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US Army Infantry Badges: A Guide to Earning and Understanding

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Infantry badges US Army. These words may seem insignificant to some, but to many members of the military, these badges hold a significant amount of meaning. For those who have served in the infantry division of the US Army, earning one of these badges is a source of pride and honor.

Infantry badges are awarded to soldiers who have completed basic training and advanced individual training (AIT) in an infantry-related job specialty within the US Army. The badge represents a soldier's proficiency in their field and signifies their commitment to serving our country on the front lines.

In this article, we will go beyond just discussing what an infantry badge is and delve into its history, how it has evolved over time, as well as what different types exist today. We will also explore how one can earn such a badge and discuss what it means for someone's military career once they do so. So without further ado – read on!

Infantry Badges in the US Army

Infantry badges are a symbol of pride and honor for soldiers serving in the United States Army. These badges signify that a soldier has completed advanced training in infantry tactics, weapons, and combat techniques. In this article, we will discuss the history of infantry badges, their importance to soldiers and commanders alike, and how you can earn one.

History of Infantry Badges

The first official U.S.A. infantry badge was created during World War II by General George S. Patton Jr., who wanted to recognize his elite troops' contributions on the battlefield. The original badge was made up of an oval-shaped wreath with an eagle at its center holding a musket in its talons surrounded by two cross rifles.

Over time, these requirements have been expanded significantly; currently enlisted personnel must complete Basic Combat Training (BCT) followed by Advanced Individual Training (AIT) before they can receive their infantry badge.

Benefits Of Wearing An Infantry Badge

There are many benefits associated with earning an infantry badge while serving within the U.S military;


Soldiers who wear those badgers enjoy recognition from fellow service members as well as civilians outside military circles.

Increased Promotion Opportunities

Wearing this bagde signals that you have undergone extra training over-and-above your basic training which could make it easier to get promoted or selected for special assignments.

Enhanced Reputation And Professionalism

Once awarded such a prestigious symbol signifies professional growth for any soldier's career path resulting into pride amongst colleagues.

Types Of Infantry Badges

Infantry badges can be classified into three main types:

1-Combat Action Badge
2-Expert Infantryman Badge
3-Expert Soldier Marksmanship Badge

Combat Action Badge

A Combat action badge is awarded to service members who engage directly with hostile entities or enemy forces during combat operations solely under defensive circumstances only.
They are not restricted solely to infantry soldiers, but all those who have gone into combat under the conditions mentioned above are eligible.

Expert Infantryman Badge

An expert infantryman badge (EIB) is rewarded to those who have demonstrated proficiency in a range of Infantry skills after completing their advanced individual training. Some of such skills including day and night land navigation, weapons identification, and maintenance as well as medical aid delivery.
The EIB test consists of numerous challenging events that include patrolling against mock enemies while providing first aid simultaneously.

Expert Soldier Marksmanship Badge

This bagde involves proficient use of firearms by both enlisted personnel and officers alike. The marksmanship badge requires a soldier to demonstrate his/her ability to hit targets at varying distances with different weapon systems.

How To Earn An Infantry Badge

To earn an infantry badge in the United States Army, you must complete Basic Combat Training (BCT) followed by Advanced Individual Training (AIT). After completion you will be awarded your initial branch insignia signifying that you've been trained for service within one particular military branch like Signal Corps or Military Intelligence for instance.

If interested in earning an infantry bagde specifically; additional requirements must be met like:

1- Completing 14 weeks long advanced individual training at Fort Benning
2- Passing multiple tests covering areas such as patrolling drills, weapons proficiency demonstrations amongst others.


Infantry badges serve not only as symbols but also acts rewards earned through dedication and hard work during assignment serving our country. If considering joining the United States Army troops' ranks or already there? Consider seeking out advance training opportunities towards earning this honorable recognition!


What are Infantry Badges in the US Army and what do they signify?

Infantry badges are military awards issued by the United States Army to soldiers who have completed infantry training and demonstrated proficiency in infantry skills. These badges represent the soldier's level of expertise and specialization within the army. The primary purpose of issuing these icons is to recognize those who have successfully completed basic or advanced training courses, as well as combat deployment.

The Infantry Badge has two classifications: The Expert Infantry Badge (EIB) and Combat Infantry Badge (CIB). A soldier can wear both simultaneously on their uniform if they meet eligibility requirements for both badges.

The EIB indicates that a soldier has demonstrated a higher level of skill, knowledge, stamina, physical fitness, tactical competence than his peers. It also signifies mastery in specialty tasks such as land navigation, weapons handling with various weapons systems commonly used by infantry troops including grenades launchers.

On the other hand CIB signifies recognition for soldiers who have actively participated in ground combat while assigned or attached to an infantry unit during battle conditions against armed enemies such us guerrilla warfare groups or enemy forces during WWII.

It's important to note that these distinctions not only serve as accomplishments but provide career advancement opportunities for service members since having special qualification significantly increases chances promotion within ranks.

Who is eligible for an Expert Infantry Badge?

To be eligible for the EIB badge one must undergo rigorous evaluation processes including passing common obstacle course tests; proper battlefield operations conduct; live-fire exercises scenarios testing proficiency with various weapons systems from rifles up through grenade launchers etc…; sharpshooter qualifications among others.Therefore this award being considered one of highest honors received by enlisted personnel requires significant effort from every candidate

In order to qualify a candidate must already hold qualified positions within their unit such us 11B – INFANTRYMAN OR WOMAN- which means you've already gone through Basic Combat Training(BCT) & Advanced Individual Training(AIT) with an MOS of 11B. They must also pass the EIB test, which involves a series of hands-on evaluations that measure proficiency in navigating across terrain, communicating effectively and responding to real-life battlefield scenarios.

Who is eligible for a Combat Infantry Badge?

The CIB is awarded to soldiers who have actively participated in ground combat while assigned or attached to an infantry unit during battle conditions against armed enemies. A soldier must be present and engage the enemy forces while under hostile fire.

Soldiers who served during WWII are eligible for retroactive recognition with certain requirements met such as being on active duty between December 7,1941 – September 3rd ,1945; hold Infantry or Special Forces MOS; In addition their actions should reflect exemplary behavior that set them apart from others especially when it comes to engaging enemy forces face-to-face.

How does one go about applying for either badge?

For the Expert Infantry Badge once you’ve achieved all requirements you need approval from your company commander before proceeding through testing procedures. If you're successful at demonstrating these skills then this will result in receiving certification as well as authorization wear badge upon getting official orders form higher command.
However if unsuccessful candidate can continue training until they meet required standards even after multiple attempts up until five times within two years.

On other hand application process for Combat Infantry Badge requires proof that soldier has actively participated ground combat while assigned into infantry unit under hostile fire situations (such engagements where weapons get discharged). It's important when applying provide proper documentation such us personnel records showing time & place where action took place including witness statements if available

Are there any alternatives ways to earn these badges besides enlisting?

No, there are currently no alternative ways anyone can receive either of these insignia badges without serving within US Army nor having completed required course trainings/certifications proving eligibility.These badges signify specialized knowledge sets unique only towards those serving military roles, as a result they can not be obtained through civilian means.

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