Rapids Training Site (BRTS), Alaska.

During this time, soldiers will learn how to survive and move over snow-covered terrain while wearing heavy gear such as skis or snowshoes. They also learn how to build shelters using natural materials such as ice blocks or spruce trees.

In addition, trainees must be able navigate through harsh conditions using only maps and compasses while also learning basic medical procedures needed during emergencies caused by exposure like hypothermia or frostbite.

Upon completion of their certification training program tested by real-world applications under proper circumstances earned outside the testing environment itself at NWTC/BRTS lasting 14-21 days., successful candidates will be awarded their arctic tab.

Why Is The US Army Arctic Tab Important?

The Arctic is a vast, hostile environment that presents numerous challenges for personnel and equipment. For soldiers to operate effectively in such areas, they must be trained adequately, and the arctic tab serves as an acknowledgment of this training.

The US Army has a significant presence in the arctic region due to its strategic importance in global politics. This includes operations such as humanitarian aid missions, scientific research expeditions or even military exercises designed for combat training purposes.

Having qualified personnel with extensive knowledge of cold weather survival techniques is essential in maintaining operational readiness when it matters most. The arctic tab helps ensure that soldiers are prepared for any mission they may face while serving their country.


In conclusion, the US Army Arctic Tab represents more than just an insignia on a uniform. It symbolizes dedication and commitment to excellence by those who have earned it through rigorous training and experience gained both inside classrooms but also under harsh outdoor conditions at NWTC/BRTS certification programs consisting of various elements including small unit tactics like patrolling or ambushes making sure all aspects required on being proficient are covered during their stay there from medical support up until fire team movements against opposing forces will be ready if called upon at any time across the vast stretches marked by rugged terrain full of snow-covered mountains where temperatures can easily reach extreme lows capable enough to challenge anyone's mental fortitude developed over years through hard work put into earning one's place within this elite group known as "Arctic Warriors".


What is the US Army Arctic Tab?

The US Army Arctic Tab is a military insignia that represents soldiers who have successfully completed training and demonstrated proficiency in cold weather operations. This tab indicates that a soldier has undergone intense training to prepare them for service in Arctic conditions. The arctic tab is awarded to soldiers who have trained and operated in one of the coldest regions of the world, including Alaska, Canada, Norway, and Greenland.

To earn an arctic tab, soldiers are required to undergo extensive training on how to survive and operate efficiently in sub-zero temperatures. This includes learning how to properly care for equipment such as weapons and vehicles in extreme cold weather conditions. Soldiers must also demonstrate physical endurance by completing various tasks such as snowshoeing or skiing while carrying heavy loads over long distances.

Earning an Arctic Tab signifies a soldier's ability to serve anywhere across the globe regardless of climatic challenges they may face while their mission lasts.

Who can wear the US Army Arctic Tab?

The US Army arctic tab can be worn by any member of the armed forces who has successfully completed mandatory Cold Weather Training at specific locations around Alaska or other approved locations where this type of course is offered worldwide.

Soldiers from all branches are encouraged (even required) at times depending on their MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) like Rangers/Marines/Paratroopers etc., but earning this distinction remains optional except when explicitly needed due job requirements.

It's worth noting that although anyone trained under these mentioned circumstances can technically earn it; most recipients are generally assigned or train with positions considered relevant for its application such as infantrymen serving within an Artic Brigade Combat Team(ABCT).

How do you qualify for the US Army Arctic Tab?

Qualification requirements vary based on each unit’s standard operating procedures (SOPs), but generally speaking candidates need complete two weeks’ worth of basic Cold-Weather Training courses, as well as specialized training (like Arctic Survival School) conducted in severe cold conditions.

Soldiers must demonstrate their ability to function effectively and safely in the harsh winter environment. They can expect to undergo rigorous physical challenges such as forced road marches through deep snow, correctly build a proper shelter by using available materials such as snow or ice blocks; all while carrying an average weight of 35-65lbs on their backs at all times.

Once they have completed these different stages of training, soldiers are required to pass several written and practical exams including navigation exercises performed under harsh weather conditions.

Can civilians wear the US Army Arctic Tab?

No. The US Army arctic tab is exclusively for members of the armed forces who have successfully completed mandatory Cold Weather Training courses that prepare them for service in extreme cold weather environments.

As much a civilian may seek out similar experiences when it comes to learning survival skills or seeking adventure in frigid climates; wearing this insignia would represent an unauthorized claim regarding military accomplishments which could be subject to penalties under U.S Military Law.

What other awards can you earn alongside the US Army Arctic Tab?

Other prestigious military decorations often earned alongside this tab include: Combat Infantryman Badge(CIB), Expert Infantryman Badge(EIB), Mountain Warfare Badge(MWB); however many unit-level awards exist specific towards Cold Weather Operations too! Some examples include but not limited to:
-Arctic Service Ribbon
-Cold War Service Medal
-National Defense Service Medal with Bronze Star Device

It's important noting that earning any specific award varies by individual achievement and mission requirements where applicable.

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