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US Navy Submarine Sweater: The Ultimate Cold Weather Gear

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Submarine sweater US Navy is a phrase that evokes images of the brave men and women who serve our country in the depths of the ocean. The submarine sweater, also known as a submariner sweater, has been an essential part of US Navy uniforms for decades. It's a thick and warm garment made from wool that provides protection against cold temperatures in deep sea environments.

The Submarine Sweater is more than just clothing; it represents the resilience and courage of those who wear it. It's a symbol of dedication to service, sacrifice, readiness, and vigilance required by sailors on submarines during long deployments at sea where they may be submerged for weeks or even months without surfacing.

In this article, we'll explore everything you need to know about submarine sweaters used by the US Navy – their history, design features that make them unique compared to other military sweaters available in today’s market. Join us on this journey through time as we delve deeper into what makes these garments so special!

Submarine Sweater US Navy: What is it and Why is it Important?

The submarine sweater US Navy has been an iconic piece of clothing for the submariners in the United States Navy. This sweater, also known as the "submariner's sweater," is a heavy-duty woolen garment that was designed to keep submariners warm and dry during their long voyages in deep waters.

In this article, we will explore what makes this garment so unique and important to submarine crews. We will delve into its history, design, materials used, benefits and comparisons with other types of sweaters.


The origins of the submarine sweater can be traced back to World War II when British Royal Navy submariners needed a warm outfit that would protect them from cold oceanic temperatures while on duty. The first version was knitted by hand using natural wool fibers which were effective at keeping out moisture while retaining warmth.

Later on, after seeing its success among British submariners during WWII, American naval officials decided to adopt this same type of clothing for their own submarine crews. Since then, it has become one of the most recognizable articles of clothing associated with U.S navy submarines.


The design elements of a typical Submarine Sweater US navy have remained relatively consistent over time. It typically features:

  • A Roll Neck Collar: The roll neck collar extends up over half or more than half way towards your ears.
  • Double Knit Fabric: Two layers are knitted together resulting in twice as much insulation.
  • Tight Knitting Style: The knitting style traps air within layers insulating you from cold weather perfectly
  • Ribbed Cuffs & Hemline – These are important features because they help retain warmth against wind blowing through sleeves or around waist areas.

All these features combined give us an idea about how practicality meets fashion with Submarine Sweaters US navy style!

Materials Used

Mostly made of wool, the submarine sweater is a warm and durable garment that can withstand harsh climate conditions experienced on submarines. The wool used in making these sweaters is traditionally sourced from Merino Sheep which offer soft fibers with excellent heat retention properties.

Wool also has the unique quality of staying warm even when it gets wet. This makes the submarine sweater an ideal choice for submariners who often encounter water droplets while on duty.


The benefits of wearing a Submarine Sweater US Navy cannot be overstated. It provides:

  • Warmth: As mentioned earlier, wool has an excellent ability to retain heat which makes this sweater perfect for keeping submariners nice and toasty.
  • Durability: The double-knit fabric ensures its strength against rips or tears due to daily wear & tear.
  • Comfortable: Because it's made out of natural fibers like merino wool, there's no itching or discomfort caused by synthetic materials!

In addition, being one of the most recognizable garments associated with U.S navy submarines gives crew members that sense of belonging and pride!


While there are many types and brands available today but nothing compares with Submarine Sweater US navy style! There are some close competitors though such as,

  1. Norwegian Woolen Mills
  2. Aran Cable Knit Fisherman sweaters

But none have been able to match its functionality as well as iconic design elements seen in classic movies about naval warfare!


In conclusion, we've learned about why submarine sweaters play such an important role aboard U.S Navy subs! It offers both warmth & comfort through its efficient combination between tight knitting styles alongside double-knitted fabric inserts without sacrificing practicality thanks largely in part due their ribbed cuffs & hemlines – these features keep cold air at bay around your wrists or waistline areas too..

A true workhorse garment appreciated by sailors worldwide – few things embody naval culture quite like a submarine sweater US navy style! The garment's history, design, materials used and benefits have proven to be unmatched by any other brand. It is an iconic piece of clothing that has stood the test of time and continues to be worn by submariners today.


What is a submarine sweater and why is it associated with the US Navy?

A submarine sweater, also known as a submariner's jumper or simply navy sweater, is a woolen garment that has been worn by sailors for centuries. The US Navy in particular has adopted the use of these sweaters due to their practicality, warmth, and durability.

The design of the submarine sweater features heavily ribbed cuffs and hem which ensures that it stays snugly in place even during vigorous activities such as sailing. The high roll neck collar provides added protection against harsh weather conditions such as wind chill while at sea.

In terms of colouring, most navy sweaters are traditionally dark blue or black – although some have contrasting white stripes on the sleeves – which complements any naval uniform nicely. Moreover, they are made from 100% pure wool which makes them warm yet lightweight enough to wear comfortably under other clothing items.

Therefore if you're looking for an authentic piece of naval attire that will keep you warm during colder months while also paying homage to the time-old traditions of seafaring then look no further than a Submarine Sweater!

How can I tell if my navy sweater is genuine?

There are several ways to determine whether your Submarine Sweater is genuine or not. Firstly consider where you purchased it from: reputable naval supply stores will generally only stock authentic garments therefore purchasing one from there would give you confidence in its authenticity.

Another way to check its provenance would be through examining any labels attached: many sub-marine jumpers come with specific labelling detailing their make up (usually 100% wool) whilst others may feature Naval markings including rank insignia etc..

Finally examine closely how well made your jumper appears; typically garments produced en masse may feature inconsistencies however most traditional sweaters should be expertly crafted featuring well sewn seams & tightly knitted woollen fibres.

Can I wash my submarine sweater in a washing machine?

Whilst it's possible to wash your Submarine Sweater in a washing machine, it is generally advised against due to the potential harm that can be caused. As wool is a delicate fibre, particularly when wet, harsh spinning or high heat from drying can potentially damage the fibres causing shrinkage or misshaping.

To care for your navy sweater we advise instead using gentle handwashing techniques such as soaking and swishing in cold water with mild detergent before laying flat on an absorbent towel to dry.

What makes a submariner's jumper unique from other sweaters?

What distinguishes the Submarine Sweater from other clothing items? There are several factors:

Firstly, its design – featuring tightly knitted wool with ribbed cuffs & hems along with its high neck collar make them specifically designed for use at sea – keeping sailors warm and insulated even in difficult weather conditions.

Secondly their heritage: dating back hundreds of years – this classic piece of naval attire has been worn by generations of seafarers adding cultural significance and tradition to each garment.

Finally their practicality; as well-constructed garments made entirely out of natural materials (wool) they are supremely durable meaning they will last through many wears without showing any signs of wear & tear unlike cheaper synthetic fabrics which have inferior longevity.

Are there any alternatives if I cannot find an authentic US Navy submarine sweater?

If you're struggling to source an authentic US Navy Submarine Sweater then worry not! There are plenty alternative options available– but be sure you choose one carefully!

Many retailers offer replicas/imitations however these often fall short when compared directly with genuine articles being made poorly or using sub-standard fabrics/fibers resulting usually in poor quality construction & reduced durability.

Rather than settling for subpar substitutes; consider looking into companies such as Faribault Woolen Mills who still produce traditional woollen garments in the USA that are manufactured with the same attention to detail and quality as their historic counterparts. These companies can provide an authentic naval jumper experience without compromising on quality or style!

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