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US Army Choir: The Melodic Voice of Patriotism

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The US Army Choir is a musical group that has captivated audiences for decades. With their crisp voices and perfect harmonies, they have become synonymous with patriotism and pride in America's military. At events ranging from presidential inaugurations to public concerts, the US Army Choir continues to impress audiences with their talent and dedication.

Their performances are not only entertaining but also serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by members of the armed forces around the world. The US Army Choir pays tribute to these brave men and women through song, showcasing their love for country while honoring those who have served or are currently serving in uniform.

If you're looking for an inspiring experience that celebrates our nation's heroes while indulging your passion for music, then read on to learn more about this incredible ensemble – the US Army Choir!


The US Army Choir is an extraordinary assembly of military men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving the United States of America. Known for their impressive vocal harmonies, the choir has entertained audiences all over the world with their patriotic performances.

History of the US Army Choir

The origins of the US Army Choir can be traced back to 1943 when it was founded as a part-time ensemble by soldiers stationed in New York City. Over time, this group grew in size and popularity, eventually becoming a full-time musical unit that traveled around the world performing for military personnel and civilians alike.

Today, the choir is made up of over 100 members who are selected from various army units based on their vocal talents. These talented individuals undergo rigorous auditions before being accepted into this prestigious ensemble.

What Makes The US Army Choir So Special?

There are many things that set apart the US Army Choir from other choirs across America. Firstly, its members are all active-duty soldiers who have completed basic training and serve in various capacities within different branches of military service including Navy, Air Force or Marines Corps etc..

Furthermore, due to its close association with military service people across America identify themselves strongly with them which makes it special among others.

Finally yet importantly,the repertoire consists mainly patriotic music including renditions such as "America The Beautiful" , "Star Spangled Banner" among others., which deeply resonates with Americans' sense patriotism creating a unique atmosphere at every performance they give..

Benefits Of Joining The Us Army Choir

Apart from representing American values through song both domestically and internationally there many benefits to joining such an elite group as well:

  1. You get paid while doing what you love
  2. You travel around different parts USA state-side or overseas
  3. Develops your voice professionally.
  4. Opportunities abound should one pursue further education after completion contract period under music scholarships given by several universities in America.

Tips for Joining the US Army Choir

The audition process for joining the US Army Choir is very competitive and challenging, but with proper preparation, you can improve your chances of getting accepted. Here are some tips to help you prepare:

  1. Practice your vocal scales and warm-up exercises regularly.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the choir's repertoire so that you're ready to perform at an audition.
  3. Attend music seminars or workshops in order to enhance your musical skills
  4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating a well-balanced diet.


The US Army Choir represents one of the finest traditions of military service within music industry. Its members have dedicated their time towards perfecting their craft which has resulted into high quality performances across America and beyond its borders.To join this prestigious ensemble as an active duty soldier is both fulfilling personally while serving one's country by representing it musically internationally. By following these tips shared above, anyone can successfully earn a place among such distinguished individuals who proudly serve this great nation through song!


What is the US Army Choir?

The United States Army Choir, also known as The Soldiers' Chorus, is a vocal ensemble comprising of active-duty soldiers of the U.S. Army. Their mission is to enhance soldier morale and support events that inspire patriotism throughout America.

The choir performs a vast range of musical genres including classical, pop music, and Broadway show tunes. They have toured extensively both nationally and internationally performing at high-profile events such as presidential inaugurations, state funerals for American presidents and other dignitaries.

Being an active-duty military ensemble means that every member in the choir has received military training equivalent to their primary job within the army. Members audition annually to retain their place in this esteemed group.

How can I see a performance by the US Army Choir?

There are several ways you can enjoy performances by The Soldiers' Chorus – either live or recorded:

  • Live Performances: The choir regularly tours around various states within America where they perform concerts free charge for civilians who wish to attend.
  • Social Media: You can follow them on social media platforms such as YouTube where they post videos of some exceptional performances.
  • Recordings: Some recordings are available in online stores like Amazon Music or iTunes

To keep updated with when The Soldier's Chorus may be touring your area next, check out their official website for more information.

What type of music does the US Army Choir perform?

As stated earlier on this FAQs section about "US army choirs", members perform different types of music genres from classical choral pieces through popular songs all over America including gospel pieces suitable for church services. This variety ensures that everyone who watches enjoys something from each performance regardless they're background or taste in music.

Their wide repertoire has seen them collaborate with famous artists like Josh Groban during his 2018 Bridges tour where he invited them onstage at his Madison Square Garden showpiece concert series which was nothing short but breathtaking.

How can I join the US Army Choir?

If you are a musician and interested in joining this esteemed group, you must first become a soldier in the US army. This means that if you're not already enlisted, your first step is to visit an army recruitment center to enlist.

Once enlisted, attend music school training or classes available within the military which offers comprehensive music skills (instrumentalist or vocalist). Afterward(s) audition for The Soldiers' Chorus.

Being part of such distinguished ensemble requires unwavering dedication and hard work with constant rehearsals and shows lined up every year given their reputation as one of America's most prestigious choirs – but it's all worth it!

Are there any other military choirs like The Soldier's Chorus?

Yes! There are several other military vocal ensembles both from America and around the world like:

  • United States Air Force Singing Sergeants
  • United States Navy Sea Chanters
  • United Kingdoms Royal Marines Band Service.

These choirs perform at various events just like Army choir does during national ceremonies across their respective countries. Each ensemble has its unique style repertoire which makes them distinct but collectively help boost morale among soldiers while inspiring patriotism amongst civilians who watch them during performances.

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