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US Army Special Forces Patches: A Complete Guide

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US Army Special Forces Patches – the very mention of these words brings to mind images of bravery, courage and sacrifice. These patches are not mere pieces of fabric, but symbols that represent the spirit and dedication of our special forces soldiers. The artistry, symbolism and history behind each patch is a testament to their service and commitment.

From the classic Green Beret patch to more recent designs such as those worn by soldiers who served in Iraq or Afghanistan, each patch tells a unique story about the unit that wears it. They are often designed with intricate details such as weapons, animals or historic landmarks which make them truly one-of-a-kind.

If you're interested in learning more about these iconic patches worn by US Army Special Forces units throughout history then read on for an insightful glimpse into their significance!

US Army Special Forces Patches: Everything You Need to Know


In the United States Army, patches are an essential part of a soldier's uniform. They serve as a symbol of pride and achievement, representing units, divisions, and specializations within the military. For members of the US Army Special Forces, also known as Green Berets, their patches carry even more weight. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about US Army Special Forces patches.

What is a US Army Special Forces Patch?

A patch is a small piece of cloth that can be attached to clothing or equipment with adhesive backing or by sewing it on. It usually features an embroidered design representing an insignia for identification purposes.

The United States Military uses various types of patches on their uniforms for different reasons such as:

  • To identify the member’s unit
  • To commemorate specific achievements
  • To recognize certain accomplishments
  • As symbols of membership in elite groups

For members serving in The United States Army Green Berets (USASFC), there are several types of special forces badges worn including:

  1. Combat Infantry Badge (CIB)
  2. Ranger Tab
  3. Airborne Tab
  4. Special Operations SSI

However one thing that sets them apart from other branches within The U.S military are its unique collectionof colorful beret flash.

History behind USASFC Patches

During World War II some troops began designing their own insignias which were initially placed on helmets using paint pens ,then transferred onto jackets . This practice became common during Vietnam war where soldiers sewed extra memorabilia along with morale boosting quotes onto backpacks and jackets .

A few years after Armistice Day when America was celebrating Victory over Germany General Marshall signed into law act allowing soldiers to wear shoulder sleeve insignia.In 1956 A distinctive headgear color was authorized by JFK who thought it would be a great way to distinguish U.S Army from other branches of The U.S military. He chose the color green because it was the standard uniform color of USASFC at that time.

Today, soldiers in Special Forces wear their patches with pride as they represent both their unit and the accomplishments they have achieved.

Types of US Army Special Forces Patches

There are several different types of patches worn by members of the US Army Special Forces:

  1. Flash Patch: This is a rectangular patch worn on the front pocket flap or left shoulder that features a distinctive emblem for each group within United States army special forces.
  2. Crest Insignia: These are also known as DUIs (Distinctive Unit Insignia). They’re smaller than flash patches and feature symbols specific to units.
  3. Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (SSI): Also known as “patch”, this identifies which division or branch you belong to.

How are Patches Obtained?

Many who join Green Berets go through rigorous training before finally becoming an official member. It’s only after passing all required courses can one earn permission to wear The Green Beret .

Along with completing mandated requirements, new members must attend graduation day where they will be awarded various badges including Tactical Combat Casualty Care Badge ,Jump wings and last but not least- A Green beret which needsto be sewn onto your uniform .

After earning these awards post completion for basic course soldier now becomes eligible to earn qualification badge in any number from more than ten fields such as Military Freefall Parachutist Badge, HALO Jump Wings , Ranger Tab amongst others .


In conclusion, US Army Special Forces patches carry immense meaning behind them representing both pride in membership along with achievements earned through dedication & hard work. With so many distinct insignias available today there's something unique about every patch making it an important part anyone’s wardrobe who has served under The Green Beret.


What are US Army Special Forces patches and what do they represent?

US Army Special Forces patches are embroidered insignia worn on the uniforms of soldiers belonging to the United States Army’s elite Special Forces units. These patches represent a soldier's membership in a specific unit, their rank, and often times their accomplishments or missions. Each patch has its own unique design, with different symbols that signify various aspects of the unit's history, mission objectives or culture.

The Green Berets are among some of the most well-known special forces groups who wear these types of patches. For example, one popular patch design is for the 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) which features an arrowhead shape with a stylized dagger running through it. The arrowhead represents airborne operations while the dagger symbolizes unconventional warfare.

These patches hold significant meaning to those who have served as part of special forces units and proudly display them on their uniform as badges of honor for their time spent in service.

Where can I purchase authentic US Army Special Forces Patches?

There are several reputable online stores where you can purchase authentic US army special forces patches such as and It is important to ensure that you only buy from authorized dealers so that you get high-quality items that accurately reflect your service record.

Additionally, if you want custom-made designs for your specific needs like certain colors or sizes then there might be other online retailers available too but make sure they meet military standards before buying from them.

It is also recommended to visit physical military surplus stores near any major bases around you since they could carry genuine products at reasonable prices if not better than those found online.

Can non-US army personnel wear US army special forces Patches?

No, wearing any type of US military badge/insignia by civilians without proper authority is illegal under federal law (18 U.S.C § 704). This includes wearing US Army Special Forces patches. Unauthorized wear of uniforms and insignia is considered a serious offense and can result in legal action taken against the offender.

However, exceptions are only made for certain groups such as veterans, military retirees/dependent family members who can wear their authorized patches with some limitations. It is important to note that even veterans cannot falsely claim to have served in any particular unit or result in consequences.

Can I design my own US army special forces patch?

No, it is prohibited for individuals to design their own US Army special forces patches without proper authority. These designs must be approved by the unit's command or higher headquarters before production starts so that authenticity and standards are maintained.

Additionally, unauthorized reproduction of government property including badges/insignias may lead to severe consequences if found guilty under federal law (18 U.S.C § 506). It’s better to get help from professionals who specialize in creating authentic military items so you get an accurate representation of your service record on your uniform.

Are there any regulations regarding wearing multiple US army special forces patches at once?

Yes, there are specific regulations regarding wearing multiple American flags as well as other authorized adornments on a uniform shirt like shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI), rank insignia etc., but each has its own guidelines according to different units' policies which may vary depending upon rank or position held within the organization.

It’s important for service members within these organizations always adhere closely not only those set forth by higher command levels though also keeping up-to-date with all mandatory regulations issued down through chain-of-command channels too otherwise they risk being subject disciplinary actions ranging from reprimands up until discharge/commission revocation depending upon circumstances involved!

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