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US Army Birth Control Glasses: Protecting Soldiers’ Eyes from Harmful Rays

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US Army Birth Control Glasses are a unique topic that may raise some eyebrows. The concept of birth control and the military seem like they don't mix, but these glasses have an interesting backstory. They were originally created in the 1950s as part of an experiment to help soldiers in active duty avoid unwanted pregnancies.

These glasses are designed to make it difficult for soldiers to see red and green colors clearly, which can affect depth perception. This was thought to decrease sexual desire by making physical features less visible and thus reducing sexual attraction between male and female soldiers serving together. However, there have been debates regarding their effectiveness over time.

If you're interested in learning more about US Army Birth Control Glasses, then keep reading as we delve into this fascinating topic further!

US Army Birth Control Glasses: A Comprehensive Guide

As a soldier, your eyesight is one of the most important senses to protect. The United States Army understands this, which is why they have developed and issued birth control glasses to their servicemen and women. In this article, we will explore what exactly these glasses are and why they are so essential for soldiers.

What Are Birth Control Glasses?

Firstly, it's important to clarify that birth control glasses do not actually prevent pregnancy or STDs. In reality, "birth control" is just a nickname given by soldiers due to their unique appearance – thick framed with large side shields that wrap around the face.

These frames originally gained popularity in World War II as an alternative form of eye protection for those who found traditional goggles too uncomfortable or bulky. Since then, military eyewear technology has advanced significantly but birth control glasses remain a staple issue item for many reasons.

Why Do Soldiers Wear Birth Control Glasses?

The primary purpose of these glasses is still focused on providing optimal eye protection in combat situations where shrapnel or debris can easily cause extreme damage if proper precautions aren't taken.

However beyond just physical defense against external hazards like projectiles and UV radiation from sunlight (which can be especially harmful when reflected off sand), there are several other benefits which make them perfect for military use:

  • Protection Against Dust And Debris: Military operations require travel through all kinds of terrain including deserts where sandstorms are common occurrences. These storms create clouds filled with dust particles which can lead to vision impairment if inhaled without filtered masks/glasses.
  • Reduced Glare: By using polarized lenses on the birth control frames it reduces glare making objects easier to see even under bright conditions; particularly useful when operating vehicles.
  • UV Protection: Another feature offered by certain models include built-in UV filters reducing potential damage caused by prolonged exposure.

With such advantages provided through wearing these glasses it's clear to see why they are a standard issue item for the US Army.

Features of US Army Birth Control Glasses

Now that we've discussed why soldiers wear birth control glasses, let's dive into some of the specific features and characteristics that you can expect from these unique frames.

Frame Material

The earliest versions were made from durable cellulose acetate which is still used today but has been improved upon with more advanced materials like nylon. These new age frames are lighter in weight while retaining their protective capabilities providing added comfort to those who need it most on long deployments.

Lens Tinting Options

Depending on your preferences or environment you're operating in, there are different lens options available. Clear is most common as it offers maximum visibility however tinted or mirrored lenses may be better suited if working outdoors during bright conditions or under heavier levels of glare.

Prescription Capabilities (Rx Inserts)

For those needing prescription lenses, Rx inserts also known as "RX carriers" exist which allow for custom prescriptions to be inserted into the frames without changing their durability – this makes them perfect for military personnel with less than 20/20 vision who need consistent protection when deployed overseas without worrying about intricate procedures such as goggles fitting over their current eyewear.

Tips for Caring and Maintaining your Birth Control Glasses

To ensure optimal performance and longevity from your birth control glasses consider adhering to some basic care tips:

  • Cleaning: Always keep a microfiber cloth handy to wipe down any smudges/marks.
  • Storage: When not being worn store them inside an appropriate protective case/pouch rather than leaving them exposed.
  • Avoid Exposure To Extreme Temperatures: Don't leave your glasses in areas susceptible to overheating/freezing e.g car dashboards during hot summers etc.. This can cause damage resulting in reduced lifespan.


In conclusion we have covered what US Army Birth Control Glasses are, why they are so essential for soldiers and the features that come with them. By providing optimal eye protection in both combat situations and other scenarios related to harsh environments, these glasses have become a necessity for military personnel all over the world. Remembering to take care of your eyewear is important if you want it to last as long as possible so be sure to follow some basic tips like cleaning/storing properly and avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures.

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What are US Army birth control glasses?

US Army birth control glasses, also known as BC glasses, were standard issue eyewear in the United States military from the 1950s to the 1980s. These unique lenses were designed to protect soldiers' eyes from harmful UV rays and glare while also acting as a form of contraception. The lenses featured a distinctive circular design that created a small blind spot when worn, making it difficult for soldiers to accurately aim their weapons. This was intentional; by limiting their accuracy in this way, commanders hoped to reduce incidents of friendly fire and minimize civilian casualties.

The idea behind these "birth control" glasses came about after World War II when military officials recognized that soldiers often fathered children during wartime due to lack of access or availability of other methods like condoms or abstinence. The introduction of BC glasses was intended as an additional measure for family planning purposes by reducing unintended pregnancies among service members.

Today, US Army birth control glasses are no longer issued but remain an interesting piece of military history.

Why did the US army use BC Glasses?

The primary purpose behind introducing these unique eyeglasses into standard-issue gear was not just protection against UV rays and glare but as another avenue for family planning among service members who may not have had access or means available at that time such as condoms or other forms of contraception. As mentioned above, fathership rates increased in times when traditional contraceptive measures weren't easily accessible during wartime situations leading up until WW2 which led policymakers at that time considering alternative solutions for reducing unwanted pregnancies especially amidst tensions between servicemen stationed abroad with foreign women which could cause diplomatic issues if left unchecked

By issuing these specialized "birth-control" goggles alongside wearing regular army helmets with visors would affect accuracy over range weaponry (rifles) thereby reducing friendly-fire incidents involving allies within close proximity on battlefields away from home soil – hence protecting strategic interests while promoting safe sex practices.

How do BC Glasses work?

BC glasses have a distinctive circular design that creates a small blind spot when worn. This blind spot affects the wearer's ability to aim accurately with weapons and was intended as an additional measure for family planning purposes by reducing unintended pregnancies among service members. By wearing these "birth control" goggles, soldiers were less likely to father children while on duty overseas where contraceptives may not have been readily available or accessible at that time.

The lenses of these eyeglasses also protect against harmful UV rays and glare from bright lights, making them ideal for use in outdoor environments. The top half of the lens is clear and provides standard vision while the bottom half has a slight tint which aids in reducing glare.

Can civilians wear BC Glasses?

While US Army birth control glasses are no longer issued today, it is possible for civilians to find vintage pairs online through auction sites like eBay or at military surplus stores but they would not offer any protection against pregnancy due to its original intended purpose being outdated technology (as there are now more effective methods available). It should be noted that using them as sunglasses might be impractical since their uniquely circular shape can affect depth perception significantly if used in other tasks beyond those specified above – so it's best avoided entirely outside of historical contexts only!

Are there any modern-day alternatives to BC glasses?

Many modern-day alternatives can provide similar eye protection without affecting one’s visual accuracy like Polarized lenses used commonly by fishermen or hunters who require good visibility AND reduction/reflection off water surfaces during daytime operations without compromising visual clarity under different lighting conditions such as dawn/sunset hours when most activity occurs outdoors; being able to see potential targets clearly without hindrance remains important whether you're out hunting wild game or patrolling foreign lands with your fellow servicemen/women!

Another alternative would be safety-tinted prescription eyewear made with high-quality materials designed specifically for protecting eyes from harsh glare and UV rays. These lenses can easily be fitted to standard eyeglass frames, making them a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts and military personnel alike. Unlike BC glasses, they do not create any blind spots that may affect aiming accuracy with weapons or other equipment; hence they're more versatile in many situations than those antiquated designs of the past!

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