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US Army Cav Scout: The Ultimate Guide to this Elite Military Occupation

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The US Army Cav Scout is a skilled profession that requires individuals to be proficient in reconnaissance and surveillance tactics. This role is crucial for gathering intelligence on enemy movements, identifying potential targets, and providing essential information to commanders. The Cav Scout's duties include operating advanced equipment such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), conducting foot patrols, and engaging in long-range surveillance missions.

To become a US Army Cav Scout, candidates must complete rigorous training that includes both classroom instruction and practical exercises. The training covers topics such as map reading, land navigation techniques, radio operation procedures, weapons handling skills and marksmanship.

The role of the US Army Cav Scout is critical in modern warfare as it provides vital information about the enemy's activities to military leaders who can then make strategic decisions based on this intelligence. In this article we will delve deeper into what it takes to become a successful Cavalry Scout – so read on!

US Army Cav Scout: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are interested in serving your country as a soldier but want to specialize in reconnaissance, then becoming a US Army Cav scout may be the perfect career path for you. The United States Army is well-known for its determination and precision, and the Cavalry Scouts are no exception. These scouts are responsible for providing essential information about enemy forces and terrain conditions to their commanders.

What is a US Army Cav Scout?

A Cavalry Scout or "Cav" scout is an integral member of the reconnaissance team that provides critical information on enemy movements, battle lines, and tactical intelligence during combat operations. They operate in all weather conditions with various types of equipment such as armored vehicles like Bradley Fighting Vehicles (BFVs) or Strykers.

The primary responsibility of these scouts is to gather information from hostile territories while remaining undetected by enemies. They use advanced technology such as drones, night vision devices, thermal imaging cameras along with their own training skills to provide real-time battlefield reports.


To become a US Army Cav Scout requires rigorous training that tests both physical endurance and mental toughness. Prospective soldiers must complete Basic Combat Training (BCT) which lasts around ten weeks followed by another sixteen weeks of Advanced Individual Training (AIT).

During BCT training sessions include learning basic survival skills; weapon handling; marksmanship; marching drills; land navigation techniques while also getting introduced to other aspects such as first aid methods & tactics used on modern battlefields.

After completing BCT candidates move onto AIT where they receive specialized instruction on topics like intelligence gathering techniques using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV); identifying important landmarks using maps , GPS mapping systems etc.; field communication methods along with scouting protocols so that they can perform their duties effectively under challenging circumstances without being detected by enemies.

Upon completion of AIT graduates will go through additional specialized courses depending upon their unit's requirements.

Benefits of Becoming a US Army Cav Scout

There are many benefits to choosing the career path of becoming a Cavalry Scout in the US Army, some of these include:

  1. Elite Training: A Cavalry scout undergoes highly specialized training that is among the best in the world. This will help you stand out from other military personnel and earn you respect.

  2. Adventures: As an army scout, you get to go on various missions where your skills are put to use under challenging conditions such as rough terrain and adverse weather conditions.

  3. Career Advancement Opportunities: The skills acquired during service can be transferred over into civilian jobs once one completes their time serving their country.

  4. Job Security & Benefits Package: As part of being enlisted in the United States Armed Forces, soldiers are entitled to job security along with additional benefits like healthcare plans for themselves & family members which is not easily obtainable elsewhere.

Tips for Prospective US Army Cav Scouts

If you want to become a successful Cavalry Scout then follow these tips:

  1. Physical Fitness Matters – Being physically fit ensures that one can handle difficult terrains and long hours while on duty.

  2. Train Your Mind – Endurance isn't just physical; it also involves mental fortitude which helps overcome obstacles when things don't go according to plan while scouting enemy territory or reconnaissance operations.

  3. Attention To Detail – Scouting requires meticulous attention-to-detail so practice this skill well ahead of time if possible!

In conclusion, joining the United States Army as a Cavalry Scout is an excellent opportunity for anyone who desires adventure and wants something different than what's found within traditional careers paths available today! By following our advice above before signing up ensure success both during active service period plus post-service life too!


What is a US Army Cav Scout and what do they do?

A Cavalry Scout, also known as 19D Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), is a member of the United States Army's reconnaissance community. They are responsible for providing critical information about enemy force’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential battle plans to commanders in combat zones. A Cavalry Scout can operate in any environment from deserts to mountains while utilizing specialized equipment such as drones or other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to gather intelligence.

The primary role of the US Army Cav Scouts is reconnaissance operations on foot or mounted on military vehicles such as HMMWVs (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles) or MRAPs (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles). They conduct surveillance at fixed sites along roads and other strategic locations, observing enemy movements using binoculars, night vision goggles and thermal imaging devices.

Cavalry Scouts have an important mission that requires them to be mentally agile with good communication skills so they can accurately report their observations back to higher-ups. Their tasks may include locating improvised explosive devices (IEDs), conducting security patrols in urban areas or performing counter-sniper operations.

What are the requirements for becoming a US Army Cav Scout?

To become a Cavalry scout in the U.S army one must meet certain qualifications before enlisting into service.

Firstly applicants must be citizens of the United States either by birth or through naturalization procedure – non-citizens need not apply since it would limit their ability for obtaining necessary security clearance required by this MOS.

Secondly candidates must meet basic requirements like age which should be between 17-34 years old; have no criminal record; pass physical fitness tests including running two miles under fifteen minutes; etc.,

Thirdly candidates will complete Basic Combat Training which lasts ten weeks followed up by Advanced Individual Training program that lasts seventeen weeks where future cavalry scouts learn tactics and operational procedures necessary for the MOS.

What is the typical career progression of a US Army Cav Scout?

After completing Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT), newly qualified Cavalry Scouts start their military careers as Private or Specialist Rank, which are equivalent to entry-level positions. As they gain experience and demonstrate leadership abilities, they are promoted through the ranks to Sergeant or Staff Sergeant.

Experienced Cavalry Scouts can also take advantage of educational opportunities offered by Army programs such as tuition assistance that helps them earn an undergraduate degree while still in service.

Once a soldier reaches the rank of Sergeant First Class, he/she will have advanced past non-commissioned officer levels into becoming an Officer Candidate School candidate – this step is essential if one wants to climb up higher ranks like Captain or Major in future assignments.

Army personnel who reach these high-ranking positions typically serve at command level where they oversee multiple units within their area of specialization -like cavalry scouts- responsible for training new soldiers and executing missions on behalf of U.S government task forces globally.

How does one advance further in being a US Army Cav Scout?

Advancement opportunities depend on factors such as time served with good conduct during service period; demonstrating proficiency with firearms; physical fitness tests; participation in military exercises/training sessions outside regular job functions etc.,

The U.S army provides several pathways for career advancement within its hierarchy but it requires hard work from individuals who want more than just basic employment benefits associated with being part-time enlisted personnel.

One way soldiers can advance is by participating in Ranger school which teaches them advanced combat tactics needed when fighting against enemy forces worldwide alongside other elite troops trained similarly like them–other options include Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC), among others.

What weapons do US Army Cav Scouts use?

Cavalry scouts use various weapons depending on mission parameters including M4 carbines equipped with ACOG sights, M240B machine guns, and Javelin anti-tank missiles.

The M4 carbine is a lightweight semi-automatic rifle that is standard issue for most U.S army personnel while the M240B is a belt-fed machine gun used for suppressing enemy forces with continuous fire. The Javelin missile system provides long-range antitank capabilities against armored vehicles.

In addition to these weapons, Cavalry scouts also carry fragmentation grenades and smoke grenades to provide cover when needed during operations. These weapons are often modified with specialized attachments such as night vision scopes or suppressors to increase their effectiveness in low-light environments or reduce recoil noise respectively.

In conclusion, US Army Cav Scouts play an essential role in reconnaissance missions by gathering intelligence about enemy forces' activities on the ground using specialized equipment that enables them to operate effectively even in hostile environments like deserts or mountainscapes. They require sharp skills such as accurate reporting of their observations back up through chain command structure detailed above so higher-ups can make informed decisions based on real-time data received from scouts deployed throughout battle zones worldwide—making it one of the most dangerous yet rewarding jobs available within military service ranks globally!

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