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US Navy Ship 4: A Comprehensive Guide to Its Features and Missions

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The US Navy is known for its powerful fleet of ships that are designed to protect the nation's interests at sea. Among these ships, the US Navy Ship 4 stands out as a formidable vessel that is capable of carrying out a wide range of operations and missions in various parts of the world.

With advanced weaponry and state-of-the-art technology, this ship represents the cutting edge of naval warfare. Its sturdy design allows it to withstand even the most challenging weather conditions while maintaining its ability to maneuver quickly through different types of water environments.

In this article, we will explore what makes this ship so unique and how it contributes to America's military prowess on a global scale. Get ready for an in-depth look at one of America's most powerful naval assets – read on!

US Navy Ship 4: The Ultimate Guide

If you're looking to learn more about US Navy ship 4, you've come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we'll go over everything you need to know about this impressive vessel.

What is US Navy Ship 4?

US Navy ship 4 is a guided missile destroyer that was commissioned in March of 2009. It's part of the Arleigh Burke-class of destroyers and was built by Bath Iron Works in Maine.

The ship is named after Vice Admiral William P. Lawrence, who served as a naval aviator during World War II and the Korean War. He later became superintendent of the Naval Academy before retiring from active duty in 1986.


US Navy ship 4 has an overall length of approximately 510 feet and can travel at speeds up to around thirty knots. It has a displacement of roughly nine thousand tons when fully loaded and features some impressive weaponry.

The vessel has two Mk41 vertical launch systems capable of launching various missiles such as Tomahawk cruise missiles or Standard Missile-3s for ballistic missile defense purposes. Additionally, it's equipped with a five-inch gun mount capable enough against enemy boats or aircrafts that threaten its operation on water surface

There are also several smaller guns aboard for close-range defense against incoming threats like torpedoes or small boats trying to approach too closely without permission from their operator country .


One significant advantage offered by US navy ships like number four is their versatility – these vessels can be used for many different types missions depending on what needs done most effectively through they have limited availability compared with other ships due being constantly updated technology-wise so they remain current even years after initial deployment into service . For any military campaign requiring mobility while still possessing significant firepower capabilities then look no further than USS William P.Lawrence!

Another benefit afforded by this particular type destroyer lies within its advanced radar detection capabilities that can detect incoming threats from a greater distance than what other types of vessels are capable, allowing the crew to take appropriate action more quickly and effectively.

Tips for Operation

US Navy Ship 4 is an impressive vessel with many capabilities, but operating it is no easy task. Here are some tips to help ensure smooth sailing:

  • Make sure all crew members are familiar with ship operations and safety procedures.
  • Keep an eye on weather conditions – heavy seas can make operating this ship more difficult.
  • Stay alert for any suspicious activity in the surrounding area – US Navy ships like number four often attract attention from potential enemies or pirates who might attempt to board or attack them.

In conclusion..

Overall, US Navy ship 4 is an impressive vessel that offers many benefits thanks to its versatility and advanced technology. If you're interested in learning more about this remarkable destroyer class vessel, be sure to do your research thoroughly before embarking on any mission involving one!


What is the US Navy Ship 4 and what is its purpose?

The US Navy Ship 4, also known as USS Monterey (CG-61), is a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser that was commissioned in June 1990. Its primary mission is to provide air defense for the fleet while also conducting anti-submarine warfare operations, ballistic missile defense, and providing support for ground forces. The ship has been deployed to various parts of the world including Operation Desert Storm in Kuwait, Operation Southern Watch in Iraq, and more recently to the Black Sea in support of NATO allies.

The USS Monterey has a length of about 567 feet with a beam width of about 55 feet. It's powered by four General Electric LM2500 gas turbines that can generate up to around 100k horsepower which can propel it at speeds exceeding thirty knots (about thirty-five miles per hour). The ship carries an arsenal of weapons including Tomahawk cruise missiles and Harpoon anti-ship missiles among others.

What are some notable accomplishments or awards won by USS Monterey during its service?

Since it was commissioned over three decades ago, the USS Monterey has achieved numerous accolades. In May-June 2011 during Operation Unified Protector which was aimed at providing air cover for Libyan rebels fighting against Gaddafi’s regime; the vessel launched several Tomahawk missiles into Libya making it one most active ships during this operation forcing Gaddafi's forces from Tripoli after months-long stalemate – ultimately helping NATO successfully conclude their efforts there.

In addition to this significant achievement, other notable accolades received include being awarded two Battle Efficiency "E" awards (in recognition for operational performance) two consecutive years running between fiscal years '92-'93 as well as '94-'95; Seven Coast Guard Meritorious Unit Commendations; Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal & National Defense Service Medal – just a few out many medals awarded to the sailors who manned this vessel.

What is the crew size of USS Monterey?

The USS Monterey has a crew complement of approximately 400, which includes both officers and enlisted personnel. The ship is equipped with all of the necessary amenities for its crew, including medical facilities, dining areas, sleeping quarters (known as berthing spaces), and recreational areas such as gyms and libraries – in order to ensure that their wellbeing is taken care of while they are out at sea.

The ship's commanding officer manages all aspects relating to operations on board. Other key positions include executive officer (second-in-command), department heads responsible for various divisions within the ship (e.g., Engineering Department Head responsible for maintenance & upkeep of engine room equipment) also there are different ratings assigned to each sailor based on their job specialty which can range from weapons specialist to cook or engineer.

How does USS Monterey provide air defense support?

As mentioned earlier, one of the primary missions of USS Monterey is providing air defense support. To accomplish this mission effectively, it carries several advanced systems including an Aegis Weapons System that provides comprehensive radar coverage capable locating targets beyond line-of-sight range using satellite communications links; a Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) system enabling sharing sensor information between multiple ships making them collaborate defensively against incoming threats & finally Close-In Weapon System(CIWS) designed specifically defend against any incoming missile or aircraft fire

In addition to these advanced systems, it also has a complement fighter jets – usually F/A-18 Hornets – that can launch into action at moments notice when alerted by sensors onboard if potential threat detected close by. This combination makes for an effective means defending fleet not just from aerial attacks but also enemy naval vessels too

How long can USS Monterey stay deployed without refueling?

The Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser was designed with extended deployment periods in mind so they have sufficient fuel storage capacity ensuring they remain operational for extended periods. Thanks to its efficient gas turbine engines which are its primary means of propulsion, the USS Monterey can travel an impressive distance of over 4,400 nautical miles (about 5,000 miles) before it'll require refueling. This range is sufficient enough for the ship to reach many parts of world without needing frequent refueling stops dissipating their effectiveness in carrying out missions

The ability to stay deployed for long periods without having to return back home is crucial since it reduces logistical challenges faced by fleet commanders making them plan out operations more effectively in order achieve desired outcomes. It also saves on costs associated with fueling and other logistics involved when vessels dock at ports – allowing a greater focus on the mission at hand.


The USS Monterey has shown itself as a formidable vessel capable performing various missions thanks to advanced systems on board that have been upgraded through years such as Aegis system and CIWS system among others- enabling her crew operate efficiently & effectively while remaining safe from any potential threats encountered during deployments. With continued efforts towards modernization coupled with her well-trained sailors who man this ship; there's no doubt that USS Monterey will be around for many years serving our country's interests wherever needed most!

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