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US Navy Veteran Decal: A Proud Display of Service and Sacrifice

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If you're a US Navy veteran, chances are you want to display your pride in your service for all to see. One great way to do that is by using US Navy veteran decals. These decals can be placed on cars, laptops, tumblers and more.

There's something special about being part of the United States Navy – it's a branch of the military that has been around for centuries. From historic battles like Pearl Harbor and Midway to modern-day operations in the Persian Gulf, US Navy veterans have played an important role in protecting our country.

If you're looking for ways to show off your naval pride or simply want a reminder of your time serving our country, these decals are perfect for you. In this article, we'll explore everything there is to know about US Navy veteran decals – from where to buy them online and offline, how much they cost and how long they last once applied. So keep reading!

US Navy Veteran Decal: Honoring Those Who Served

As a veteran of the United States Navy, you have earned the respect and admiration of your fellow Americans. You have served your country with dedication and loyalty, often putting your own life on the line to protect our freedom. As a way to honor those who have served in the U.S. Navy, many people choose to display US Navy Veteran decals on their vehicles, laptops or other personal items.

What are US Navy Veteran Decals?

US navy veteran decals are stickers that feature various designs and text celebrating veterans who served in the United States navy branch of service. These decals can be applied onto any smooth surface such as glass, metal or plastic.

There is no specific size for these decals but they commonly come in sizes ranging from 2 inches up to 12 inches wide depending on where you will place them.

Some navy veteran decal designs depict iconic symbols like an eagle perched over an anchor which represents strength and patriotism while others may highlight vessels utilized by naval force or phrases like "PROUD NAVY VETERAN" with identifying text about rank & years serviced within this division of military forces.

Where Can You Use US Navy Veteran Decals?

The great thing about these decals is that they can be used virtually anywhere! Some popular places include:

  • Car Windows
  • Laptops
  • Helmets
  • Phone Cases
  • Tumblers

You can also use them as part of decorations in events such as homecoming parties for loved ones returning from deployment overseas. They're perfect for commemorating special occasions like birthdays because it shows how proud people are even after decades since serving our nation!

Why Display A US Navy Vetran Decal?

There are several reasons why displaying a US navy veteran decal is important:

  1. It lets others know that you proudly served our nation's brave maritime forces.
  2. It serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by you and your fellow sailors.
  3. It shows your support for those who currently serve in the navy today.

Having this decal reminds us all that we are not alone and that there is someone out there who understands what it takes to be a member of the U.S. Navy.

Comparison – US Navy Veteran Decals vs Other Military Branches

US Navy veteran decals are unique in their own way just like other military branches' decals. The difference comes with designs, colors, symbols used to represent each branch's values and mission . For instance:

  • A Marine Corps decal may show an eagle with globe & anchor or bulldog wearing utility uniform
  • An Army veteran decal may showcase crossed swords over tanks
  • An Air Force veteran decal can have wings over shield depicting excellence on air defense forces

Each branch has its own distinct symbols that directly reflect their history, service experience, traditions as well as unique missions & capabilities – which translates into different styles of veterans’ memorabilia merchandise available today from online stores or physical shops.

Tips for Applying Your US Navy Veteran Decals

Applying US navy veteran decals is easy but you should take some precautions to ensure they last longer without fading away soon. Here are some tips:

  1. Clean Surface: You should make sure the surface where you plan to place your sticker is totally clean before application so no dirt will interfere.
  2. Correct placement: Use measuring tape or ruler aligning it properly by ensuring it’s levelled up horizontally/vertically across desired location before sticking adhesive side onto surface
  3. Quality Material: Ensure only high-quality material vinyl stickers (UV resistant if possible), because cheaper ones might not stick well & fade away fast due exposure under intense sunlight/rain/snow conditions causing discoloration quickly after installation within weeks/months depending upon quality used


In conclusion, displaying a US Navy Veteran decal is an excellent way to celebrate your service in the United States Navy. It serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by you and your fellow sailors, while also showing support for those who currently serve in the navy today. With proper placement and high-quality material, these decals can last a long time on any smooth surface. So go ahead and show off your pride with a US Navy Veteran decal!


What is a US Navy Veteran Decal?

A US Navy Veteran Decal is a small adhesive sticker that can be affixed to various surfaces, such as car windows or bumpers, laptops, helmets or even water bottles. These decals are designed specifically for those who served in the United States Navy and want to display their service with pride. They are often made of high-quality vinyl material and come in various designs and sizes.

The decal typically features the words "US Navy Veteran" prominently displayed along with other graphics such as an anchor or eagle, globe and anchor (EGA) insignia. Some decals may include additional information like specific dates of service or rank held by the veteran.

A US Navy veteran decal serves multiple purposes – it shows appreciation for one's service in protecting our country while also serving as an excellent way to connect with fellow veterans.

Where Can I Buy A US Navy Veteran Decal?

There are several online retailers where you can purchase a US navy veteran decal like , etc.. It's essential to buy from reliable sellers who provide high-quality products at reasonable prices. Before purchasing any product online make sure that you read customer feedback so that you get an idea about their credibility.

Another option would be visiting your local military surplus store if there is one available near your location. You might find some stores selling these types of decals too!

How Do I Affix My New Decals To My Vehicle?

Affixing your new navy veteran decal onto your vehicle requires careful attention; otherwise, it could damage paintwork on cars after removal.
Here’s what we suggest:

  1. Clean surface area: Wash the surface area before applying the adhesive so there aren’t any dirt particles present.
  2. Dry thoroughly: Dry off all moisture using lint-free towels
  3. Peel slowly: Remove backing paper slowly on one side while making sure not to touch adhesive part
  4. Apply gently: Place the decal onto the cleaned surface area and press it down gently with your fingers until it is firmly in place.
  5. Remove air bubbles: Use a squeegee or credit card to remove any remaining air bubbles.

Remember, every decal has different instructions for application. So make sure you read them carefully before applying!

What Size Should I Choose For My US Navy Veteran Decal?

When choosing a size for your navy veteran decal, consider where you want to display it. If you're going to display it on your car window, then a smaller 2-3 inch size would be adequate enough. However, if you're looking for something larger and more visible like on an RV or boat – go big!

We suggest taking measurements of the space where you plan on placing the decal first so that when ordering from an online store, there won't be any surprises when receiving it.

Can The US Navy Veteran Decals Be Removed Without Damaging The Surface?

Yes! Most decals are made with vinyl adhesive material that can easily peel off without leaving behind residue or damaging surfaces like paintwork after removal.

However – we suggest removing decals slowly and being mindful as some older adhesive types may require additional tools such as heat guns or sticky-cleaning products to get rid of difficult residue pieces.

It's essential always to follow proper removal instructions provided by sellers so that damages don’t occur during detachment!

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