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US Army Aviation and Missile Command: A Comprehensive Overview

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The US Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) is an integral component of the United States Army. It serves as the primary source for aviation and missile system acquisition, maintenance, overhaul, repair, logistics support, and technical services. As a result of its critical role in the army's operation, AMCOM has been at the forefront of technological innovation to enhance military capabilities.

With a team made up of experts in fields such as engineering, science and technology management among others who work together to keep our country safe from any form of attack by developing advanced defense systems through research or procurement processes. The US Army Aviation and Missile Command is one department that stands out in terms of their contribution towards national security.

If you're interested about knowing more about this important wing within the U.S. Armed Forces then continue reading this article! We will dive deeper into what AMCOM does on a daily basis to ensure that our troops have access to cutting-edge technology while simultaneously protecting American lives both domestically and abroad.

US Army Aviation and Missile Command: The Backbone of the American Defense System

The US Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) is responsible for providing the United States army with missile systems, aviation technology, logistics support, research and development initiatives. Without AMCOM's expertise in these fields, the US military would be an incomplete force that is incapable of achieving its objectives.

History of AMCOM

The origins of AMCOM date back to 1962 when it was founded as a subordinate command under the United States Army Materiel Command (AMC). Since then, it has been headquartered at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville Alabama where most of its research and development activities take place.

Organizational Structure

AMCOM has a complex organizational structure that enables it to effectively carry out its strategic objectives. It consists of several directorates including;

  • Acquisition Management Directorate
  • Aviation Engineering Directorate
  • Logistics And Contracting Support Directorate
  • Research Development & Engineering Center
  • Security Assistance Management Directorate

Each directorate plays a critical role in ensuring that AMCOM achieves its mission.

Role Of The US Army Aviation And Missile Command

As mentioned earlier, one primary responsibility for which AMOCM exists is providing logistical support to warfighters. This means transporting people or cargo via air support.

Another essential function served by this organization is developing aircraft systems as well as munitions technology intended for use by the U.S military. Also noteworthy are their efforts towards improving existing missiles' performance through upgrades like precision guidance capabilities or increased range capacity so they can reach targets accurately from further distances than before deployment on battlefields worldwide!

One major system developed by this organization that has been instrumental in maintaining peace worldwide is Patriot missiles – capable enough to intercept incoming hostile attacks from enemies several miles away without causing any harm to civilians living nearby! The Patriot missile defense system provides state-of-the-art protection against ballistic missile threats within seconds after detection using advanced technologies like radar, infrared sensors, and tracking systems.

AMCOM's Achievements

AMCOM has achieved remarkable feats since its inception. It is a globally recognized organization that has contributed significantly to the nation's defense capabilities. Several of its advancements have been adopted for use in other nations' military operations as well as commercial applications.

Some of these achievements include:

  • Development Of The Javelin Missile: This missile system was designed mainly to provide ground soldiers with improved anti-personnel and anti-tank combat capability.
  • The BlackHawk Helicopter: An aircraft designed mainly for transporting troops or equipment during missions.
  • Apache Attack Helicopter: A versatile platform used by the US army to attack ground targets from the air using advanced weapons system technology in combat zones worldwide
  • Excalibur Artillery Projectile System (EAPS): An artillery projectile capable of hitting targets accurately even at ranges exceeding 40 miles away!


The importance of AMCOM within America’s military infrastructure cannot be overstated. They are responsible for providing critical logistical support and technological advancements necessary towards maintaining peace worldwide through modernization efforts geared towards improving defensive capabilities against foreign threats – both domestic and abroad! With their level of expertise coupled with cutting-edge innovations developed over time by this organization, we can rest assured that our country is well-equipped to face all challenges ahead!


What is the US Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM)?

The US Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) is a division of the United States Army that specializes in providing aviation and missile systems support to soldiers around the world. It was established in 1997 as an amalgamation of two previously existing organizations – the US Army Aviation Systems Command (AVSCOM) and the US Army Missile Command (MICOM).

The primary objective of AMCOM is to provide comprehensive aviation and missile maintenance, sustainment, acquisition, fielding, logistics operations, engineering support services for various platforms used by soldiers. This includes rotary-wing aircraft like helicopters as well as unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. The command also provides technical assistance on integrated air defense systems.

With its headquarters located at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville Alabama USA; AMCOM employs over 8k civilian workers who offer experience-based skills with military hardware including engines repair/overhaul services shop facilities; avionics upgrades/modifications processes which include radio installations among others.

How does AMCOM contribute to National Security?

AMCOM plays a key role in ensuring national security by being responsible for maintaining helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles/drones & missiles belonging to U.S army personnel stationed across different locations worldwide. With threats coming from all corners both foreign & domestic ranging from terrorists groups seeking weapons access or rogue nations interested in developing such capabilities especially ballistic missiles aimed at regional targets ; it's critical that these systems are always operating effectively so they can be deployed quickly if needed.

Moreover AMECOM maintains readiness levels through rigorous training programs offered throughout each year designed specifically towards addressing evolving security challenges faced globally- ensuring troops stay up-to-date with latest technologies enabling them better perform their duties while minimizing risks/offering maximum protection against threats posed by adversaries.

What types of equipment does AMCOM maintain?

AMCOME maintains several types of equipment crucial towards supporting U.S military operations worldwide including:

  1. Helicopters: AMCOM maintains a fleet of rotary-wing aircraft including transport helicopters and attack helicopters.
  2. UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)/Drones: Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones are increasingly becoming important in modern warfare due to their ability to conduct reconnaissance, surveillance and strike operations without risking human lives. AMCOM provides maintenance support for different types of UAV systems used by the U.S Army.
  3. Missiles: AMCOM also provides maintenance support for various missile systems utilized by the Army, such as Patriot missiles which is a surface-to-air defense system capable of intercepting incoming enemy missiles.

How does one apply for a job at AMCOM?

AMCOME offers diverse career paths that include opportunities in engineering, logistics management, communications & aviation among others; these positions require varying levels of education/training ranging from bachelor's degrees up to master's degrees depending on specific roles being sought.

Interested applicants can visit where they can search through available positions listing qualifications/certifications required etc., apply directly online providing relevant personal/professional details (resume/cover letter) via email address provided following prompts given instructions provided on site.

What training opportunities are available at AMCOME?

AMCOME offers several training programs designed specifically towards equipping soldiers with key competencies necessary towards executing their responsibilities efficiently while minimizing risks/offering maximum protection against threats posed by adversaries globally.

These programs offer soldiers with an opportunity to learn new skills as well as reacquaint themselves with latest technologies within their areas expertise enabling them better perform duties assigned while minimizing risk/maximizing efficiency when dealing evolving security challenges faced today..

Moreover training offered includes classroom instruction combined with hands-on practical experience ensuring troops stay abreast evolving trends within respective fields including technical services development alongside other emerging technological tools aimed improving safety/security across all platforms operated under purview US army aviation command worldwide.

What benefits do employees get working at AMCOM?

AMCOME offers a wide variety of benefits to its employees including:

  1. Health Insurance: AMCOM provides health insurance coverage for its employees, which includes medical, dental and vision care.
  2. Retirement Savings Plan: Employees can participate in the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) which is designed to help them save for retirement while also receiving government contributions.
  3. Sick Leave & Vacation Time: Employees are entitled to paid sick leave and vacation time depending on their length of service.
  4. Professional Development Opportunities/Training Programs
  5. Hazardous Duty Pay/Special Incentive Allowances.

Additionally, working at AMCOME also provides an opportunity being part team responsible towards creating positive impact within society by contributing critical capabilities aimed maintaining national security interests globally ensuring troops safety/protection across all operations undertaken worldwide by U.S army personnel in line with objectives outlined US army aviation command; this fulfilling work environment providing personal satisfaction alongside competitive remuneration packages is what keeps motivated professionals coming back year after year at AMCOME!

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