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US Army Combat Action Badge: Honoring the Bravery of America’s Soldiers

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The US Army Combat Action Badge is a highly respected military decoration awarded to soldiers who have actively engaged in combat situations with the enemy. It is an exceptional recognition of bravery, courage and selfless sacrifice displayed by soldiers on the battlefield. The badge was first established in 2005, and it has since become one of the most sought-after decorations for members of the US Army.

The Combat Action Badge represents a soldier's outstanding contribution to their unit's success in battle. This prestigious award symbolizes not only their personal achievements but also reflects on their team effort and dedication towards accomplishing mission objectives. With its high level of significance, this badge has become a coveted symbol amongst soldiers serving within various branches of the U.S Military.

In this article, we will dive deep into everything there is to know about this distinguished medal – from its history, eligibility criteria, how it can be earned through courageous actions under hostile fire or direct contact with an enemy force; we'll explore all aspects related to US Army Combat Action Badge that make it so revered amongst service men and women alike!

US Army Combat Action Badge: A Symbol of Valor and Sacrifice

The United States Army Combat Action Badge (CAB) is a decoration awarded to soldiers who have actively participated in ground combat while under enemy fire. The CAB was created in 2005, during the height of the War on Terror, as a means to recognize the bravery and sacrifice of those that faced hostile enemies on the battlefield.

What is the US Army Combat Action Badge?

The CAB is an oval-shaped badge with an oak wreath around it. It features crossed M16 rifles with a bayonet attached at their base. Above this emblem are three stars, and below it reads "COMBAT ACTION." The badge gets pinned above any other commendations or ribbons earned by soldiers.

To qualify for this award, soldiers must meet specific criteria outlined by the Department of Defense (DoD). They must have served honorably in active duty or reserve components since September 18th, 2001. Furthermore, they need to convince authorities that they engaged in direct conflict with enemy forces and experienced hostile fire either from said forces or improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

History Behind US Army Combat Action Badge

Before its creation, small arms badges were issued only when one qualified as an expert marksman; there was no extra recognition for handling weapons skillfully under duress until after World War II when such activities accounted for some bronze stars being awarded along with purple hearts.

Following WW2 Korean War began where infantrymen fought fiercely against Chinese troops which led army officials to create a new military badge called CIB(cmbt infntrymn badege) which solely recognized them for participating directly into combat situations.

How Can One Qualify For This Award?

Earning this prestigious award requires dedication towards serving America's national security interests within frontline units- including Infantry battalions/special operations squads/battlefield support teams/Army Rangers/Special Forces and others.

To qualify for the award of the US Army Combat Action Badge, a Soldier must meet these criteria:

  1. Be serving under hostile enemy fire
  2. Engage in direct combat or action against an enemy force.
  3. Perform with bravery and distinction while facing danger.

What Makes The US Army Combat Action Badge Unique?

The United States Army sets itself apart from other armed forces by having various prestigious awards that recognize soldiers' sacrifices on the battlefield- but few are as honorable as CAB.

The badge's significance goes beyond just recognizing individual acts of valor – it serves as a symbol of sacrifice made by all those who serve within frontline units. This award reminds us how our nation's security is forever fought to ensure its freedom; it also instills pride in each soldier that wears one for their actions towards defending America.


In conclusion, The US Army Combat Action Badge represents something truly unique: an emblem uniting frontline troops who have faced perilous situations to defend America's national security interests across generations since 2005 till date when this decoration was introduced.

This badge signifies not only individual acts of courage but also stands testament to honor and selflessness shown by all American servicemen who risked everything on behalf of their country- which should be held dear to every patriot proud enough to wear it!


What is the US Army Combat Action Badge and Who is Eligible to Receive it?

The US Army Combat Action Badge (CAB) is a military decoration that was created in 2005 to recognize soldiers who engage in direct combat with an armed enemy. The CAB can be awarded retroactively for qualifying service on or after September 18, 2001.

To be eligible for the CAB, a soldier must have engaged in active ground combat while under hostile fire from enemy forces and must have been personally present and actively engaging the enemy during the engagement. Additionally, soldiers must have demonstrated valorous conduct above-and-beyond standard expectations of duty during their engagement.

In order to qualify for this award, a soldier's unit commander must authorize it based on an individual account of their actions. This means that not all soldiers who participate in combat are automatically eligible for this prestigious medal.

Soldiers who meet these requirements will receive the badge as well as appropriate citation.

How Does One Go About Applying For A Combat Action Badge?

Unlike some military awards which require formal application by servicemembers themselves or their chain-of-commanders, obtaining a CAB does not require any paperwork or application process outside of relaying your story up your chain-of-command so they may decide whether you've met eligibility criteria.

If you believe that you meet eligibility criteria but haven't yet received recognition through receipt of your CAB — don't hesitate! Speak with your supervisor about what documentation they need from you regarding specific engagements where you believe credit should be given.

Can I Still Wear My Combat Infantryman's Badge If I Earned The Combat Action Badge As Well?

Yes! If someone has earned both badges — one does not replace the other. Instead recipients wear both badges simultaneously above their ribbons which represent campaign medals earned.

Are There Any Similar Awards To The US Army’s Cab That Exist In Other Branches Of Military Service?

Yes! The other branches of the US military all have their own versions of a combat action badge or similar recognition for direct engagement in ground combat. Examples of this include the Combat Action Ribbon (Marines/Navy), Air Force Combat Action Medal, and Coast Guard Combat Action Ribbon.

Is The CAB Considered A High Honor Among Soldiers?

Yes! Because it is only awarded to soldiers who engage in active ground combat while under hostile fire from enemy forces – the award is highly revered among enlisted personnel and officers alike. It signifies that recipients put their lives on the line while serving our country, often during some of its most dangerous conflicts.

Additionally, these types of awards carry significant weight when considered for promotions or assignments to elite units where having experienced personnel who can be counted on during emergencies are needed.

Overall, receiving such an honor serves as a reflection not just on an individual soldier but also speaks volumes about what they were able to contribute towards mission success when duty called.

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