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US Navy Choker White Uniform: A Classic and Iconic Dress Code

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The US Navy choker white uniform is an iconic ensemble that has been a symbol of the United States Navy for decades. This uniform is worn by sailors during formal occasions, and it features a white dress shirt, black tie, and dress pants. The distinguishing feature of this uniform is the "choker" collar that sits high up on the neck.

This article will delve into the history of this revered attire and explore its significance in the US Navy. We will discuss how it came to be part of the navy's dress code, who wears it, and why it remains an essential part of naval tradition today. So if you're curious about learning more about one of America's most distinguished uniforms – keep reading!

US Navy Choker White Uniform: An Overview

When it comes to the United States Navy, there are few things as iconic and recognizable as the choker white uniform. This crisp and clean dress uniform is worn for formal occasions, such as ceremonies, parades, and other special events. As a member of the US Navy donning this particular ensemble, one can't help but feel proud of their service.

In this article we will explore all aspects related to the choker white uniform of US navy. We will deep dive into its history and significance in modern times while also discussing various features that make it stand out from other uniforms used by military forces around the world.

History Of The Choker White Uniform

The history behind the choker white uniform dates back over 150 years when during mid-19th century an order was issued by Secretary of War Jefferson Davis stating that enlisted sailors should be provided with a standardised clothing attire which would include both winter & summer uniforms along with different types of headwear including caps (blue woolen) or hats (straw). However in 1886 when Congress passed legislation which mandated enlisted personnel be given new “dress blues” wearing them became optional officers continued wearing traditional black coats on top high-collared shirts frequently known colloquially at “chokers”.

It wasn't until much later that these two separate items were combined into what we now know today as the "choker white" or "summer whites." This variant took inspiration from British naval traditions where officers would wear white while stationed near tropical regions like India.

Over time, adjustments have been made to ensure comfortability without compromising style. Currently chambray trousers are incorporated instead of heavy denim ones making it lightweight yet durable material.

Significance Of The Chocker White Uniform

The chocker whites serve multiple purposes within its use case scenario but primarily signifies pride in being part United States Naval force hence its nickname, “Dress Whites”. Since the uniform is not worn daily but only during specific events it stands out and establishes a sense of discipline and professionalism among personnel which also serves as a benchmark for behavior. When donning this particular uniform, sailors feel an increased sense of responsibility to represent themselves and their country with utmost respect.

Features Of The Choker White Uniform

The choker white is made up from 100% polyester fabric ensuring durability while being lightweight & comfortable. It's composed of numerous parts including:

  • Dress Jacket: A fitted jacket that has three gold buttons on each side , two pockets & golden epaulettes' shoulder straps signifying rank.
  • Trousers: Made up consistent with traditional style yet using lighter material known as chambray which makes it easier to move around in.
  • Shirt: Made similarly to dress blues shirts but using different materials; usually worn along with black tie or bowtie.
  • Belt : A white one-inch-wide belt complements the uniform overall look.

In addition, many US Navy servicemen are required to wear additional accessories such as cover (hat), gloves etc depending on type event they are attending.

Comparison With Other Military Uniforms

There's no denying that the choker white uniform stands out amongst other military dress uniforms. Compared to other branches within United States Military force like Army or Air Force whose formal dress uniforms feature darker colors typically either blue or green hues this distinctive ensemble portrays cleanliness through use of stark whiteness while maintaining high regard for tradition by incorporating classic cut tailoring techniques in jackets and trousers .

Internationally British Royal Navy also incorporates similar traditions via wearing full-dress whites whereas Russian Naval officers opt for traditional blue/green styled attire during ceremonies making them distinctively unique in their own way.


Overall, the US Navy’s choker white uniform is an iconic piece of clothing attire that evokes feelings pride within both enlisted service personnel and civilians alike. As seen through its historical significance, signifying importance of discipline & professionalism, as well as features which make it stand out from other military uniforms in the world – it's clear why this particular uniform is so beloved by all who wear it.


What is the US Navy Choker White Uniform?

The US Navy choker white uniform is a formal military dress worn by the officers, chiefs, and sailors of the United States Navy. This uniform consists of a short-sleeved, fitted white shirt with a black necktie (also called "choker"), along with matching trousers or skirt for women. The choker collar style distinguishes this uniform from other dress uniforms in the navy.

The origin of this uniform dates back to 1866 when it was first introduced as part of summer service dress. Since then, it has become one of the most iconic and recognizable symbols of naval tradition and heritage throughout history.

Today, this elegant yet simple attire is reserved for special occasions such as official receptions, ceremonies like change-of-command or retirement events where members are expected to represent their country with honor.

How do I properly wear my US Navy Choker White Uniform?

Proper wearing instructions for your US Navy chocker white uniform may vary depending on rank and occasion but generally include specific guidelines set forth in official publications such as NAVPERS 15665I which covers all aspects related to navy uniforms including how to wear them correctly.

For example:

  • The shirt should be tucked into trousers/skirt at all times.
  • Trousers/skirt should sit at natural waist level.
  • A black leather belt must be worn with trousers (except maternity).
  • Shoes must be polished black low-quarter shoes without any visible toe caps.
  • Necktie knot should touch top edge collar but not extend beyond bottom edge
    And so on..

It's important that you familiarize yourself with these requirements before wearing your chocker white unform and ensure they're followed meticulously so you can present an appropriate image while representing your country in any setting.

Can I customize my US Navy Chocker White Uniform?

No! customization is not allowed when it comes to military uniforms within U.S Navy. This is because these uniforms are not just recognized symbols of national service, but also serve the purpose of promoting uniformity and discipline among its members.

Any deviation from the standard appearance, such as unauthorized uniform modifications or embellishments may be seen as a violation of military regulations which can lead to disciplinary actions including demotion, reprimand or even dismissal from service.

Thus it's advisable that you don't try to customize your chocker white unform in any way; rather focus on wearing it with precision and dignity for all official occasions.

How do I maintain my US Navy Choker White Uniform?

Maintaining your US navy chocker white unform is very important so that they'll remain looking their best while you are performing your duties. General tips for maintaining the quality of this unique dress include:

  • Always wash separately inside out.
  • Use cold water to prevent bleeding/pilling.
  • Avoid using hot dryer settings during drying process since excessive heat can damage fabric fibers over time.
  • Never bleach!
  • Iron only on low heat if necessary.
    And so on…

It's important to take care when handling this garment since it's designed specifically for formal events where presentation matters most – always keep them pressed and neat until ready for use!

Where can I buy an authentic US Navy Choker White Uniform?

The only authorized source for purchasing an authentic U.S navy chocker white uniform is through a licensed military supply store like Vanguard Military Store or NEXCOM. These stores offer wide selection of high-quality uniforms made according to strict specifications set by U.S government ensuring authenticity every time!

Avoid buying replicas sold online or at local stores since they're likely made with inferior materials that might fail under normal wear-and-tear conditions compromising both appearance & function alike; stick with reputable sellers who understand what makes these uniforms special!

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