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US Navy Commissary: Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Goods

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US Navy Commissary is a term that might not be familiar to everyone, but it plays an essential role in the lives of those serving in the US Navy. The commissary system is a network of stores that provide groceries, household goods, and other necessities to active-duty military personnel, retirees, and their families. It offers products at cost price plus a small surcharge to cover operating expenses.

The idea behind the commissary system is to help military members stretch their paychecks further by offering them high-quality products at lower prices than commercial grocery stores. The US Navy Commissaries are managed by the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA), who ensure they are stocked with fresh produce, meat and dairy products as well as non-perishable items such as canned goods or household cleaning supplies.

If you're interested in learning more about this topic or want to know how these commissaries operate on naval bases around the world then read on for more information!

US Navy Commissary: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a member of the United States Navy, then you must be already familiar with the term 'commissary'. But what exactly is a US Navy commissary? In simple terms, it is a grocery store that caters exclusively to military personnel and their families. The commissaries sell goods at lower prices and provide essential benefits like no sales tax, which makes them an excellent resource for service members who want to save money.

What is a Commissary?

A commissary is essentially a supermarket that sells groceries at discounted prices solely for military personnel and their families. Apart from selling food items, they also offer other household items such as toiletries, cleaning products, pet food supplies and even electronic appliances like TVs or microwaves.

Who Can Shop at the US Navy Commissaries?

Only authorized patrons can shop in any of the 300-plus worldwide locations operated by Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA). These include active-duty service members from all branches of service including National Guard/Reserve Components; retirees; their authorized family members; eligible survivors; DoD civilian employees overseas on official orders or under specific directives (such as teachers); contractors authorized full-time access only when accompanied by an eligible patron; and foreign military personnel serving alongside U.S. forces.

Benefits of Shopping at US Navy Commissaries

Shopping at U.S navy commissaries has several advantages over regular supermarkets:

Lower Prices

Compared to commercial stores outside bases which have overhead expenses such as rent fees or advertising costs factored into product pricing , DeCA manages more than $5 billion in purchases annually so they negotiate manufacturer discounts directly with suppliers on behalf of customers.The savings can range anywhere between 20% -30% off normal price points depending upon location.

No Sales Tax

One significant benefit offered by DeCA exchanges that you cannot find anywhere else is the absence of sales tax. This means that service members can save money on their grocery bills as they do not have to pay any additional state or local taxes on their purchases.


Most commissaries are located close to where Navy families live, making it easy to shop for groceries. Commissaries also offer online shopping and curbside pickup services which means customers can order online and pick up groceries without getting out of their car.

Tips for Shopping at US Navy Commissary

To make the most out of your visit, here are some useful tips when shopping at a US navy commissary:

Plan Ahead

Commissaries tend to be busier during weekends and holidays, so if possible try going there earlier in the day or mid-week when lines might not be as long.

Bring Your Own Bags

Unlike civilian stores who provide plastic bags free-of-charge with each purchase ,DeCA charges 5 cents per bag; therefore bringing reusable grocery bags from home saves money in the long run whilst contributing less waste into our environment.

Use Rewards Programs

Military families should take advantage of rewards programs offered by DeCA because it enables them earn points or coupons every time they shop which can ultimately lead towards more savings down-the-line

In conclusion, US Navy commissaries offer several benefits that make them an excellent resource for military personnel looking for ways to save money on essential household items. From lower prices than commercial supermarkets outside bases due manufacturer discounts directly negotiated through Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) purchasing power – no sales tax charged -curbside pickup options available nationwide ; this one-stop-shop offers convenience coupled with savings all under one roof . So next time you're thinking about grocery shopping , consider visiting your nearest DeCA store!


What is a US Navy commissary?

A US Navy commissary is a grocery store that provides discounted food and household items to active duty military personnel, retirees, and their families. The stores are run by the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) which is part of the Department of Defense. The commissaries offer name-brand products at lower prices than traditional grocery stores.

The first Navy commissaries were established in 1825 aboard ships at sea but were later opened on shore for sailors stationed at naval bases across the country. Today, there are over 300 DeCA-operated stores worldwide serving millions of eligible patrons.

US Navy commissaries provide an essential service to military members by offering them affordable access to quality food and household goods while also providing financial savings on everyday necessities.

Who is eligible to shop at US Navy Commissaries?

Active Duty members who are currently serving in any branch of service along with their dependents can shop regularly without restrictions or limitations inside all U.S naval installations worldwide.
Retired military members who have served more than twenty years qualify for shopping privileges as do disabled veterans with a VA rating greater than fifty percent among others.

Additionally authorized dependents including unmarried children under age 21 (or age 23 if they're still enrolled in college), as well as surviving spouses may also utilize these benefits provided they have been issued valid identification cards from an installation pass office.

Is there any difference between US navy exchange & navy commissary?

Yes, there's a difference between navy exchanges and navy commissaries. While both offer goods such as clothing, electronics, outdoor gear among other things; exchanges tend to focus on retail merchandise while Commissaries sell groceries like fresh produce/vegetables/meat options plus other perishable/non-perishable food items/household supplies/hygiene products etc.,

Another significant difference: Exchanges generate profits through sales while Commissaries are run on a non-profit basis. The prices of products at commissaries are usually lower than retail stores, whereas exchanges sell goods at competitive market prices.

What is the benefit of using US Navy commissary?

The benefits to shopping at a US Navy Commissary include discounted pricing on name-brand food and household items. You may save up to 30% or more than any other regular retailer providing you an opportunity to maximize your budget or expend resources in other priorities such as savings for kids’ education, paying off debt, investing in retirement plans among others.
Moreover, customers can find exclusive deals on bulk purchase options that offer additional discounts beyond already low-priced items throughout the year.

Another advantage is that shopping at the commissary reduces stress and gives peace of mind because military members can be sure they’re getting quality food without breaking their bank accounts. Shopping there helps keep them financially fit while also supporting their mission readiness by ensuring they have healthy eating habits

Where can I find locations for US navy commissary?

There are over three hundred DeCA-operated stores globally spread out across naval installations worldwide including but not limited to Hawaii/California/Virginia/Massachusetts areas within U.S soil.

To locate your nearest store visit and search by zip code/city/state/country. Customers may also download mobile applications available both iOS & Android devices offering user-friendly toolkits with updated information essential requirements for every shopper before visiting any store like fast-saving tips/procedures/policies/hours-of-operations etc.,

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