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US Army Hat Types: A Comprehensive Guide

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US Army hats are an essential part of a soldier's uniform. They not only protect soldiers from the sun and other elements but also serve as a symbol of their service to their country. Hats have always been an integral part of military uniforms, and the US Army is no exception. There are several types of US Army hats that soldiers wear for different occasions, each with its unique design and purpose.

Whether it's for formal or casual events, there is a specific type of hat that suits each occasion. From the iconic drill sergeant campaign hat to the practical boonie hat used in combat situations, each headgear has its own history and significance in the army culture. Soldiers take pride in wearing these hats as they represent not only their unit but also America's military strength.

In this article, we will discuss different types of US army hats worn by soldiers on various occasions without answering what those types actually are directly or explicitly assuming what topics we will cover later on this topic specifically while keeping readers engaged throughout our discussion about these important pieces within military culture- so read on!

US Army Hat Types: Everything You Need to Know

As a symbol of pride and patriotism, the hats worn by the US Army are not only functional but also iconic. With various types of hats available for soldiers, it can be challenging to choose which one best suits their needs. In this article, we'll discuss different types of US Army hat styles that you need to know.

Types of US Army Hats

The type of hat worn by a soldier depends on their rank and field position. Here are some popular army hat types:

Patrol Cap

Perhaps the most common type among all army hats is the patrol cap or "Ranger" cap. It has a flat top and round sides with ventilation holes for breathability in hot weather conditions. The patrol cap provides added warmth during cold weather while also offering sun protection.

Boonie Hat

Another popular option is the boonie hat which features wide brims that provide protection against sunlight rays while keeping bugs away from your face and neck area as you move through dense foliage.


Berets are worn among special forces like Green Berets and Rangers who wear black berets as part of their uniform; airborne rangers wear maroon berets; while other soldiers wear tan-colored ones depending on their unit affiliation.

Campaign Hat

Campaign hats were used during World War II by drill sergeants who trained new recruits before deployment into combat zones where they were replaced with helmets instead due to safety hazards associated with them at that time period – nowadays its use exists only in ceremonial purposes such as graduations or parades.

Benefits Of Wearing Different Types Of Hats In The Us Army

Each type offers benefits specific to its design purpose:

  • The patrol cap's sturdy design makes it perfect for outdoor activities.
  • Boonie hats offer more coverage than caps making them ideal for those working in direct sunlight.
  • Berets have become synonymous with special forces and command respect from those who see them.
  • Campaign hats project an element of authority, making them a good choice for drill instructors and other military officials.

In general, army hats are designed to protect soldiers from the elements while also offering style and practicality.

Tips For Choosing The Right US Army Hat

When choosing an army hat, consider the following tips:

  • Think about what kind of activity you will be doing. If you're going on a mission that will require time spent outdoors in direct sunlight or harsh weather conditions like rain/snow/wind then choose a hat accordingly.
  • Consider your unit affiliation as certain units require specific types/colours of hats based on their uniform code guidelines.
  • Look at different designs available before making your decision; there's no harm in trying out various styles until you find one that suits both your needs and personality best!


As we have seen, there are many types of US Army Hats designed to meet specific needs. From patrol caps to campaign hats – each has its advantages depending on what type of activity is taking place. When selecting which hat best suits your requirements think about all these factors so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing one!


What are the different types of US Army hats?

The United States Army has a wide range of hat types that symbolize its various units, divisions, and ranks. Some popular hats worn by army personnel include berets, patrol caps, boonie hats, campaign hats and helmet covers.

The beret is one of the most recognizable army headgear. The Green Beret or Special Forces Beret is worn only by soldiers who have passed the rigorous training required to join this elite force. Other colored berets are also worn by soldiers belonging to different divisions in the army.

Patrol Caps are another commonly used hat type that can be seen in nearly every theater of conflict where US troops have been deployed over recent years. This cap has a flat top and rounded sides with a short brim covering the forehead to provide shade for eyes from direct sunlight.

Boonie Hats (also known as sun hats) were first introduced during Vietnam War as an alternative headwear option for soldiers navigating through jungle terrain; they feature an adjustable chin strap allowing them to be tied under your chin when not being worn on your head but still strapped around your neck if needed quickly again while remaining secure against natural elements.

Campaign Hats (also known as Drill instructors' Hat) were first issued way back in 1911; it was designed specifically for use during drill instruction purposes among other things like parades etc.; nowadays you can also see them being used by high-ranking officers during formal events such as ceremonies or funerals

Finally we have Helmet Covers which serve two main purposes: firstly they help protect helmets from natural elements like dust/dirt/scratches etc., secondly these covers help camouflage helmets against background scenery aiding better stealth tactical movements especially useful when operating behind enemy lines.

How should I choose my US Army hat?

Choosing an appropriate army hat requires considering several factors such as its purpose/utility , comfort level , durability , design aesthetics & personal preference.

If you're going to be wearing your hat in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, you'll want something with a brim that gives good coverage over the forehead and back of the neck. The Boonie Hat is an excellent choice as it provides ample shade while also being lightweight and comfortable.

For those who require more protection from harsh weather conditions, Patrol Caps are recommended; They have a longer visor which does not let rain or snow fall on face/eyes allowing better visibility & practicality when carrying out operations in rough terrains.

Campaign hats are perfect for formal events such as parades or graduation ceremonies; they give off a professional look and can help distinguish officers from enlisted personnel.

Finally, If you plan on wearing your hat during drills/exercises then consider investing in helmet covers which will protect your helmet against damage while also providing necessary camouflage options.

Are US Army hats unisex?

Yes! Most US Army Hats are designed to be unisex meaning both genders can wear them without any issue. Although there may be some minor variations among different styles but overall most army hats follow similar design aesthetics making them versatile enough to suit either gender.

Patrol Caps, Berets & Boonies all come under this category where their functionality is prioritized over their visual appeal hence they sport designs that cater towards universal use without losing out on quality or comfort levels regardless of gender differences between wearers.

How do I care for my US Army hat?

Caring for an army hat primarily depends upon its material construction.
Most Patrol caps & boonies made up of cotton/polyester blend materials thus easy to clean by gently washing with mild soap/detergent solution using hands followed by air dry (avoiding direct sunlight).

Berets made up woolen fabric should only be hand washed with cold water using mild detergent avoiding rub/crush/twist actions

Campaign Hats need specific brushing technique along the grain of the felt. They should be kept in a dry place and away from direct sunlight to avoid drying out or fading.

Helmet covers are usually made up of durable materials like nylon or polyester which allows them to be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth if necessary.

How can I purchase my US Army hat?

There are many retail stores that sell US army hats online as well as physical stores located throughout the country. Some popular sites include Amazon, eBay, and military surplus stores.

When buying an army hat online, make sure you check its authenticity & quality by reading customer reviews & ratings before making final decisions for best experience possible.

For those looking for specific designs/colors etc., it's recommended to visit your local military surplus store where staff members can offer personalized advice based on their experience handling different types of military headgear. Plus it also gives you option to try on different styles before making final purchasing decisions!

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