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US Army Motto: What Is It & What Does It Mean?

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What is the US Army motto? If you're curious about this question, you're in the right place. The US Army has a long and rich history that dates back to 1775 when it was created to protect America's colonies. Over time, it has become one of the most respected military forces in the world.

The US Army's motto has evolved over time, and it represents their values and mission. It serves as a reminder of their duty to serve and protect our country. In this article, we will explore what exactly is the US Army motto, its meanings throughout history, how they uphold these values in their everyday work life as well as on active duty missions abroad.

If you want to know more about what drives one of America’s greatest institutions- look no further! Read on for an enlightening exploration into what makes up this essential value system for those who serve under American colors around the globe!

What is the US Army Motto?

The United States Army is one of the largest and most powerful armies in the world. They have a rich history and traditions that are respected throughout the world. One of these famous traditions is their motto, which has been an integral part of their culture for many years.

The Origin

The US Army's motto, "This we'll defend," was first used by James Wolfe, a British general who fought alongside American soldiers during the French and Indian War in 1758. He said this phrase while describing his confidence in his troops to hold ground against enemy attacks.

Later on, it was adopted as an official motto by various units within the U.S. military over time before becoming widely recognized across all branches ever since.

What Does It Mean?

"This we'll defend" refers to protecting what matters most: freedom, democracy, justice – everything that makes America great. It signifies not only defending physical territory but also upholding ideals such as liberty and equality.

In essence, it represents a promise made by each soldier to guard America against threats foreign or domestic with unwavering courage and commitment – no matter how perilous or challenging those tasks may be!

Other Military Mottos

While "This we'll defend" remains unique to America's army forces specifically – every branch has its own set of mottos! Here are some examples:

  • Navy: "Not for self but country"
  • Air Force: "Aim High"
  • Marines: “Semper Fidelis” (Always Faithful)
  • Coast Guard:" Semper Paratus” (Always Ready)

Each service branch slogan reflects different values ranging from strength through diversity (Air Force) all-around readiness at any time under any circumstance (Coast Guard).

Moreover,the various units within each branch also have specific mottos highlighting their role/division’s responsibilities like Infantry division's “Follow Me,” or the Army Rangers' "Rangers Lead The Way!"

Final Words

The US Army has always been known for its unwavering commitment to duty and service. Their motto, "This we'll defend," is a testament to their dedication and loyalty towards protecting the nation's values, ideals, and people.

Through this article, we've seen how it originated from British General James Wolfe during colonial times before being adopted by units across all branches of military forces in America. Furthermore,military mottos are unique identifiers that not only reflect national spirit but evoke pride among members of different units.

So next time you see an American soldier proudly sporting their uniform with “This We’ll Defend” emblem on it – remember what it truly signifies!


What is the US Army Motto and its significance?

The United States Army has a long and distinguished history, stretching back to the Revolutionary War. Since then, it has been involved in numerous conflicts around the world. As such, it has developed various mottos that represent its ethos and values.

The most well-known motto of the US Army is "This We'll Defend." This phrase represents not just a commitment to defending American interests but also an unwavering dedication to upholding American values like freedom and democracy.

It's important to understand that this motto isn't just something written on a website or painted on a wall; it's something that every member of the army takes with them into battle. It becomes part of their identity as soldiers fighting for their country – they are defending not just territory but also ideas.

This motto can be seen everywhere in military culture – from unit patches and flags to tattoos adorning soldiers' arms. It reinforces what drives these brave men and women who serve our country: patriotism, duty, honor, courage.

Is "This We'll Defend" always translated literally?

While "This We'll Defend" may seem straightforward at first glance, many people wonder if there are different interpretations or translations of this phrase depending on context or specific situations.

In truth," This We'll Defend" is meant quite literally – it's simply saying that members of the US Army will defend their country against all threats foreign or domestic. The motive behind this slogan goes beyond mere lip service; every soldier understands what they're signing up for when they join up – putting themselves in harm’s way so Americans can live freely.

When was “This we’ll defend” adopted by The United States' Military Forces?

"This we’ll defend" was officially adopted as the U.S Army’s primary motto back in 1896 after replacing previous slogans such as “Onward” (1812) and “All for One” (1860s). Since then, the motto has become an integral part of military culture and is known worldwide.

The phrase can be found in many places within military installations, including plaques displayed throughout bases as a reminder of what soldiers fight for. It's also used on formal documents such as enlistment contracts and official memorandums.

Overall," This We’ll Defend" may have been adopted more than a century ago, but it still resonates with every member of the US Army today. It serves as both a source of pride and motivation.

How does "This we'll defend" fit into The United States' Military Forces' wider philosophy?

As mentioned earlier," This We'll Defend" isn't just some empty slogan – it fits into the broader values that guide The United States’ Military Forces: honor, duty respect & selfless service among others.

These principles are meant to inspire all members to embrace teamwork while carrying out their responsibilities without fail. In essence being willing to put aside personal interests in favour of those who rely upon them most – America’s citizens- ensuring they stay safe from harm at all times.

What other mottos do different branches within The United States Armed Forces use alongside "This we'll defend"?

While "This We'll Defend" remains the primary motto for the U.S Army; other branches within The United States Armed forces have their own slogans that reflect each branch's identity & history:

-The US Navy uses "Non Sibi Sed Patriae,” which translates to “Not Self But Country.”

-The Air Force uses “Aim High…Fly-Fight-Win” reflecting their objective-oriented approach towards conflict resolution.

-Marine Corps has“Semper Fidelis,” or simply Semper Fi meaning always faithful- another popular slogan well-known globally representing commitment towards one’s cause/ideal regardless any obstacle thrown your way .

Each of these mottos reflects the unique mission and purpose of each branch, but they all share a common thread in their commitment to serving our country with honor and distinction.

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