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US Army Graduation 2022: Celebrating the Accomplishments of the Nation’s Newest Soldiers

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US Army Graduation 2022. These four words carry a lot of weight for those who have been striving to become part of the United States Armed Forces. It marks not only the end of their basic training but also symbolizes their commitment to serve and protect their country.

For those who are unfamiliar with military traditions, graduation from basic training is not your typical ceremony. It is a rite of passage that signifies one's transformation from an ordinary citizen to a member of the US Armed Forces. The rigorous and challenging journey that these men and women go through during basic training results in graduates feeling proud, accomplished, and ready to begin serving as soldiers in various capacities.

This article will delve deeper into what goes on during US Army Graduation 2022 ceremonies – from the rituals performed to speeches given by distinguished guests- all geared towards celebrating this significant milestone in every graduate's life. So sit back, relax, and read on as we explore what makes this day unforgettable for our brave soldiers-to-be!

US Army Graduation 2022: What You Need to Know

The graduation ceremony is a special and emotional occasion for anyone who has gone through military training. It's an opportunity to celebrate the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice of our brave soldiers in serving their country. In this article, we will focus on the upcoming US Army Graduation 2022 and what you need to know.

When Will the 2022 Graduation Take Place?

The graduation dates for each military base vary based on multiple factors such as location, number of trainees in a batch etc. However traditionally most graduations take place between April and September with some starting as early as late February of that year.

Where Will it be Held?

US army graduations are typically held at Military installations or bases where soldiers have completed their basic training programs. Some popular deployment locations include Fort Benning (Georgia), Fort Jackson (South Carolina), Fort Leonard Wood (Missouri) among others.

Who Can Attend The Ceremony?

Graduations ceremonies are usually open only to family members or guardians of the graduates along with senior officers from within the branch they belong too strictly by invitation only. Guests must carry valid IDs and clearances before entering these secured premises due to which attending a military graduation is not always very easy if you do not plan ahead.

How Long Is The Ceremony?

Graduation ceremonies can last anywhere from two hours upwards depending on how many soldiers are graduating in that particular event along with speeches given by commanding officers & other officials present at the event . Although it may feel long ,it's worth remembering that every minute spent commemorating our heroes counts!

What Happens During A Typical Graduation Ceremony?

At an army graduation ceremony there will be various events taking place including drill displays which involve precision marching drills performed by cadets followed by speeches given both by invited speakers/officials including fellow graduates themselves where they speak about their experiences and how grateful they are to have made it through the rigorous training process. The ceremony ends with a flag lowering/retreat ceremony as well as the 'Pass in Review' where graduates parade past their families & officials who inspect them for readiness

What Should You Wear to an Army Graduation?

It's important that guests dress appropriately when attending a graduation ceremony. While there is no strict dress code, it's best to wear something business casual or formal. Avoid wearing anything too revealing or casual, such as shorts or flip-flops.


The US Army Graduation 2022 will be an event of pride and honor not just for those graduating but also their families and all Americans at large . It's important that we continue supporting our troops in any way possible so they can keep protecting us wherever we may be!


What is the date of the US Army Graduation 2022?

The date of the US Army Graduation varies depending on a number of factors such as location, training, and graduation requirements. However, most US Army Graduations for Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) are typically held during different times throughout the year. If you are wondering about your specific graduation date for 2022, it is best to contact your unit or local installation.

Typically, BCT graduations are held within ten weeks after basic training commences at locations such as Fort Benning in Georgia or Fort Jackson in South Carolina. AIT graduations follow basic training and can last between seven to fifty-two weeks depending on one’s military occupational specialty (MOS). The dates for AIT graduations vary based on each soldier's MOS.

It’s important to note that due to COVID-19 restrictions there has been some disruption with military installations which may impact scheduled events including graduation ceremonies. It's best to monitor official updates from relevant authorities concerning possible changes in schedules.

Can families attend the US Army Graduation Ceremony?

Yes! Family members and guests are encouraged to attend their soldier’s ceremony provided they meet certain criteria such as obtaining adequate clearance by security personnel prior access being granted onto an army base.

For instance visitors who do not carry a Department of Defense identification card should expect rigorous security check-ins which could either be time-consuming or restricted altogether if deemed unfit by military officials upon arrival at a base.

Also keep in mind that COVID-19 guidelines have introduced new protocols dictating how many guests may be allowed per graduate respectively hence it would be wise reviewing updated guidance related before attending any event relating thereto.

How long does a typical US Army Graduation Ceremony last?

The duration of an average U.S army graduation ceremony depends largely on various elements involved including guest speakers invited along with the size of the graduating class.

For BCT ceremonies, attendees can expect an event that typically lasts between one to two hours while AIT graduations tend to last longer due to larger number of soldiers graduating and more complex MOS training being completed. Ceremony schedules generally involve formal parades, musical performances and speeches from dignitaries in attendance.

What should graduates wear for their graduation ceremony?

It is mandatory for all Military Personnel attending any graduation ceremony to be dressed appropriately in accordance with military dress code standards.

BCT graduates are expected to be dressed in their Army Combat Uniform (ACU) or Dress Blues (Army Service Uniform); While AIT Graduates traditionally wear either their ACU or Dress Blues depending on unit directives.

Guests attending the ceremony are also advised to dress respectfully while adhering appropriate military decorum guidelines for events such as these. This includes dressing conservatively while avoiding clothing that reveals too much skin like shorts, flip-flops, tank tops etc.

It is advisable not bring extra coats or jackets into a venue unless absolutely necessary as this may cause long delays at security points which could ultimately lead you miss certain parts of proceedings

How do I find information regarding my soldier's US Army Graduation?

There are several ways family members and friends can stay updated with information related U.S army graduations held throughout different locations nationwide including social media sites like Facebook pages dedicated solely towards individual army units .

Other options include checking regularly on official web pages such as or contacting your soldier’s unit directly via phone using contact details provided during basic training orientation briefings given upon arrival at designated base facilities.
Additionally it's importantlto keep communication channels open since plans could change without notice hence having up-to-date contact details would allow pertinent notifications reach intended recipients promptly.

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