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US Army Corps of Engineers Seattle: The Ultimate Guide

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The US Army Corps of Engineers Seattle is an important military agency responsible for the development and management of various water resources, as well as environmental projects in the region. With its headquarters located in Seattle, Washington, this branch of the military plays a crucial role in ensuring that our natural resources are preserved and protected.

The US Army Corps of Engineers Seattle has been at the forefront of many significant projects over the years. Their expertise includes managing flood control systems, constructing hydroelectric power plants, maintaining navigable waterways and harbors for national defense purposes. In addition to these responsibilities, they also undertake environmental restoration efforts aimed at preserving local ecosystems.

If you want to learn more about how this vital organization operates or their latest initiatives, keep reading! We'll explore some fascinating facts about their history and impact on our nation's infrastructure and environment.

US Army Corps of Engineers Seattle: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you curious about the US Army Corps of Engineers Seattle? Perhaps you're interested in joining this military branch, or maybe you're just curious about what they do. Either way, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll explore everything there is to know about the US Army Corps of Engineers Seattle.

What is the US Army Corps of Engineers?

Before diving into specifics on the Seattle division, let's first discuss what exactly the US Army Corps of Engineers is and what they do. Essentially, they are a federal agency that provides engineering services for both military and civilian needs.

Their primary mission as stated on their website is:

"To deliver vital public and military engineering services; partnering in peace and war to strengthen our nation’s security, energize the economy and reduce risks from disasters."

In simpler terms, they work to provide infrastructure support for both humanitarian efforts as well as national defense.

The History Behind The Us ArmY cORPS oF eNGINEERS sEATTLE

The history behind this specific division goes back over 100 years ago when it was established during World War I. Initially created with only three employees focused solely on harbor improvements within Puget Sound (Seattle), it has since expanded significantly.

Today their main focus areas include:

  • Flood risk management
  • Navigation
  • Environmental restoration
  • Emergency operations

Given its strategic location near major waterways such as Lake Washington & Puget Sound along with having some key airfields like Joint Base Lewis-McChord nearby makes it an important presence in Washington State.

Key Achievements by us army corps Of engineers seattle

Throughout its history dating back over 100 years ago until present-day times there have been several notable achievements made by this organization that are worth mentioning including :

  1. Building Military Camps During World War II:
    During WWII many camps were established across the country to house American soldiers who were preparing for deployment to the front lines. The US Army Corps of Engineers Seattle was instrumental in creating many of these camps including Camp Murray, a 220 acre facility located just south of Tacoma Washington which housed up to 14,000 troops at its peak.

  2. Building Lake Washington Ship Canal:
    This is one of the most notable achievements by this organization as it created a waterway between Seattle and Lake Union. This canal was considered an engineering marvel when it opened in 1917 and still provides vital transportation infrastructure for commerce today.

  3. Salmon Habitat Restoration Projects:
    The US Army Corps' work has extended beyond military projects over time with salmon habitat restoration being one such example. Working with partners like local communities & tribes they have implemented methods such as removing barriers that prevent fish from reaching their spawning grounds, planting vegetation and more.

Benefits Of Joining Us ArmY cORPS oF eNGINEERS sEATTLE

There are several benefits that come with joining this division within the larger Army Corps organization:

  1. Job Security
    With ongoing initiatives focused on environmental preservation & infrastructure development there are no shortage of opportunities available within this field ensuring job security long-term.

  2. Professional Development Opportunities:
    Joining any branch or division within military service presents unique challenges along with associated growth opportunities. By joining us army corps Of engineers seattle you'll be exposed to various professional development courses related specifically around engineering & construction topics while also getting hands-on experience working on real-world projects.


To conclude our comprehensive guide on us army corps Of engineers seattle- we hope you found it informative! Whether you're interested in pursuing a career within this specific division or simply curious about what they do, we believe it's important to know more about each organizations history along some key milestones achieved so far coupled alongside potential benefits if considering enlistment into said area.

Remember – the US Army Corps of Engineers Seattle is just one branch within a larger federal organization that provides engineering support to both military and civic need – so there's always more to learn!


What is the US Army Corps of Engineers Seattle District and what do they do?

The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Seattle District is a regulatory agency that oversees activities in and around bodies of water in the Pacific Northwest region. The district encompasses the states of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and North Dakota. They are responsible for ensuring that construction projects on or near waterways meet environmental regulations to protect aquatic ecosystems.

In addition to their regulatory responsibilities, the Seattle District also provides flood risk management services through its dam and levee programs. The district maintains several dams throughout its jurisdiction which regulate streams for power production purposes as well as provide protection from flooding downstream.

Furthermore, the corps acts as an advisory resource to other government agencies at local levels by providing technical assistance on engineering issues such as transportation infrastructure design.

How can I find out about upcoming contracting opportunities with the USACE Seattle District?

There are different ways you can stay informed about contracting opportunities with this district if you're seeking business from them; however their main platform would be where all federal contracting opportunities get listed after being vetted.

Moreover their acquisition team regularly posts updates about upcoming contracts on social media platforms like Linkedin so it's recommended to follow them there too (@SeattleUSACE). Finally attending outreach events hosted by either their offices or partnered organizations could also be helpful when seeking information regarding current/upcoming contract announcements.

It's important note that before bidding any project one must ensure they meet all requirements stated under each solicitation including registration on website under "System For Award Management" section

Can individuals visit any property operated by US Army Corps Of Engineers at Seattle?

Yes! Most lands managed by this organization are open year-round for public enjoyment including recreational activities such as hiking trails or camping spots – assuming no specific access restrictions have been placed due to safety concerns or sensitive ecological areas nearby.

However always check ahead if you’re unsure about restrictions and guidelines when visiting one of their properties. It’s also important to note that some locations managed by the Seattle District may require visitors to purchase a pass or obtain a permit before entering.

What are the requirements for obtaining permits from USACE Seattle District?

The type of permit required will depend on the proposed activity, location and how it could potentially affect aquatic environments in their jurisdiction. The Seattle district issues several types of permits including those for construction, excavation, drilling or placement of structures within bodies-of-water areas like wetlands.

Before applying for any permits it's recommended to review both federal regulations such as Clean Water Act (CWA), Endangered Species Act (ESA) as well as local policies specific to particular area one is interested in operating within.

Permit applicants typically submit applications online through Electronic Permitting System called "ePermits" which will get reviewed by a team at USACE offices which can take anywhere from weeks up-to months based on complexity involved with each project.

It's essential you contact them early enough if there are concerns/questions regarding your application.

How do I contact US Army Corps Of Engineers at Seattle?

The best way is by using mail address –
US Army Corps Of Engineers
Seattle District
4735 E Marginal Way S
Seattle WA 98134-2383

You can also email them directly using however they recommend contacting appropriate personnel using direct phone numbers readily available via their website ‘Contact Us’ section.

Their office hours are Monday-Friday between 8:00AM-4:30PM Pacific Time except during holidays observed.

For emergencies outside normal business hours please call Emergency Operations Center number : (206)-764-3750.

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