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US Navy Deck Jackets: The Ultimate Guide to Style and Durability

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US Navy deck jackets are a staple of American military fashion. These jackets have been used by the US Navy for several decades now and have become an iconic piece of clothing over time. The jacket was originally designed to protect sailors from the harsh cold and windy climate at sea, but it has now become a popular item among civilians as well.

The US Navy deck jacket is popular for its durability, warmth, and style. It is made with high-quality materials that can withstand extreme weather conditions while also providing extra insulation to keep you warm in colder climates. Its classic design features a thick woolen lining covered by a water-repellent outer shell that protects against rain or snow.

If you are looking for stylish yet practical outerwear, then look no further than the US Navy deck jacket. In this article, we will dive deeper into what makes these jackets so unique and why they continue to be popular today among both military personnel and civilians alike. So read on to learn more about this iconic piece of military clothing!

US Navy Deck Jackets: The Ultimate Cold Weather Gear for Sailors

US Navy deck jackets, also known as pea coats or pilot jackets, have been an iconic cold weather gear for sailors since the World War II era. These heavy-duty jackets were originally designed to keep sailors warm and protected from extreme weather conditions while working on deck. Today, they are still widely used by the Navy and other military branches around the world.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at US Navy deck jackets – their history, features and benefits. We will also compare them with other popular cold weather gear options used by sailors today.

History of US Navy Deck Jackets

The origin of US Navy deck jackets dates back to the early 20th century when woolen pea coats were worn by British naval officers. In 1913, these coats were first issued to United States Naval personnel stationed in Europe during World War I. However it was not until after WWII that a design specifically meant for shipboard use was implemented.

The original design featured a button-front closure with two large pockets at the waist level along with knit cuffs and collar which had been designed to protect against wind chill factors while remaining comfortable enough during extended periods of wear such as long hours spent on watch even under harsh environmental conditions such as freezing temperatures or high winds.

Over time changes have been made though they remain similar if not identical in appearance between different eras of issuance.

Features of US Navy Deck Jackets

US navy deck jackets are built tough; functionality is preferred over style but form follows function so it has become stylish too! As technology has advanced materials differ a bit with modern versions being able to retain body heat much better while using less insulation than earlier models due partially from advancements in synthetic fibre production.

Some common features include:

  • Heavy Melton wool outer shell (previously introduced cotton twill)
  • Quilted nylon lining
  • Button-front closure
  • Stand-up collar with rib-knit lining
  • Knit cuffs and waistband to keep out the cold wind

These features make the US Navy deck jacket a reliable and durable winter coat that can withstand harsh weather conditions encountered on deck.

Benefits of US Navy Deck Jackets

US navy deck jackets are designed to be functional, durable, and warm. They’re built for sailors who need protection from cold temperatures while working in tough environments.

Here are some benefits of using US navy deck jackets:

  1. Warmth: With their heavy woolen exterior, these jackets are perfect for keeping sailors warm during long hours spent on watch or during outdoor activities. Designed to retain body heat even when wet.
  2. Durability: The heavy-duty materials used in making these jackets ensure they last long even under harsh environmental conditions.
  3. Style: Over time the style has become popularized not just among mariners but other groups as well such as bikers, musicians or anyone looking for a tough-looking garment that serves practical use too!

Comparison with Other Cold Weather Gear Options

While US navy deck jackets have been around for decades and remain a popular option among sailors today, there are many other modern options available that serve similar purposes.

Some popular alternatives include:

  1. Fleece Jackets – Lightweight polyester fleece is used in most models which makes them quick-drying if they get wet also lightweight enough to layer over something warmer if you so choose without adding bulk onto your outfit!
    2 Parkas – These provide maximum coverage against extreme cold temperatures due mainly from their bulky size; typically contain insulation such as goose down however some newer versions rely on synthetic materials instead.
    3 Pea Coats – Originating from Britain's Royal Navy Uniform this knee-length coat tends toward fashion statement more than functionality nowadays though still commonly worn by seamen both civilian & military alike.


US Navy Deck Jackets have been an essential piece of cold weather gear for sailors since their introduction in the early 20th century. They provide warmth, durability, and style to those who wear them. While modern cold weather gear options may have their benefits too they can't quite replace the enduring appeal that US Navy deck jackets hold.

Investing in a US Navy deck jacket is a wise decision for anyone looking for a reliable winter coat that will last long even under tough environmental conditions – especially if you're doing it on behalf of our nation's finest!


What is a US Navy Deck Jacket?

A US Navy Deck Jacket, also known as a Naval Coat or just "Peacoat", is a heavy woolen coat that has been an iconic piece of American fashion for more than 200 years. It was first designed in the early 18th century and was actually introduced by the Dutch, who were then trading with Americans in New York. The jacket gained popularity among sailors during World War II and became standard-issue gear for the United States Navy.

The classic design of this jacket features wide lapels, double-breasted front closure with large anchor buttons, slash pockets on either side that can be used to warm hands or store small items such as gloves or hats. A flap pocket on the inside provides extra storage space. The traditional color of this jacket is navy blue; however, it is also available in other colors like black and gray.

One of its defining features is its high-quality construction using dense Melton wool which provides insulation from cold weather while ensuring durability against wear-and-tear caused by harsh sea conditions.

How to choose the right size when buying a US Navy Deck Jacket?

When purchasing a US Navy deck jacket online or at your local store, choosing an appropriate size becomes essential for maximum comfort and fit.

To get started on sizing yourself accurately, use measuring tape to measure your chest circumference at its widest point (just below your armpits). Once you have determined your chest measurement add two inches to it if you prefer slim-fitted clothing or four inches if you are looking for something looser fitting.

In terms of sleeve length – extend one arm straight outwards parallel with shoulders (this will act as an imaginary line) then measure from where shoulder meets bicep down until reaching wrist bone- note this measurement down along with chest measurements taken earlier

Finally consider shoulder width: measure across back breadthwise between two outermost points where upper sleeves meet shoulder seam, then use this measurement along with previous figures to determine the appropriate sizing.

What are the benefits of wearing a US Navy Deck Jacket?

US Navy Deck Jackets have been popular for centuries because they offer great warmth and protection against harsh outdoor conditions. They are made from high-quality wool that provides excellent insulation against cold weather.

One of the benefits of owning a deck jacket is its versatility – it can be worn both in casual and formal situations, making it perfect for various occasions. The classic design also means that it never goes out of style, ensuring long-term wearability without ever looking outdated.

Another benefit is durability; these jackets were designed to withstand harsh sea conditions which means they hold up well over time despite repeated use or exposure to water/saltwater environments. Additionally, their timeless style ensures many years' worth of wear before needing replacement.

How do I care for my US Navy Deck Jacket?

To ensure that your US Navy deck jacket lasts as long as possible while maintaining its quality appearance there are some basic guidelines you should follow:

  • Dry clean only: due to their woolen construction these jackets require specialized cleaning methods.
  • Avoid ironing if possible: high heat from irons can damage fabric fibers resulting in visible damages such as burns marks or even holes.
  • Store properly: hang your peacoat on padded hangers (not wire ones) when not wearing them so they keep their shape over time.

If you notice any small stains try spot cleaning using mild soap and water applied gently with soft bristled brush (avoid soaking). For more serious issues such as moth infestation seek specialist help at earliest convenience.

Where can I purchase an authentic US Navy Deck Jacket?

There are several places where one can buy authentic US navy deck jackets depending on what type/condition sought after. Here's a few suggestions:

One option would be military surplus stores which often stock vintage items including Peacoats. These stores often have a wide selection of sizes, colors and condition options available so it's worth checking them out when searching for this type of jacket.

Another option would be online retailers specializing in vintage clothing such as Etsy or eBay. On these sites you can find vintage US Navy deck jackets that have been well-preserved by previous owners and are still in good condition to wear.

Finally, there are some high-end fashion stores that carry new versions of the jacket, which tend to be more expensive but come with quality construction and modern adaptations like pockets specifically designed for holding smartphones or other tech devices. In any case whether looking for a classic authentic Peacoat or modernized version ensure retailer is reputable before purchasing- read reviews from other customers first!

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