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US Navy Ship 26: Unveiling the Secrets of America’s Latest Naval Innovation

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US Navy Ship 26, an enigmatic vessel shrouded in mystery and intrigue, has become the talk of military enthusiasts and historians alike. With little known about its origins, purpose or current whereabouts, this naval ship has sparked curiosity amongst many. Its very existence raises questions about what it was designed for, how it was used by the US Navy and why there is so much secrecy surrounding it.

There are only a few scarce reports of US Navy Ship 26 sightings over the years which have left people speculating as to its current location or even if it still exists at all. Some believe that its stealth capabilities allowed for secret missions to be carried out without detection while others speculate that a potential government cover-up could be at play.

Intrigued? Read on to learn more about this elusive vessel and uncover the mysteries surrounding US Navy Ship 26.

US Navy Ship 26: A Comprehensive Guide to this Mighty Vessel


The United States Navy is one of the most technologically advanced and powerful navies in the world. At its disposal are a vast array of ships, submarines, and aircraft carriers that ensure its dominance on the high seas. One such vessel is US Navy Ship 26. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about this mighty ship.

What is US Navy Ship 26?

US Navy Ship 26 refers to the USS Portland (LPD-27), which was commissioned in April 2020 and belongs to America's San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock ships. The ship was built by Huntington Ingalls Industries at their Pascagoula facility in Mississippi.

At full capacity, it can carry over 800 Marines along with all their equipment required for combat missions or humanitarian operations around the world. The ship also boasts an impressive arsenal of weapons capable of defending against aerial as well as underwater threats.

Technical Specifications

Let's dive deeper into what makes US Navy Ship 26 so impressive from a technical standpoint:

Specification Details
Displacement Approximately 25,000 tonnes
Length About190 metres
Beam Around32 metres
Speed Max Over 22 knots
Propulsion System Machinery Control System (MCS) / Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS)

The propulsion system consists of four MTU diesel engines connected with two shafts driving controllable pitch propellers via ZF gearbox reduction units.


US Naval forces have consistently been relied upon for prompt response during crisis situations worldwide due to its speed and versatility.
Some key capabilities include:

  • Ability to quickly deliver troops and their equipment
  • Provision of extensive medical facilities
  • Capacity to create a hospital, evacuation, or disaster area
  • Security and defense against potential threats from enemies

Combat Systems

US Navy Ship 26 is specifically designed for amphibious operations and has a range of sophisticated combat systems to match its purpose. The ship's radar system provides early warning of potential threats from the air or sea while its onboard weapons are capable of taking on enemy targets with precision and accuracy.

Some notable combat systems on board include:

  • AN/SPS-73(V)18 Surface Search Radar
  • Raytheon AN/SLQ-32(V)3 Electronic Warfare System
  • BAE Systems Mk110 57mm gun

Benefits of US Navy Ship 26

The benefits provided by the USS Portland (LPD-27) are numerous. Its ample space can accommodate countless Marines as well as their equipment without compromising comfort or functionality.

Additionally, the ship's ability to provide humanitarian aid in disaster-stricken areas is invaluable. It can transform into a hospital when required; thus, it becomes essential in regions where natural disasters occur frequently like Asia-Pacific and Latin America.


In conclusion, US Navy Ship 26 (USS Portland LPD -27), also known as an amphibious transport dock ship offers extensive capabilities that make it a great asset for any military operation. With advanced defenses against aerial and underwater threats along with the provision to carry hundreds of troops together with their supplies over long distances make this vessel one which commands awe and respect around-the-world.


What is US Navy Ship 26 and what is its significance?

US Navy Ship 26 is the USS Constitution, one of the oldest commissioned ships in the world. Commissioned in 1797, this ship has a long history of serving America in various capacities, including during several wars. It was built to protect American merchant ships from French privateers during the Quasi-War between France and United States and was later involved in protecting American interests during conflicts such as The Barbary Wars, The War of 1812 against Great Britain, and even saw service as a training vessel before being restored to active duty.

The significance of USS Constitution lies not only in its historical importance but also due to its impressive track record. During her first year at sea under Captain Edward Preble's command from May-December 1803 she captured seven vessels without losing any crew or damaging her own structure significantly. She earned her nickname "Old Ironsides" after withstanding heavy fire from HMS Guerriere's broadside cannons that bounced off her thick oak hull like iron projectiles causing no real damage which helped boost morale for Americans on land who were otherwise demoralized by news coming out about losses at sea.

Today it serves primarily as a living museum ship moored at Charlestown Navy Yard near Boston where visitors can tour it free of charge.

How big is US Navy Ship 26?

USS Constitution measures approximately 204 feet (62 m) long overall with 207 feet (63 m) length along deck waterline. Her beam measures 43 feet (13m), while both draft forward & aft are around 21 ft. It weighs an impressive weight estimated to be around over two thousand tons fully loaded when carrying supplies needed for longer cruises out on open waters.

Back then these dimensions made USS constitution among one if not thee most formidable battleships for much larger navies that included ships carrying more guns and crew in numbers could be as many as 27 times larger.

What is the speed of US Navy Ship 26?

USS Constitution has a maximum sailing speed of around 13 knots under favorable winds, which translates to approximately 24 km/h. She is powered by wind and sails only using auxiliary power when required. The ship's exceptional sailing performance was due to the shape of her hull, rigging layout, and overall light weight for its size.

During its active service days, USS Constitution was one of America's fastest warships under sail; even today she remains an exceptionally fast tall ship with beautiful lines that reflect a deep sense of pride in American naval history.

What weapons are on board US Navy Ship 26?

USS Constitution has gone through several updates throughout her long career; however, most recently underwent significant restoration between 1992-1996 where she was returned closely back to original specifications from early years.

During her time in active duty primarily during War Of 1812 against Great Britain (1812-1815), ammunition held aboard included cannonballs weighing up-to thirty-two pounds each fired from twenty-six twenty-four-pound iron cannons located on one gun deck level plus two twelve-pounders firing broadside mounted at stern (rear) quarterdeck meant for use against other smaller vessels like sloops or brigs unable stand-off heavy fire coming off USS constitution's many guns while trying get close enough board it.

Today visitors can see replicas or real artifacts including display cases holding various types small arms used such as muskets pistols swords bayonets that would have been carried by sailors marines who served aboard USS constitution over centuries since it entered into active service capacity.

Can I visit US Navy Ship 26?

Yes! You can definitely pay a visit to this magnificent vessel moored at Charlestown navy yard near Boston where she serves primarily as a living museum ship. The USS Constitution Museum operates guided tours of the vessel free of charge and offer educational programs centered around America's naval history, making it a great destination for tourists interested in history.

Visitors can expect to see some of the original artifacts from its storied past as well as learn about life aboard this magnificent warship during her years at sea. It also offers visitors an opportunity to view Old Ironsides up-close and appreciate her role in shaping American military history, which makes it one of Boston's top tourist attractions with over half million visitors annually.

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